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Casa Mila Tickets : Skip the Lines!
Casa Mila Tickets : Skip the Lines!
From € 28.00

Casa Mila

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A totally unusual façade for this last civil work of Antoni GaudíLa Casa Milà, nicknamed La Pedrera ( the quarry), in part because the cliffs near Barcelona were the inspiration of the great architect but also because of the appearance of the wavy facade of the building. In fact, the building does not have a single straight line, the façade is designed in such a way that it is impossible to draw a vertical line from the roof to the ground.. Not much appreciated by the inhabitants of the city who cover it with sobriquets - piles of white stones, hangar for airships, earthquake - Gaudí  had to fight with its owners who refused to pay his full salary. Following a lawsuit initiated by the architect and lost by the Milà, the latter decides to pay the sums recovered to a convent. A tumultuous history for what is now a monument of Catalan Modernism.

Which Casa Mila ticket for your visit ?

Casa Milà skip the line ticket

Casa Milà skip the line ticket

Don't queue with this bestseller!

Skip the lines with your ticket to Casa Milà known as 'La Pedrera' (The Quarry), one of the most famous Antoni Gaudi's masterpiece. An unforgettable discovery of an innovative and emblematic architecture of Catalan Modernism.

From € 28.00
Casa Milà skip the line at night

Casa Milà night experience

Duration: 1h 30mins

Get ready for a very immersive experience by night time with many surprises like captivating projections in the courtyards and stairwells, explanations by tour guides on the respective floors and a great audiovisual show on Casa Milà’s exceptional rooftop terrace!

From € 39.00
The three houses of Gaudí Pass

The three houses of Gaudí Pass

Direct entrance to Casa Milà, Casa Batlló & Palau Güell!

3 houses of Gaudí with one ticket!
> Casa Batlló ticket + Audioguide
> Casa Milà Fast Track ticket + Audioguide
> Palau Güell Fast Lane + Audioguide
> 10% discount on other visits
> Audioguide of Barcelona

From € 81.50
Casa Milà La Pedrera + Casa Batlló

Casa Milà La Pedrera + Casa Batlló

2 masterpieces of Gaudí side by side

Combo for the most famous modernist buildings
> Casa Milà La Pedrera Fast Track + Audioguide
>> Casa Batlló blue tickets + Audioguide (45 minutes augmented reality) + Access to the Gaudí Cube
>>>At 500 meters from each other.

From € 60.00

Discover absolutely everything about Casa Mila Barcelona. All the tickets sold on this page include:

  • The Gaudi Center or 'Espai Gaudí': is a center dedicated to the architect’s life and works with designs, models, and audiovisual presentations.
  • Access to the Inner Courtyards and the Exhibition Room on the main floor of the former Milà Residence.
  • Visit the Pedrera Apartments with a combination of audiovisual presentation and original elements, like period furniture, works of art, and household accessories.
  • Admittance to the exceptional roof terrace, also called 'the garden of warriors', with ventilation towers and chimneys turned into sculptures.
  • Audio Guide available in English, Catalan, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

1- Casa Milà skip the line ticket

Don't queue with this bestseller and enjoy absolutely all the services and places to visit in this incredible Milà house as listed above. 

When buying your ticket you will be able to choose a package called “2 Houses of Gaudi Ticket” a combined skip-the-line ticket to Casa Mila and Palau Güell, another gem of Barcelona.


Casa Milà skip the line ticket prices:

  • Ticket prices : Senior + 65 years old /Adult + 13 years old / Junior 7-12 / Student..

Check HERE for your 2024 entrance fee and buy your Casa Milà ticket skip the line + Audioguide 

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2 - Casa Milà Open ticket 

Visit Casa Milà any day you want after 4 pm until closing time. Gaudí’s 'La Pedrera' is just for you and other lucky ones. You can take an audio-guided tour and learn more about Barcelona’s famous architect and his designs in the interpretation center 'Espai Gaudí'. 

Casa Milà Open ticket prices:

  • Ticket prices : Senior + 65 years old /Adult + 13 years old / Junior 7-12 / Student..

Check HERE your 2024 entrance fee and buy your Casa Milà ticket "open date" + Audioguide 

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3 - Casa Milà skip the line ticket At Night

At night, an immersive experience will take you on a journey to the very heart of Gaudí's architecture. A visit sublimated by an audiovisual show, by explanations given by guides on each floor, or by an audiovisual projection on the terrace of the roof of Casa Milà. The visit ends with a glass of sparkling wine!

Casa Milà skip the line at night ticket prices:

  • Ticket prices : Senior + 65 years old /Adult + 13 years old / Junior 7-12 / Student..

Check HERE your 2024 entrance fee and buy your Casa Milà Experience Nocturne ticket

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4 - The three Houses of Gaudí – Direct entrance to Casa Batlló, Casa Milà, and Palau Güell!

A combined ticket to visit three of Antoni Gaudí's masterpieces. Save money to discover these three jewels of Catalan Modernism listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Close to each other, these monuments can be visited in a single morning or afternoon.

What is included?

  • Skip the line ticket Casa Batlló, including a Video guide in your language
  • Skip the line ticket Casa Milà including an audio guide in your language
  • Skip the line ticket Palau Güell


Gaudi´s Super Combi price:

  • Ticket prices : Senior + 65 years old /Adult + 13 years old / Junior 7-12 / Student..

Check HERE your 2024 entrance fee and buy your combined ticket "Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, Palau Güell".

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Casa Milà opening hours

  • March to November. Monday to Sunday: from 9am to 8pm (last admission: 7.30pm) 
  • November to February. Monday to Sunday: from 9am to 6.30pm (last admission: 6pm) 
  • Closed: 25 December, and one week in January for maintenance, 1 January: special opening hours from 11am

Visit Casa Milà in video:


How to get to Casa Milà ?

You can reach Casa Milà by metro, bus, Hop on Hop off bus and train:

  • By metro Casa Mila is accessible via Lines 3 and 5 -station: Diagonal)
  • By Bus: V15, V17, H10, H8, 7, 22, 24, 6, 33, 34.
  • By Train: RENFE: Passeig de Gràcia station
  • Hop-on Hop-off tourist Bus: The Blue and Red routes stop at Casa Milà.

Address:  Passeig de Gràcia, 92 08008, Spain

Area: Eixample
Website:  La Pedrera - Barcelona
Phone: +34 902 202 138
Barcelona metro map

What to see in Casa Milà?

Unpublished volumes and spaces for the time

The building is built on a surface of 1,835 m2 at the corner of Passeig de Gràcia and Provença street. The first floor for the Milà family occupies 1,323 sq. M. The building consists of nine levels, overlooked by a roof terrace. This imposing structure actually houses two detached and independent buildings, each with its access door and its skylight, communicating only via the ground floor. The unity of the buildings is rendered by a common facade.


Visit: The sculptural façade of Casa Mila – La Pedrera

A striking symbol of the Casa Mila, its large sculpted wave-shaped facade and its 33 stone balconies crowned with forged steel-like algae are abstract motifs. Wave shapes, ornamental work of the stone, luminous effects according to the time of day, Gaudi wishes to evoke the marine swell. He went so far as to draw the ceramic hexagonal pavers on the sidewalks adjacent to the building. They are also marine motifs, with octopus, stars, and conchs. Its creative freedom will be limited only by the events: a statue dedicated to the Virgin of the Rosary was never installed on the facade due to the anti-clerical uprisings of 1909.


Casa Milà was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 as "Works of Antoni Gaudí" in conjunction with Park Güell, Güell Palace, Casa Vicens, the Nativity Facade, and the Sagrada Família Crypt, The Casa Batlló and the crypt of the Güell Colony. 

The visit to Casa Milà: The roof terrace

The building is crowned by a roof built on the attic, where Gaudí installed thirty chimneys, two ventilator towers, and six stairway exits in very original shapes to create a terrace that looks like an authentic sculpture garden. A strange landscape, on different levels, with functional sculptures covered as in the Park Guell de trencadis, this mosaic is based on ceramic breakage. A dazzling view of the city and a landscape whose symbolic significance is constantly being sought. Some see giants, others see masks or Corinthian helmets. The discovery of their meaning will be part of your visit to La Pedrera. The terrace has the particularity of being open in the evening for an audiovisual show that we describe later on.

Inside Casa Milà: The visit to the Gaudí Space

The Gaudí space is installed in the attic formed of large arches of stones giving a higher floor with a sinuous aspect to the roof terrace. This museum is very interesting to visit because it gives a general overview of the work of Gaudí and his work method. Examples include models of La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Güell Colony, and Casa Batlló. But perhaps the most amazing is to discover the collection of furniture created by Gaudi himself to decorate every room of the building. Chairs, tables, furniture, screens, doorknobs locks.. One understands the great dimension of the creativity and precision of the master by observing the refinement of every detail of this furniture.


The Apartment of the Milà family

Through small staircases, we descend to the reconstruction of an original apartment at the times of the Milà. You will be able to see how every detail of the decoration was important and as everything had to be beautiful and functional. A beautiful design lesson that should inspire many architects today!


The Patrons: Pere Milà i Camps and his wife.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Barcelona grew rich. The industrial revolution being at full speed, the city grew and was being transformed, while the Catalan bourgeoisie settled in residences that rivaled architectural boldness. The Passeig de Gràcia became one of the main arteries of the city and it is in all logic where best architects defy themselves with fantastic projects. The architect Antoni Gaudí, whose notoriety has been perfectly proven, finishes the Casa Batlló with the help of the constructor Jaume Bayo i Font but also the Pharmacy Gibert and the decoration of the Bar Torino in 1902, last both disappeared nowadays. Gaudí at that time had already started the project of the Sagrada Família in 1884 and also worked on the Parc Güell (1900-1914). Gaudí meets Pere Milà i Camps, a rich entrepreneur and property developer who is also keen to mark his era with the creation of a house with an innovative design and great luxury. The project was started in 1906 by Gaudí and will indeed become one of the most emblematic residences of the city.

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Casa Milà FAQ

Answers to your most frequently asked questions about Casa Milà / La Pedrera :

  • Best time to visit Casa Milà?

    Best time to visit Casa Milà is in the morning between 9am and 10am and in the afternoon after 4pm. Ideally, you should book the date and time of your visit in advance so as not to waste time.

  • How long does it take to see Casa Mila?

    It takes 2 hours to visit Casa Milà and enjoy the place. Of course you can make the tour at your own pace.

  • Where is Casa Milà Located ?

    Casa Milà is located at Passeig de Gràcia, 92 08008 in the centre of Barcelona.

    To give you an idea, it is only 15 minutes walk from the Plaza de Catalunya.

    You can reach Casa Milà by metro, bus, Hop on Hop off bus and train :

    • By Metro Casa Mila is accessible via lines L3 and L5 Line 3 and 5. The nearest stops are in order of proximity: Diagonal, Passeig de Gràcia and Girona. 
    • By Bus: V15, V17, H10, H8, 7, 22, 24, 6, 33, 34.
    • By Train: RENFE: Passeig de Gràcia station
    • By Hop on Hop Off Barcelona Bus: The Blue and Red routes stop at Casa Milà.
  • Is it better to buy tickets at Casa Mila ticket office or via the internet?

    Casa Milà is a very popular building, we can only advise you to anticipate your visit and buy a ticket that ideally will give you priority access to a specific date and time.

  • Is it possible to visit Casa Milà at night?

    Yes, it is possible to visit casa Milà at night. You’ll find on this same page a tour called “Casa Milà skip the line at night”. This exclusive tour from 7pm to 10pm is an immersive experience by night including sounds and lightings on various corners of the building of La Pedrera.

  • Is there a left-luggage room at La Pedrera?

    Yes, La Pedrera offers a left-luggage room large enough to let you leave backpacks, suitcases, prams..

  • Is there a gift shop at Casa Milà?

    Yes, there is a gift shop at Casa Milà located in the bookshop. A boutique to find souvenirs as well as informations and other works by Gaudí.

  • Can I park my car at Casa Milà?

    No, Casa Milà does not have its own parking lot. The nearest car park is located Carrer de Pau Claris, 174 - just one minute walking from Casa Mila entrance. 

    There are many other car parks in this area. To book your car park online - at the best price - next to Casa Milà La Pedrera, please access this page:  Barcelona car Parking

  • Can people with reduced mobility visit Casa Milà?

    Yes, people with reduced mobility can visit Casa Milà apart from the Roof-terrace. All other parts of the building are adapted to wheelchairs. For the roof-terrace a platform has been erected at the exit from the lift, providing a sweeping view of the rooftop.

  • Is there a special rate for people with disabilities?

    Casa Milà offers a special rate for people with disabilities. To obtain entry tickets of this type, you must go directly to the ticket office and present an official document confirming the degree of disability.

Tickets FAQ - All about your tickets to visit Barcelona

We are totally at your service to help you with any questions you may have before or after purchasing your ticket. Problems receiving your ticket? A question before you buy? We answer you within the day, all year round!


Contact us: [email protected] and specify your name, first name, order number if you have it and remind us your email - the same email as your order - to facilitate the processing of your file. 

  • What does a 100% mobile ticket mean?

    A 100% mobile ticket simply means that your ticket - which you will receive by email just after your purchase - will be - in its electronic form (PDF) - sufficient to enable you to make your visit with your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is present it at the checkpoint. A simple scan will allow you to make your visit.

  • Can I print my ticket?

    You can of course print your ticket if you don't have a smartphone, a tablet or if you simply prefer this option. Upon receipt of the confirmation email, simply print the PDF of the ticket. Then just present your printed ticket at the checkpoint.

  • What does a 100% skip the line ticket mean?

    A 100% skip the line ticket means that the ticket in question allows you to enter the place you want to visit in Barcelona without queuing, for example at the ticket office. All you have to do is present your ticket directly at the entrance. This way, you won't lose any time on your day of discovery.

  • What's included with this ticket?

    On this same page or on the ticket reservation page - the services included with the purchase of your ticket are systematically indicated. See the "Included" or “Inclusions” section for details.

  • Why do I have to specify a date when buying a ticket?

    When you are asked to specify the date of your visit, it is because the monument or service you have chosen to visit also requests it. Most of the time, this date allows tourist sites to limit the number of visitors and therefore to make the visits more fluid. Please note that if you are not asked to specify the time of your visit, this means that you can arrive at any time to visit the site - while respecting the visiting hours of the site in question.

  • Why do I have to specify a date and time when purchasing a ticket?

    Same as before, but here in addition to the date - the monument or service you have chosen to visit - also asks you to specify the time you wish to visit. Once again it is a matter of limiting the number of visitors so that your visit is as pleasant as possible.

  • With a ticket - date and time requested - do I have to arrive at the exact time or can I be a little late for my visit?

    On the ticket that you will receive by email after your purchase, it is normally specified how much time - in addition to the scheduled time - you are granted in order not to lose your visit. Please note, for example, that a visit to Park Güell entitles you to entry 30 minutes after the stated time. The Sagrada Familia ticket indicates a time slot of 15 minutes. It is therefore important to respect this time slot. If the ticket does not specify a time slot, then the timetable must be respected.

  • Why are we talking about combined tickets?

    We talk about combined tickets in some of our offers when they offer, for example, two places to visit in Barcelona. The ticket itself is not combined. It is two separate tickets that we combine to make a more economical and attractive offer. You will receive these two tickets by email. As they are separate you can use them according to your preference when the tickets are open or according to the dates and times you choose.

  • How to benefit from a discount for example according to age or for students?

    When purchasing your ticket, discounts are always indicated when available. For example, there are regular discounts for children in different age groups, ranging from free for very young children to discounts for seniors over 65 years of age. Discounted tickets for students are indicated in the same way. 

    Don't forget your proof of discounts - identity card, student card... - to be shown during your visit to Barcelona.

  • What are the means of payment for the tickets?

    To pay online your tickets to visit Barcelona, are accepted the classic means of payment used worldwide such as:  Visa, Mastercard, Alipay, iDeal, GiroPay or Paypal.

  • What is the difference between tours and tickets?

    The difference between tours and tickets is that both types of tickets allow you to visit the main monuments of the city with a guide who speaks your language for the tours (or guided tours) or by yourself with the tickets. You can find the guided tours and tickets in our section: Barcelona Tours


Hello Lila,
Casa Mila night experience is a 1h 30mins tour...
night experience
how long is casa Mila night experience?
This is Gaudi's number one building in my opinion, La Pedrera is a must see.
Gaudi's masterpiece
If you don't have much time in Barcelona, this is The Gaudi monument to visit. La Pedrera is a perfection in its kind.
great monument
hello, world,
Casa Mila is fantastic to visit, a memory that will remain!
Hello Laslo,
The three houses of Gaudí Pass is a combined ticket that allows you to visit: Casa Batlló, the Pedrera ( Casa Milà), and Casa Vicens + The Barcelona Audio guide.
3 houses of Gaudi Pass
What is the 3 houses of Gaudi?
Hello tourist,
Indeed, Casa Mila is open again for visits and it's open to everyone. Tickets are on sale for the moment on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at the usual times.
Enjoy your visit.
Casa mila seems open ?
Casa Mila seems open to booking. For all?
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