Where are the seats in Barcelona's Olympic Stadium?

FC Barcelona - Nou Camp

As you now know, the Spotify Camp Nou is under construction this season. Here we explain how to find your seats in Barcelona's Olympic Stadium, where FC Barcelona plays its home matches against its rivals for the entire 2024/2025 season.

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Our tips for finding your seats at Barcelona's Olympic stadium

We've told you how to get to Barcelona's Olympic Stadium? And now we'll let you know how to find your way out of and into the stadium.


1 - Your FC Barcelona ticket shows you exactly where you will be placed in the Olympic stadium

For easy access to your seat, we recommend that you first read your FC Barcelona Olympic Stadium ticket carefully. Your FC Barcelona ticket for matches in the 2024/2025 season contains the following information to help you get into the stadium:

> Gates: these are the entrance gates to the stadium.
>>Sectors: the different areas of the stadium; there are 237.
>>Level: the different floors or levels of the stadium
>>Seat number: the number of your seat in a given sector of the stadium.


2 - Where are the entrances to Barcelona's Olympic stadium?

This map of the stadium shows the 6 entrances or "accessos". This entrance number is shown on your FCB ticket.


access and gates to the Barcelona 2023 Olympic Stadium


3- Barcelona Olympic stadium seating plan

This seating plan of the stadium - this time shown horizontally for ease of viewing - distinguishes several categories of FC Barcelona tickets and their positions in the stadium: Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3 + 7 VIP aeras 
>> To orient yourself on this map, note that category 1 (at the bottom of the plan) corresponds to entrance 1 of the Olympic stadium.



FC Barcelona tickets 1,2,3 and VIP categories


Finally, a bit of vocabulary to help you understand how visitors are directed, whatever the stadium, and how stadium signage works in Catalonia:


Access (ACCES -ACESSOS): is the entrance to the stadium from the street. You do not have to enter via this access number, as all the entrances are accessible depending on the route you take to get to the stadium. Of course, you must have your ticket to enter. The access numbers are shown in red on the vertical signs around the stadium.

Door (PORTA): Is the door through which you enter the stadium. The gate number is shown on a red illuminated sign just above the gate. It is therefore compulsory to present yourself at the door number specified on your ticket. Once at the correct gate, simply present your ticket to scan the barcode and you'll be through to the next stage. If you have any problems, staff will be on hand to help you.

Mouth (BOCA): A corridor leads you to the different zone entrance mouths. You have to find your mouth where your seat is. Once again, the signposting is very well done, you just have to look for your mouth indicated on horizontal panels throughout the corridor.

Rank (FILA): You're almost there! The Fila is the row where your seat is located. The row number can be found on the side of the seats in each row. The logical order is from the lowest to the highest row.

Seat (SEIENT): your seat number is shown on the seat itself. Note that seat numbers are odd and even. When you access from the corresponding mouth, you will find the even numbers on one side and the odd numbers on the other. Find your number...

And enjoy the match, it's a rare moment!

Monday 12 June 2023 - 13:59

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Very helpful..Thanks for your effort!
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  1. Visitor - Jim (11 Mar 2024 - 10:00)

    Very helpful..Thanks for your effort!

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  1. Visitor - Jim (11 Mar 2024 - 10:00)

    Very helpful..Thanks for your effort!

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