Aquarium Barcelona
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Barcelona Aquarium Tickets
Barcelona Aquarium Tickets
From € 25.00

Barcelona Aquarium

An immersion in the Mediterranean!

The Barcelona Aquarium is Europe's most important recreational and educational marine center, but also the richest in the world for Mediterranean fish species. Imagine 21 large aquariums, 11,000 animals of 450 different species, an underwater tunnel 80 meters long, six million liters of water and an immense Oceanarium, the only one in Europe. A colorful, sensory and educational visit! A tourist attraction for more than 1,500,000 visitors per year making it the 4th most visited place of Barcelona.

Which tickets to visit the Barcelona Aquarium ?

Barcelona Aquarium Tickets

Barcelona Aquarium Tickets

Children's favourite visit!

An 80-metre long underwater tunnel for a unique immersion experience in Europe, but also 21 aquariums, 11,000 animals of 450 different species. A plunge into the beauty of the Mediterranean seabed but also an educational journey for all ages. 

From € 25.00

Zoo + Aquarium

Kids will love it!

This combined ticket allows you to visit two of the city's most popular attractions at the best price. The Barcelona Zoo for a wonderful outdoor walk in the heart of the Catalan capital and not far from there, the spectacular Aquarium, simply the largest in Europe on the theme of the Mediterranean.

From € 48.00

What to see at the Barcelona Aquarium?

Opened on September 8, 1995, its installations offer a debauch of the latest technologies, which reproduce different atmospheres restoring the marine universe as faithfully as possible. It is ideal to discover the wonders of the various marine communities of the Mediterranean Sea and the colorful tropical seas. Young and old love this visit in full immersion!!


The Oceanarium

Unique by its size in Europe, it is the major attraction of the place, breathtaking. 36 meters in diameter and 5 meters deep this gigantic aquarium contains about 4 million liters of water. It hosts many varieties of fish. If the stars of the place are the bull shark and the gray shark, you will have the pleasure to appreciate at a short distance the sting ray (2 meters of length and venomous), the guitar stripe that resembles and swims like a shark, the yellow flipper, small pilot fish and many other mysterious animals.


The Oceanarium is crossed by a transparent tunnel 80 meters long that allows you to feel in full immersion in the middle of this fauna. The fish swim freely by your side but also above you. An unforgettable sensation that only divers know, especially since you can let yourself be carried by a treadmill that reinforces the sensation of being weightless underwater!


The 14 Mediterranean aquariums

This group of aquariums makes it possible to present as didactically as possible all the Mediterranean biodiversity. Always in immersion, you will learn to recognize the varieties of fish, vegetation, and geology of the Spanish coasts of the delta del Ebro and the Medes islands. Because all is recreated there: the rocks, the anfractuosities, the sandy zones, the algae. Nothing is forgotten so all the species find a space of life there.


The 7 tropical aquariums

It is the other peculiarity of this incomparable marine center, it also has tropical sites. Coral reefs, distant seas fish, colorful vegetation. A fairytale with black sharks, white-tip sharks, Napoleon fishes, yellow-headed butterfly and orange-shouldered surgeon.


Thematic aquariums

These recently installed mini-aquariums allow you to observe the small details of invisible fauna and flora in large aquariums. Interactive modules help you see and understand the life of these small species.


Planeta Acqua

On the second floor of the building, Planeta Acqua, will help you understand how marine creatures adapt to the most extreme weather conditions: icy cold for Humboldt penguins, darkness for jellyfish, extreme depth pressure for the whales, or the heat of the tropical seas for piranhas and turtles…


Feeding Schedule

Employees and biologists must prepare 150 different menus each day to feed their young and old fish. A delicate task with daily monitoring.  
Attending these meals is a must-see for visitors:

  • At the Oceanarium, sharks are fed with fatty fish and squid, by hand by employees every day between 12 a.m. and 1 p.m. It's really spectacular!
  • At Aqua Planet, the hungry penguins are fed twice a day at 11:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  • Seen from the tunnel of the oceanarium the fishes, whose rays, are fed every day at 12: 45 a.m.
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Barcelona Aquarium ticket price :

  • Ticket prices: Visitors +11 / Children 5-10 / Friends Pack valid for 4 people.

Check HERE for the 2024 entrance fees and buy your Barcelona Aquarium fast track ticket.

Barcelona aquarium opening times

The average duration of the visit to the Barcelona Aquarium is 2 hours.

The ticket office closes 1h before the closure of the Aquarium.

The aquarium is open all year long :

  • Monday to Friday: 10 am-7.30 pm (or 8 pm in April, May and October)
  • Weekends and public holidays: 10 am - 8 pm (or 8.30 pm in April and October)
  • Every day of July and August: 10 am-9.30pm
  • Every day of June and September 10 am-9pm

Visit in video of the Aquarium:


Visiting the aquarium of Barcelona, is also a leason about the Mediterranean Sea, this - sea in the middle of the land, in Latin, mare medi terra - called the Grande Verte by our ancestors.

How to get to Barcelona Aquarium ?

You can get to the Aquarium in Barcelona : 

  • By metro: To get to the aquarium from Barceloneta metro station (L4) you have to go to the port and then to Moll d'Espanya. The entrance is on the city side. From the Drassanes station (L3) or the bottom of the Rambla you have to go to the Rambla de Mar and bypass the Maremagnum shopping center by the left.
  • By bus:  V17 and 39, 45, 59, 91, 120, D20, H14, V13, V15
  • By hop on Hop Off Bus: stop Port Vell (Red Route))
  • By bicycle: Bicing station at “L’Aquàrium”
  • By car : Ronda Litoral, exit 21 and 22

Where is Barcelona Aquarium?

Address: Moll d'Espanya del Port Vell, 08039 Barcelona, Spain
Area: Port Vell / Maremágnum
Email: [email protected]
WebsiteAquarium - Barcelona
Phone: +34932217474

Barcelona metro map

Other Activities 

Explora! A space dedicated to children

Explora! is designed to introduce children to the sea world. An educational visit with 50 interactivities to touch, admire, listen, study and discover nature.

Sleeping with sharks

You can make a wonderful surprise to your children aged 3 to 12 years by letting them spend a whole night on the spot. Fully supported they will study the life of the sharks, dine before sleeping on the spot not without observing what sharks do at night and early in the morning.

Guaranteed memories!


Swimming among sharks

It is also possible to swim among the sharks in the large aquarium of the Oceanarium. This dive is reserved for adults over 18 years of age who hold a scuba diving license. In groups of 4 this dive is, one imagines, unforgettable.

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Barcelona Aquarium FAQ

Answers to your most frequently asked questions about Barcelona's Aquarium :

  • What are the opening days of the Barcelona Aquarium?

    The Barcelona Aquarium is open every day of the year. Only closing hours vary especially on public holidays like for Christmas or New Year's Day.

  • Best time to visit Barcelona Aquarium ?

    We recommend visiting Barcelona Aquarium as soon as it opens which is a 10 am every day of the year.

  • Barcelona Aquarium how much time to visit it?

    It takes at least 2 hours to visit Barcelona Aquarium and enjoy the place. You can, of course, stay longer and enjoy all the facilities.

  • How to get to Barcelona Aquarium?

    From city centre - that is Plaça de Catalunya-  to the Aquarium, it takes 25 minutes to walk. A very pleasant ride which goes, of course, through the Rambla.


    You can also get to the Aquarium in Barcelona:

    • By metro : To get to the aquarium from Barceloneta metro station (L4) you have to go to the port and then to Moll d'Espanya. The entrance is on the city side. From the Drassanes station (L3) or the bottom of the Rambla you have to go to the Rambla de Mar and bypass the Maremagnum shopping center by the left.
    • By bus:  V17 and 39, 45, 59, 91, 120, D20, H14, V13, V15
    • By Hop on Hop Off Barcelona Bus: stop Port Vell (Red Route))
    • By bicycle: Bicing station at “L’Aquàrium”
    • By car : Ronda Litoral, exit 21 and 22
  • What time do the ticket offices close?

    The counters close one hour before the aquarium closes.

  • Is it better to buy aquarium tickets at the ticket office or via the internet?

    The aquarium is very popular, we can only advise you to anticipate your visit and buy a ticket online.

  • What are the discounts for children for the entrance ticket to the Barcelona aquarium?

    For children under 3 years old accompanied by an adult, the entrance to the aquarium is free. Discounts are then phased in for children aged 3 to 4 and 5 to 10. From 11 years old the entrance ticket is at the adult price. Refer to the aquarium rates indicated on this page.

  • Can I enter and leave the Barcelona aquarium several times with the same ticket?

    No, once out you can no longer re-enter the Barcelona aquarium. Your ticket is only valid for one entry.

  • Barcelona Aquarium what to see?

    There are many fish species to see at the Barcelona Aquarium. As we specify in the description of the visit - on this same page - we talk about 11,000 animals of 450 different species. This is enough to surprise both adults and children!

  • Is the Aquarium accessible to people with reduced mobility?

    The Barcelona Aquarium is fully accessible by wheelchair and adapted to visitors with reduced mobility.

  • Can I park my car at Barcelona Aquarium?

    No, Barcelona Aquarium does not have its own parking lot, but just next door there is a shopping centre, with its parking. To book your car park online - at the best price - please access this page: Barcelona car Parking

  • Is there a cloakroom service?

    The Aquarium has a cloakroom where lockers are at your disposal.

  • Can I visit the Barcelona aquarium with a pet?

    No, it is forbidden to visit the aquarium with a pet. It should also be noted that the centre does not have any pet daycare services.

Tickets FAQ - All about your tickets to visit Barcelona

We are totally at your service to help you with any questions you may have before or after purchasing your ticket. Problems receiving your ticket? A question before you buy? We answer you within the day, all year round!


Contact us: [email protected] and specify your name, first name, order number if you have it and remind us your email - the same email as your order - to facilitate the processing of your file. 

  • What does a 100% mobile ticket mean?

    A 100% mobile ticket simply means that your ticket - which you will receive by email just after your purchase - will be - in its electronic form (PDF) - sufficient to enable you to make your visit with your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is present it at the checkpoint. A simple scan will allow you to make your visit.

  • Can I print my ticket?

    You can of course print your ticket if you don't have a smartphone, a tablet or if you simply prefer this option. Upon receipt of the confirmation email, simply print the PDF of the ticket. Then just present your printed ticket at the checkpoint.

  • What does a 100% skip the line ticket mean?

    A 100% skip the line ticket means that the ticket in question allows you to enter the place you want to visit in Barcelona without queuing, for example at the ticket office. All you have to do is present your ticket directly at the entrance. This way, you won't lose any time on your day of discovery.

  • What's included with this ticket?

    On this same page or on the ticket reservation page - the services included with the purchase of your ticket are systematically indicated. See the "Included" or “Inclusions” section for details.

  • Why do I have to specify a date when buying a ticket?

    When you are asked to specify the date of your visit, it is because the monument or service you have chosen to visit also requests it. Most of the time, this date allows tourist sites to limit the number of visitors and therefore to make the visits more fluid. Please note that if you are not asked to specify the time of your visit, this means that you can arrive at any time to visit the site - while respecting the visiting hours of the site in question.

  • Why do I have to specify a date and time when purchasing a ticket?

    Same as before, but here in addition to the date - the monument or service you have chosen to visit - also asks you to specify the time you wish to visit. Once again it is a matter of limiting the number of visitors so that your visit is as pleasant as possible.

  • With a ticket - date and time requested - do I have to arrive at the exact time or can I be a little late for my visit?

    On the ticket that you will receive by email after your purchase, it is normally specified how much time - in addition to the scheduled time - you are granted in order not to lose your visit. Please note, for example, that a visit to Park Güell entitles you to entry 30 minutes after the stated time. The Sagrada Familia ticket indicates a time slot of 15 minutes. It is therefore important to respect this time slot. If the ticket does not specify a time slot, then the timetable must be respected.

  • Why are we talking about combined tickets?

    We talk about combined tickets in some of our offers when they offer, for example, two places to visit in Barcelona. The ticket itself is not combined. It is two separate tickets that we combine to make a more economical and attractive offer. You will receive these two tickets by email. As they are separate you can use them according to your preference when the tickets are open or according to the dates and times you choose.

  • How to benefit from a discount for example according to age or for students?

    When purchasing your ticket, discounts are always indicated when available. For example, there are regular discounts for children in different age groups, ranging from free for very young children to discounts for seniors over 65 years of age. Discounted tickets for students are indicated in the same way. 

    Don't forget your proof of discounts - identity card, student card... - to be shown during your visit to Barcelona.

  • What are the means of payment for the tickets?

    To pay online your tickets to visit Barcelona, are accepted the classic means of payment used worldwide such as:  Visa, Mastercard, Alipay, iDeal, GiroPay or Paypal.

  • What is the difference between tours and tickets?

    The difference between tours and tickets is that both types of tickets allow you to visit the main monuments of the city with a guide who speaks your language for the tours (or guided tours) or by yourself with the tickets. You can find the guided tours and tickets in our section: Barcelona Tours


@Terry and Jelena
Hello Terry and Jelena,
this is the info line of the aquarium
Tel. +34 932 21 74 74
my be try this way,


Photo we purchased.
We bought our photo but are unable to download it and now are unable to find an email address for assistance. The visit was very pleasant.
Hello andrewV,
Yes, the Familly pass includes the Barcelona aquarium + the Wax Museum + a trip on Las Golondrinas + the Barcelona audio guide. You'll find a full description of this pass while following the booking.
familly pass?
Does the family pas include the Barcelona aquarium?
Barcelona Aquarium is open and it's really a great site to visit.
Great for children.
Hello Sally,
Yes, the Barcelona aquarium will be open on August 2021. Follow the booking process to find all dates for the coming months.
is it open in august?
is the Barcelona aquarium open in august?
Great place to visit and I was not a superfan of this kind museum!
Hello Tony,
The Barcelona Aquarium is open for visits only on weekends at the moment.
Groups or families are accepted.
A sanitary protocol has been set up, for example you have to wear a mask, respect the distances, use hydroalcoholic gel before and during the tour .
Only three areas of the aquarium are currently closed:
the children's area on the second floor, the auditorium and the locker room.

Enjoy your visit,
Open for visits?
Can we visit the aquarium at the moment, even with the family (there are 4 of us) ?
Thank you,
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