Barcelona Taxi Information

Barcelona Taxi Information

Taxi service information


The Barcelona taxi service operates with city fare rates for services within the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.


The intercity fare, which is authorised by the Catalan Regional Government, is applied to routes outside of this geographic area.


The service always runs with a taximeter, which must be positioned in a visible place in the vehicle. The driver must always switch it on at the beginning of a route, and stop the meter at the end.


If the passenger has luggage, the driver shall help him/her to load and unload it from the trunk of the car.


Children under the age of 12 must be seated in the back seat of the car and supervised so that they do not distract the driver.


Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted during the ride, even if the driver and passenger agree otherwise.


If you would like for the taxi to wait for you after the first route, the driver may ask you to pay for the route covered thus far, in addition to the price of a half hour’s wait time if in the city area and that of another hour if outside of the city, as a guarantee. If you have not returned by the end of such period, he/she may terminate the service.


The taxi is required to admit blind passengers accompanied by seeing eye dogs (Law of the Parliament of Catalonia 10/1993).



  • The city fares for the taxi service are printed on a sticker located in the rear window of the taxi
  • The taximeter shows the amount to pay. Ask always for receipt.
  • Change for payment the taxi up to: 20€


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How to catch a cab in Barcelona?


In Barcelona and the municipalities of the metropolitan area, the most common ways to catch a cab in the street is to go to one of the taxi network stops which all of the municipalities have, or to use a hand signal to hail a cab when an empty one is approaching.


• At the stops, the customer must take the first vehicle in the order of departure at the stop. Circulating taxi drivers cannot pick up passengers within a 50-metre radius of a stop.


• The most suitable places to hail a cab in the street are the corners. Users must bear in mind that the taxi driver cannot make abrupt manoeuvres or stop the car in places that represent a hazard for traffic circulation.


• Passengers may also catch a cab at any of the stops in the shopping centres, service areas, or passenger stations in the metropolitan area.

In the event that several parties request the same taxi at the same time, the driver of the vehicle shall adhere to the following order of priorities:


• First he/she shall attend to those who are on the side of the road corresponding to the direction in which he/she is driving.


• He/she shall give priority to the physically disabled, elderly people, those who are ill, pregnant women or people travelling with young children. If none of these criteria can be applied to the case, he/she shall opt for the eldest person.


• Service may not be denied to anyone unless the person requesting a ride displays an obvious state of drunkenness or narcotic intoxication, or because the condition of the user or his/her luggage could leads to significant foreseeable damage to the vehicle.


• The taxi driver may at his/her own discretion admit pets accompanying the individuals requesting the service.

The taxi driver shall never deny transport to seeing eye dogs accompanying the blind, and shall never refuse to load wheelchairs.



How to request a cab by phone in Barcelona?


The telephone is another effective means of calling a cab. You may request a taxi by calling one of the 20 taxi radio dispatch centres that operate in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.


Many of these centres have a fleet management system that allows them to send a taxi to the place requested by the user. The assigned taxi number is communicated by telephone call or SMS message.


The taxi will arrive to the requested place with the taximeter running, although the amount will not exceed the minimum fare.



Barcelona taxi fares and methods of payment




The provision of the taxi service is subject to annually applied city fares. The authorised fares and supplements are required for all licence holders, drivers and users of the service.


The applicable city fares for the taxi service in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona are printed on a sticker located in the rear window of the vehicles.



Please remember that:

The T-1 is applied at night on regular weekdays between 20:00 pm and 8:00 am, and 24 hours a day on Saturdays and holidays, throughout the entire metropolitan area.

The T-2 is applied during the day (from 8:00 am to 20:00 pm) on regular weekdays throughout the entire metropolitan area.


Complete Updated Barcelona Metropolitan taxi fares (PDF)

Intercity fares



Lost and found - taxi Barcelona


What is the Lost and Found Service 902 101 564


1. It is a telephone service that the IMT makes available to taxi drivers and users to facilitate the notification of an object that is lost or found in a taxi vehicle.

2. It is not a place to leave or pick up a lost or found object.

3. The telephone service is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

4. There is an automatic answering service during the remainder of the day, at weekends and on holidays.

5. Both the taxi driver and the user may use the on-line service to make notifications.

6.For any other questions, please write to e-mail: [email protected]

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  1. I was overcharged by a Barcelona taxi driver - Michael Duchowny (4 Jul 2023 - 09:08)

    I took a taxi from the Port of Barcelona to the H10 Metropolitan Hotel on June 29, 2023. The meter read 13.05 euros, the driver charged my credit card 30.00 euros! Taxi Licencia 1706.

  2. téléphone perdu: Lost iPhone 12 mini in Cab last 4 digits ( 2882) - Parinita Satpute (27 Jun 2023 - 11:06)

    Téléphone perdu

    Forgot iPhone in the cab from La Rambla - to Airport transit. It was out of battery and we didn't notice that we lost it.
    Please send message / text on +1 650 224 7578 (name: Jitu).


  3. Dishonest Driver - Yessica Holguín (28 Nov 2022 - 09:50)

    I was coming from the airport. I had been taken advantage of by taxis before so I mapped my path so this would not happen again.

    The driver started trying to type as he was driving (yes, very unsafe!). I offered to turn up the volume on my navigator since it seemed like he was lost. He was shocked to learn that I spoke Spanish. He declined and said that the government closed streets on Saturdays (other cars were going through). The taxi driver claimed that streets were 'closed' by our hotel so he drive around for close to 10 minutes while the meter continued to run. The ride was supposed to be about 27 euros but ended up being almost 38 euros. I was pretty frustrated because in addition to wasting an additional 10 euros, I also wasted time riding around just so he could charge more.

  4. Taxi Rip Off - Lee (13 Jun 2022 - 08:22)

    Just traveled from the taxi rank at the bottom of la ramblas to Ibis Style hotel about 10 minutes away. The meter showed €11.60 but as it was a 6 seater the driver toggled between 2 screens on the meter and insisted I needed to pay €20 as it was a 6 seater. Now this was not a people carrier it was a VW Caddy which looks like any taxi. Stupidly I paid the €20. I asked the reception at the hotel what the gate should be approximately and she said anything between €10 - €15 max regardless of 4 or 6 seater. So yes this prick ripped me off. If I see him again during my stay I will be sure to get his license number and report him officially through the complaint procedures. A warning to others if avoid 6 seat taxis particularly VW Caddy with a bald driver, he will try and rip you off.

  5. Taxi Driver Cheater - Al Siy (27 Sep 2019 - 09:14)

    I am a New Yorker ; first time in Brcelona ,Spain , Took a cab from Cruise port to Airport because I thought I had left my passport at the airport; Taxi driver says 39.00 UROS ; OK I am worried sick ; but in the taxi I looked again and found my passport ; so I said let's go back ; we had not leave the cruise port yet ; so I asked how much do I owe you - He said 39.00 uros ; I said how is that possible , we are still here at the cruise port ; He said the meter shows 39.00 uros and he cannot change that ; I don't have eros just dollars and he don't want them ; so I said do you take credit card , he said yes and charged me S44.00 ..I only have the charge slip , nothing else ; how do I complain to the taxi commisioner in Barcelona about cheater Taxi driver ?

  6. Dishonest driver - Thomas.W (14 Mar 2019 - 07:46)

    On 13 March 2019, at 2045 I took an authorised taxi from the El Prat airport to Barcelona. I asked the driver before entering the taxi if he takes VISA. He said he did so I took the taxi. When I got to my destination he said that the price was 41 euros, I gave him my VISA card, he refused to take it and said that I would have to find a cash machine. After chatting to him further I had no choice but to go and find a bank. I gave him 50 euros and he gave me 5 back, I told him my change was incorrect- he eventually gave me the correct change. I did not get a receipt from the machine but a written one on a piece of paper! So the local taxi drivers forced UBER out of Barcelona so they could rob foreigners! I would not recommend coming to this city. The car was a Seat Altea number 1892 JZC. Also if you want to complain about a taxi driver you must download a form which is in Spanish & lots to fill out and post it.
    BRING BACK UBER - at least they are honest.

  7. Empty taxis should stop - P Falge (7 Jul 2018 - 08:14)

    Tried to hail a cab so we could get to Sagrada Familia on time for a tour. Two empty cabs passed us and one driver shouted something out the window at us Ashe drove by. We missed our tour because we had to take the subway.

  8. Piece of Crap - Ripped off (25 Jan 2018 - 09:24)

    Was out drinking one night with friends, took a taxi home, and later realized that the driver charged me 85$ for what should have been maybe a 15$ ride. Such a piece of shit and should definitely have his license revoked. Barcelona needs to have more restrictions and watch the taxi drivers more closely.

  9. Dishonesty - Senora Tourista (20 Oct 2017 - 08:04)

    This past week I have travelled by taxi here for around 20 rides. Most of the drivers tried to rip me off, and most of them succeeded, because what can you do? I told them how I noticed that they jump the meter. Doesn't matter at all. They just start screaming in Spanish. I am a woman traveling with four young children, one of them being a baby. One of the drivers even let the 5 of us wait in the pouring rain for 3 minutes, while we were were trying to get into the car. He deliberately ignored us. I felt ridiculous. When he finally opened the door, I was so disappointed that we walked away. The poor baby was soaked. I cannot figure out why so many drivers were so horrible to us, we had no problems with any one else, it is just most of the taxi drivers. A few were nice and gave me an honest price. But unfortunately there were more rotten than fresh apples.

  10. Becoming taxi driver - Ste (11 Oct 2017 - 08:12)

    Does any one know how to become a taxi driver in barcalona ?

  11. Fares, Sants station to ferry terminal - David Garrett (9 Sep 2017 - 09:44)

    On the early evening of 17 August (day of Ramblas attack) my wife and I took a taxi from the main station to the ferry terminal for the Palma ferry. The total fare came to 33 Euros of which the meter was about 13 Euros and the rest "extras". It is admittedly my fault for not challenging the driver at the time, or getting the cab number even in circumstances like those in Barcelona that day but the least I can do is warn others of this.
    The return run 5 days later was a more reasonable 10 Euros
    No doubt most taxi drivers are honest men but Barcelona does have a reputation for theft from visitors and this sort of thing does not help.

  12. taxi - taxi (17 Jul 2017 - 08:10)

    De taxivervoer was te duur, 15km kost 25€ vanuit Baricentro naar luchthaven kost 68€.90.
    Met taxi in barcelona!( geld weggooien).
    Zijn rekeningen te hoog.
    Ik had echt een slechte gevoel met taxivervoer.spijtig genoeg.....

  13. Dishonest taxi drivers - Birgitte U. Thomsen (5 Jul 2017 - 08:48)

    Apparently honesty is a problem with taxi service in Barcelona. We were ripped off by a taxi driver going from the airport to our hostel near Plaza Catalunya. The meter was on and when we arrived at our hostel it was just below eur 30, but when he finalized the transaction the meter changed to show almost eur 42. Since this was our first visit to Barcelona we didn't know better and paid though we thought is was very expensive. We asked our hostel if this was normal and if there is usually an extra charge when the meter jumps like this and they said no and that the trip should not have cost more than eur 30. Unfortunately we didn't get a receipt or the taxi number and we have since discovered that all cars look the same regardless of which taxi company it might be, making it virtually impossible to complain. Not a very good first impression of Barcelona and the local taxi industry.

  14. Drivers name - Vicky (28 Jun 2017 - 08:18)

    Hello friends,I just want to know that can I get taxi drivers name list of Barcelona from any site or from any directory ?, Actually I am looking for a person from Barcelona and I know just only that he is a taxi driver and his surname is 'heike'

  15. el conductor ens achargé 40 euros quan el mesurador va mostrar 28,30 euros - Un client malheureux (9 Nov 2016 - 08:08)

    Fixem el preu d'aquesta cabina de Barcelona a l'aeroport i el conductor ens achargé 40 euros quan el mesurador va mostrar 28,30 euros

    LLAVORS tenir molta cura abans d'entrar al taxi! Demanar a la quantitat avnat anar a competir!

    En realitat, no "Honest"

  16. Refusal - Sam (16 Sep 2016 - 10:58)

    Why taxi driver refuse to take family with parents and 4 kids who can admit 4 seats taxi
    Is it legal to charge according to number of persons riding the taxi?

  17. How to control scam - Sheraz, cab driver (8 Sep 2016 - 09:28)

    Dear visitors, for those who forget their fone on the back seat , honestly being a cab driver we just pick another client after dropping one so its upto the one who see first the missing object, in case the new client inform about the item ,we always try to return, now a days keeping an iphone with iclouds stuff is useless, its not even the logic but its true,
    Why you dont trace the cab you ride before, the answer is you dont ask for a printed bill, on every print bill you will find the whole detail of the taxi , cab driver, miles you travelled the fare you been charged and supliments you paid, so it would not be easy to steal you.
    Well another thing extra suppliment is 3.10 € from airport and 1 euro for each big bag, just calculate your bill,
    A normal fare during day time is euro 30 from airport to city centre, during night could be 32 euro and on weekends 33 euro , and the maximum fare i ever charged is 39 euro from seeport to airport ,and its a fix price written on price table.
    So dear visitors, just pay what is on taxi meter, just ask if you have doubt about the suppliments.
    Cab driver took a long route. Ok fare enough you are not aware of city routes, but your smart fone is smart enough to show you right itinerary. So please sometime show your smartness instead of sending whatsapp msgs during ride , a little attention on your route.
    If you planning to visit barcelona you can call me to book your ride, my number is 0034-632579440.
    Take care and enjoy ur trip to barcelona ,its a lovely city with lots of good people around you.

  18. Nightmarish experience after FC Barcelona Game - A. Maker (19 Aug 2016 - 09:22)

    We went to the FC Barcelona game last night which ended at 1.00am. As we stepped out, there were hundreds of people looking for cabs, many of them tourists. Unfortunately, there were only a few cabs available, as people scrambled to compete for a cab ride. There was no organized or informed system for people to get a taxi; hence, many families were left stranded for hours, even with babies and young children. Also, even though we later saw many empty taxis go by, and people would flag them down, the taxi drivers would not stop nor explain why they could not give people a ride. It was awful - it was 2.00am and people with young children were walking from corner to corner, begging parked cab drivers to take them, but were refused. This was our situation too. However, on occasion and what seemed to be either a random decision or a bribe, some parked cab drivers would suddenly change their minds and allow certain people to enter their cab to take them to their destination! What an unfair and disorganized system! I am shocked and very disappointed that Barcelona City does not have an effective, safe, and organized taxi system to take people to their destinations after such an important and large football event. The worst part was that many of these families were tourists with children, like ourselves, who did not speak Spanish, so it was even more stressful and confusing in figuring out how to use public transportation to return home. Very disappointing and upsetting. Barcelona City needs to improve their taxi system at night and at large events, and have readily available information to visitors on how to use the taxi and bus system at games and other large events.

  19. iphone 5S oro - Bonami faycal (19 Aug 2016 - 09:22)

    e perdido mi iPhone en el taxi de Barcelona gracias a ponerse en contacto conmigo con urgencia 212 661 175 489 o por correo electrónico [email protected]

  20. JORGE CEDILLO L'HOSPITALET Rip off fare - Walter (15 Aug 2016 - 23:08)

    This clown stole money from my daughter for a 5 minute trip. He is a thief, a liar, and should have his licence revoked.

  21. RUDE, ARROGANT DRIVER- never use the Mini Van Taxis - M.T. From Canada (13 Aug 2016 - 08:40)

    Flagged a taxi outside our hotel but was literally pulled out of that nice taxi by another driver who came and said this was his territory. He was in a minivan. I told him we were fine and didn't need a bigger taxi (as I suspected he would make up some scam to charge us more). He promised no extra fees and took us to the airport. I told him I would only pay what was on the meter. I noticed he was going a round about way and I asked him to stop wasting our time and money. We arrived at the airport and the charge was 32 Euros (Should have been 25 as that was the cost for us to the hotel from the airport days prior). Then he presses a bunch of buttons and changes the 32 to 40 euros- stating there are Supplementary fees. I refused to pay. He called over a Police officer - who told me to pay the 40 but to complain. DRIVER was a pure SCAM artist. Ruined our trip. DO NOT USE THE MINI VAN TAXIS DRIVEN BY SPANISH DRIVERS. The Indian and Pakistan drivers were so polite and amazing- speak Spanish and English as well. Use them please. Don't use the SCAM ARTIST- TaxiNumber2886, Driver number 51940, license plate 2898HTM.

  22. Bad experiance from airport - R (13 Aug 2016 - 08:38)

    We have a complain for a taxi driver( 6396 FRS ) on 10.08.2016, morning around 9-10 am, we came from airport, this was our second route from the airport on the same accomodation, ( from airport to Carrer del Parc ). The day before we pay a regular price of 24 euro, the next day with this taxi driver, he asked us for 39 euro. With this taxi driver, we saw before on the taxi watch 24 euro, then he pressed some button and he asked for 39 euro. We tried to explain that we don't understand how it can be the same route, the next day double price, he said that this is an airport fee, we didn't want to pay that much until is not clear the situation, but he started to scream, we wanted to ask for a complain number , he said there is no number, is his car. He was rude and aggressive, finally we asked for another taxi driver help, this is how he agreed to pay 30 euro. It was very bad experiance, since we experianced this we are afraid to get into taxi. I am looking for an answer, if this should be like this or not. I have a picture as well of the car and number. I attach bellow the picture and the number of car. 6396 FRS ( sp)

  23. Lost Backpack - Ronald Guttormsen (12 Aug 2016 - 07:44)

    I want contact With "Taxi Sabate". Sabate is a name ( first name / Family name ). The car was a VW-Caddy With 7 seats. We forgot a backpack With some items. The tour was saturday 6th of august, driving from Barcelona Centrum to the airport-terminal 2.

  24. Terrible taxi driver - A German in Barcelona (13 Jun 2016 - 09:16)

    Tonight I took a ride from a taxi with license plate 8993HNY at approximately 3:20 AM. He told me his card reader did not work and it would be a minimum of 25 cash. When I said I did not have cash he offered to take me to an ATM. I said I could use the ATM at my location. He said "no, i can't wait outside". I asked him to drop me off. He said no card is fine. Then took me to my hostel where the meter read 7 Euro and charged me 25. You can contact me if you wish.

  25. Lost glasses - Berk Semiz (13 Jun 2016 - 09:16)

    I have just forgotten my glasses in the back seat of the taxi, inside a black faconnable case. The name of the driver was starting with Jose I think and he was driving an old version of Skoda Octavia, contact me if found pls
    +90 532 623 8162
    [email protected]

  26. lost black northface backpack - connor (12 May 2016 - 08:34)

    I left my backpack in the back of a taxi. It had all of my documents and my laptop

    If found, please email me: [email protected]

  27. Lost iphone 6 - Ryan Daly (9 May 2016 - 08:50)


    I left my phone in a taxi last night, it was an iphone 6 with a black case and i was traveling from Via Laietana, 19, 08003 Barcelona to Arch De Triomph just after midnight last night.

  28. Lost iphone 6 - Reward if returned - Ryan Daly (9 May 2016 - 08:50)

    I left my iphone 6 with a black plastic case was a taxi last night.

    I was traveling from Via Laietana, 19, 08003 Barcelona to Arch De triomph just after Midnight last night.

    The cab driver was wearing a grey sued cap.

    If found please contact- [email protected]

  29. Compromising incident - Dr. N. Naydenov (11 Apr 2016 - 08:14)

    I would like to inform you that I was cheated by a taxi driver in Barcelona on April 8, 2016.
    The Taxi was ordered by telephone at around 18:00 h from the reception/customer service of the apartment house, address Arago Str. No. 312,
    The destination was Airport Terminal 2. Wyzz Air
    The Taxi came at 18:07 and we were at the Airport at around 18:30 h. He wanted 47 Euro. There was no lite on the display of the Taximeter and the amount couldn’t be seen. I asked for an receipt and was given the attached hear in document. I told the driver that 47 Euro is too much it should be around 30 Euro. He said that from the city to the airport the rate is different and it is more expensive, and showed me a printed and laminated piece of paper with the prices to the Airport.
    At the information desk of the airport I understood that I was cheated by this dishonest driver.
    The car was Opel kombi with step bars on both sides. The driver was nervous and often touching his beard and looking at it in the rear mirror.
    He was white, with dioptric glasses, mustache and beard around 45 years old, thin around 1,75 m high.
    I believe that the Police will undertake serious measures and catch the cheat and hopefully he will be sent to the place where he belongs.

  30. Lost my phone - Serkan (24 Mar 2016 - 10:32)

    Last night, i forget my mobile phone in the taxi.
    Galaxy note 5 gold colour.
    İ get on the car from airport to and and ante Otel (near the laramblas)

    Call më please

  31. LOST iPhone 5s - Ethan Lehnen (11 Feb 2016 - 10:04)

    Last night I left my black iPhone 5s in a taxi around 3:00 am. If the phone is found please email me at:

    [email protected]

    If returned the individual will be rewarded.

  32. Lost Phone in Taxi - Luke (21 Dec 2015 - 10:32)


    i left my gold iPhone 6 in back on taxi on Sunday at 3am. collected from W Hotel and dropped near atrium palace Hotel.

    please contact [email protected] if found.

    thank you

  33. Lost Wallet / Cartera Perdida - Sergio Mario Villaloobos Ortiz (22 Nov 2015 - 11:00)

    Lost a wallet inside taxi 20-Nov-2015
    Taxi picked me +1 passenger at Hotel Alexandra 5:45pm +/-
    Dropped off Sants Train Station
    Paid cash

    please report if wallet has been found, need important ID inside wallet
    [email protected] +13054843987

    Cartera Perdida dentro de taxi 20-Nov-15
    taxi recojio a mi +1 pasajero en el Hotel Alexandra 5:45pm +/-
    destinacion fue estacion de tren Sants
    pagado en efectivo

    por favor deje saber si fue encontrada
    [email protected]

  34. Im taxi driver from barcelona - Josep (14 Nov 2015 - 11:08)

    In barcelona. There are a well known TELEFON 902101564 lost intems.
    I use to take there phons...tablets...etc
    Just call that number.

  35. Rip OFF taxi fare !!! - J Ricketts (19 Oct 2015 - 08:04)

    Don't go in cab 1399 HCK we took the cab from the bus station to Franca station, 5 min journey.
    The meter showed 7.60 euros the driver demanded 23 euros, we were in back seat with child locks on & our baggage was in the boot, we had to pay up to get out the cab & retrieve our luggage. The bus from Girona airport cost 12 euros lasting 1hr 15 min, the train from Franca to Reus 9 euros lasting nearly 2 hrs. Therefore 23 euros for 5min trip was a rip off & we were cheated. will put this on every forum & trip advisor, not a good advert for the city.

  36. lost iphone - samer alam (16 Oct 2015 - 09:28)

    hello i just lost my white iphone 5 on a taxi while going to ganduxer 73. Please return it to me asap. Also if you can email me on [email protected].

    Thanks alot!

  37. Lost iphone - Savannah fuller (5 Oct 2015 - 08:20)

    Golden case iPhone 6 left in taxi that dropped us off at Ronda De sant pau at about 4:30 am

  38. Lost Android Samsung - Kathryn (9 Aug 2015 - 11:36)

    Ayuda me por favor. I lost the phone on Friday night on route to the beach casino area. Please turn it in or email [email protected] 100 euro reward and my blessings . Thanks

  39. Taxi fares - Veronica from Australia (3 Jul 2015 - 09:14)

    The stickers on the cabs state the average fare from the airport to barcelona city centre is 29 Euros. Why we're we charged 38 Euro from the airport to Las Ramblas. We had 2 suitcases.

  40. Lost Microsoft Lumia 640(Bright Orange) - James H (2 Jul 2015 - 09:06)

    I may have left a bright orange Microsoft Lumia in a Taxi this morning(01/07/15).

  41. Lost Nokia 735 on 28th July 2015 in Toyota taxi from outside Hotel Barcelona Universal - John O' Brien (30 Jun 2015 - 11:12)

    left my phone in taxi after getting out at Port Vell, caught taxi outside my hotel in Paral - Lel, driver did not speak any English .
    Lots of photos on it so would love to have it posted back to me in UK.
    Will pay postage and 50 euro reward.
    Email [email protected].

  42. Lost Phone - Benjamin Harkrider (20 Jun 2015 - 11:08)

    Hi - Lost an Iphone 6, definitely left in taxi. The cab took me and three others from Carrer de Caceras and Rambla Badla to the night venue for the Sonar festival - The phone is sim locked so can't be used to call. If found by the driver, please contact me at [email protected].


  43. Gracias - José Lamosa (15 Jun 2015 - 08:24)

    El 26 de mayo cogimos un taxi en la estación de Sanz en Barcelona hacia el aeropuero del Prat y al momento de pagar me dejé la cartera en el asiento trasero y despues de varios trámites y un tiempo de espera el taxista me llamó para anunciarme que tenía mi carater y tan pronto pudo me la devolvió en el aeropuert y más aún que no quiso aceptar un comparación. Lo que más siento es que con el nerviosismo ni pensé guardarguardar sus datos pero si el leyese este mensaje se reconocería.
    Para terminar quiero decir que Barcelona es una ciudad encantadora pero con lo ocurrido es para mí un ejemplo de confianza y honestidad de la gente que la habita y trabaja en ella.
    Quiero mostrar públicamente mi agradecimiento a ese taxista y también a los mosos de escuadra del aeropuerto por su ayuda y colaboración.

  44. lost property office. - sheraz (cab driver) (17 May 2015 - 08:24)

    Dear tourists.yes there is a lost property office in Barcelona. in case you lost something during tourism in barcelona you can charge ur complaints in lost property office ( officina de objetos perdidos) they let u know in case they get some information. you can google their number and yes on every printed bill by taxi you have their number written on it.
    thanks and stay safe in Barcelona.( sheraz )

  45. lost property office - sheraz(cab driver) (17 May 2015 - 08:24)

    yes, in case you lost your valuable things like cameras or movil and documents you can approch to lost property office in barcelona by calling them or simply visiting them.sorry I dont rember their number this time you can google it by writing '' objetos perdidos'' barcelona. Have a nice and safe stay in Barcelona.

  46. camera lost - Katrien De Ridder (12 May 2015 - 08:56)

    Is there a central place where we can look for lost objects?
    I forgot my camera last march in a cab and never got any reaction..
    A friend of mine is coming to Barcelona this weekend and wants to look for it..
    Finding it back would mean the world to me..

    Kind regards,
    Katrien De Ridder
    [email protected]

  47. cab driver - sheraz (17 Apr 2015 - 08:46)

    I am a cab driver in barcelona. I m from Pakistan. I can proudly say that I have returned valueable things to the clients including cash camera and iphone. Well my request to every client is to ask for a printed bill by the cab drivers not the manuel one. and pay the amount written on the bill if somebody charge you more dont pay and if you loose something in the cab you can trace the cab. So be smart on your side. And if you need our services my number is 0034-632579440 atleast I can arrange some honest driver for you. And remember hotels charge 8 euro from cab drivers to call a taxi for airport so you can better understand why they try to charge more. Hope you guys will be smart enough next time.

  48. Objetos esquecidos em Taxi - Carlos Alberto Galvão de Campos (5 Mar 2015 - 09:45)

    No dia 26/02/2015 apanhei um Taxi no início da subida para o Parque Gruell, não sei o nome do motorista nem a placa do Taxi, esqueci uma bolsa com os seguintes objetos: dois pares de luvas de couro, um cachecol de pele marrom, camisetas T Shirt para adultos e crianças, uma tesourinha para cortar pelos do nariz, um short p/menina, uma imagem do menino de jesus pequena uma tampa para garrafa de champagne e algumas coisas mais. Peço encarecidamente ao motorista que encontrou entregar no Hotel Via Augusta - Rua Via Augusta 63. Na ocasião em que tomei o Taxi a policia estava perseguindo um, individuo que havia furtado uma bolsa de alguem e corria em disparada pelas ruas. O taxi é fabricado na espanha e não é muito novo. Agradeço antecipadamente - Carlos Alberto Galvão de Campos - moro no Brasil na cidade de Natal estado do Rio Grande do Norte - email: [email protected] telefone para contato: 55 84 99823138

  49. WRONG BABY CAR SEAT - Lu (8 Jan 2015 - 13:15)

    Mi experiencia ha sido MALA, solicite un taxi con sillita para un bebe para ir al aeropuerto (remarcandolo en tres ocasiones) y aparecio un taxi con un alzador para niño , incomodo para un bebe y nada seguro, en caso de accidente no hubiera servido para nada.
    No se juega con temas asi y no volvere a usar este servicio.

    Me siento estafada.

    My own experience has been very bad, I asked for a taxi with a baby car seat to go to the airport , as you can see on their website and the taxi came with something that used to be use in the past for toddlers, very uncomfortable for a baby and it won´t have saved her in case of any kind of accident.
    I wont use their service again and I dont recommend it.

  50. lost Sony NEX6 camera in Camera bag in taxi - Bashir Versi (6 Oct 2014 - 08:30)

    On Wednesday Oct 1st, 2014, we caught a taxi from Barcelona airport terminal1 to our hotel (Vueling by Bcn) .
    The cab driver was a woman driving a "Seat" van cab and seemed nice.
    I forgot my black camera bag in the front seat, and we've not had any luck with lost and found. she unfortunately did not being it back.
    The bag contained a Sony nex6 in addition to a longer lens and charger
    I'm happy to offer a reward if found as I cannot replace the pictures from our family trip.
    Please contact me via bashir.versi _@_

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