Your Budget in Barcelona

The budget of a stay in Barcelona


The cost of lodging in Barcelona

It is important to note that the concept of high season varies slightly from one establishment to another, and even more so from one region to another. On the coast, for example, hotels operate at full capacity in July and August, some as early as the first weekends of June, during bridging days and during the Christmas and Easter vacations. On the other hand, hotels in the hinterland with a predominantly business clientele often apply their low season rates as soon as the companies close for the year (July and August).


Here are some estimates of the costs of the average accommodation in Barcelona:

> Hotels: The average cost of a hotel room in Barcelona varies depending on the level of comfort, location and season. In general, prices start at around 70-80 euros per night for budget hotels, up to several hundred euros per night for high-end hotels.

> Hostels: Hostels are a more economical option for accommodation in Barcelona. The average cost of a dormitory bed in a hostel is about 20-30 euros per night. Private rooms in hostels are also available for about 50-80 euros per night.


> Rental Apartments: Rental apartments in Barcelona are an increasingly popular option for travelers. The average cost of a rental apartment depends on the size, location and amenities. In general, prices start at around 50-70 euros per night for budget apartments, up to several hundred euros per night for high-end apartments.



Your food budget in Barcelona 

Of course, you can eat at any price almost anywhere in Barcelona. In the hinterland and in some cities like Figueras, Girona or Tarragona, you can eat well for less than 15 euros (starter, main course, dessert, bread and wine and sometimes even a chupito from the owner).

With tapas, pinxos and other cazuelitas, one can also pick and choose and get by honorably.


> Meals in a restaurant: The average cost of a meal in a budget restaurant in Barcelona is about 10-15 euros per person, while the average cost of a meal in a more upscale restaurant can vary from 30 to 50 euros per person.


> Street food: Street food stalls are an economical option for eating in Barcelona. The average cost of a sandwich or pizza is around 5-7 euros, while the cost of a kebab or falafel is around 3-5 euros.


> Supermarket: If you plan to cook your own meals, the average cost of basic food in a supermarket is about 30-40 euros per week for one person. This can vary depending on your food choices and the quality of the products you buy.


> Drinks: The average cost of a beer in a bar is about 3-4 euros, while the cost of a coffee is about 1.5-2.5 euros.


An idea of the average budget for a 3-day stay in Barcelona 

The average budget for a stay in Barcelona depends on many factors, however, here is a general estimate of the average budget for a 3-day stay in Barcelona for one person:

> Accommodation: 150-250 euros for 3 nights in a youth hostel or budget hotel.

> Transportation in Barcelona: 20-30 euros for a 3-day public transportation pass.

> Food and beverages: 60-90 euros for meals and beverages for 3 days.

> Activities: 30-50 euros for admission to museums and tourist attractions.

> Miscellaneous: 30-50 euros for purchases, tips and unforeseen events.

>> This gives an average total budget for a 3-day stay in Barcelona of about 290-470 euros for one person.


It is important to note that all these estimates are given as an indication ;-)

Getting around Barcelona

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  1. Precios - Carlos (26 Feb 2012 - 10:00)

    Los precios de la comida es muy equivocado.

    En barcelona el menú diario (lunes a viernes al mediodía) son 10€-12€ (menús cerrados).
    Comer libremente o fuera del menú diarío es según el restaurante, pero son 15-25€ restaurantes baratos, 25-40€ precios normales, 40€-55€ restaurantes buenos, > 55€ restaurantes de lujo

  2. IMPOSIBLE - YO MISMO (16 Jan 2012 - 14:15)



    Una información clara y concisa, esto es lo que necesitamos los que no tenemos experiencia en la región.

    Felicitaciones porque siempre se puede abundar en detalles, pero estas informaciones tan concretas brindan un punto de partida muy importante.

    Muchas gracias

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