Where to go out at night in Barcelona?

Barcelona Nightclub

Where to go out at night in Barcelona?
A guide to bars and discos

Bars: We love Barcelona for its tapas bars, cafes, wonderful terraces or its chocolate bars, but Barcelona also has an impressive variety of nightlife mostly small typical bars such as "cocktail bars", "whiskerías", Xampanyerias "(bars where you can taste the Catalan Cava), craft beer bars, increasingly fashionable and finally the great Catalan classic, the" vermuteria ", where we liked what here is considered as the best ff the best: the vermut! 

Barcelona has more bars, cafés and late night haunts per capita than any other city in the world...

Discotheques: But having a drink after dinner until one in the morning is just preheating. It is the opportunity to meet friends, eat tapas before really going out, have fun and enjoy the night of Barcelona. Around here the night has no end. Barcelona is known for its nightclubs, clubs, discos, DJs and countless great celebrations. City of reference in the international electronic scene, Barcelona welcomes all the music of the world, without exception. These new stars that are the DJs will have to pass through Barcelona, ​​in one of their clubs or in the recognized festivals like Sónar or Primavera Sound.

But in what area of ​​Barcelona? Geographically there is no general rule for going out at night in Barcelona. Almost every neighborhood has its bars and nightclubs. However, it is good to know that the Olympic port area is one of the busiest areas of the night with bars and nightclubs on the seafront like Opium Mar, Shoko, CDLC or Pacha Barcelona. Not far from there, in the Poble Nou neighborhood, a bit more industrial, we have the giant clubs like Razzmatazz which is the place to listen to indie-rock, pop, house and electro. This is the young neighborhood without a doubt. The Eixample and its nightclubs are for the night owl students and jet set area of ​​the weekend. Finally, El Born is the quieter neighborhood, but offers many night bars or cocktail bars with a more sophisticated but always very warm atmosphere, including good jazz and flamenco clubs. Check our page Flamenco Barcelona to get more information about the great clubs and tickets.

 In this "Barcelona nightlife guide" we try to recommend the best discos, clubs and bars in the city .. Not all, just the ones we like!

 You can also find in our directory all discotheques and bars classified by type, such as: tapas bars, flamenco bars, cocktail bars ...

 Useful information for nightlife: Remember that nightlife starts at around 10 pm for bars, midnight or 1 am for discos. The bars close around 2:00 on weekdays and 3:00 on weekends. Clubs and discos open around midnight and rarely close before 6 or 7 in the morning ... ;-)


Check our page Barcelona Nightlife for tickets.

Fashionable: The new bars and clubs of Barcelona

Every week we try to discover the new bars and nightclubs in Barcelona. The night life in Barcelona is always in constant effervescence. People of all ages love to go out, they are very hospitable and we do friends quiet rapidly. For young people it is a paradise. Going out is cheap and you quickly understand that the ritual in Barcelona is to go from one bar to another to feel the moods and drinks before finally finding a club for the night. What to do the night in Barcelona is therefore quite simple, it is necessary to be guided by the others. To get you into the bath here are our latest finds.

  • Wet Deck at W hotel Barcelona
    Clubs & Discos

    Wet Deck at W Barcelona

    All summer long, great Sunday evening parties

    The Wet Deck is a sublime terrace by the pool of the W hotel, offering a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. Especially in summer, it's the place to be every Sunday evening for the most discerning clubbers.

    Barceloneta - Plaça Rosa Del Vents 1, Final, Pg. de Joan de Borbó

  • Las Vermudas - Barcelona

    Las Vermudas

    Vermouth is all about sharing, talking and laughing!

    If you're a fan of vermouth, a visit to Las Vermudas is a must during your stay in the Catalan capital. Located not far from Gaudí's famous Casa Vicens, this establishment is the perfect place to discover this emblematic Catalan drink.

    Gracia - Carrer del Robí, 32
  • Senyor Vermut - Barcelona

    Senyor Vermut

    Tapas and Vermouths

    As the name suggests, Senyor Vermut is a must for tapas and vermouth lovers. This family-run bar, run by the Miralles family, offers an impressive selection of over 40 different vermouths, enough to delight enthusiasts and novices alike eager to discover the famous tradition of drinking a vermut before lunch.

    Eixample left - C/ de Provença, 85
  • Les Enfants Brillants - Barcelona
    Clubs & Discos

    Les Enfants Brillants

    The essence of Club Culture

    In the heart of the city, just a stone's throw from the bustling Rambla, Les Enfants Brillants is a club that embodies the quintessence of club culture.

    Ciutat Vella - Carrer de Guàrdia, 3

Going out in Barcelona: The best cocktail bars

For a long time, the madness of the cocktails struck Barcelona. The older ones remember Gimlet, the Mirablau or the Pipa Club. These bars smelled good Jazz, black romance and great classics like the Pink Lady or the Whiskey Sour .. We even knew the name of the bartender. These times are over and this is much better, because Barcelona has made a real progress in the matter. After the crazy wave of the discovery of the Gin Tonic in all its forms and at all prices one speaks now of "mixology" and the bartenders are stars or artists. We discover with them new alcohols coming from far away and flavors hitherto unknown. These bars are now as beautiful as warm, musical and often perfect for dancing. Cocktails in Barcelona have never been so inspired and sophisticated. In short it is impossible to imagine an evening in Barcelona without discovering these places. If the trend 2017 is to "clandestine" bars here we mention 4 of our favorites. In complete confidence!

  • Solange - Barcelona


    Sophisticated and contemporary cocktails!

    With the opening of Solange we remain in the great tradition of classic and super classy cocktail bars in Barcelona but with a little twist of magic more..

    Eixample left - Aribau, 143
  • Paradiso - Barcelona


    Cocktails & Pastrami Bar

    Paradiso is a funny cocktail.. In front it is a Pastrami bar and behind a refrigerator door, a clandestine cocktails bar..

    El Born - Carrer Rera Palau, 4
  • Boca Grande - Barcelona

    Boca Grande

    The coolest bar in town!

    Boca Grande - the mouth hanging open, will be your reaction by discovering the decoration and ambient of this cocktail bar of the Eixample...

    Eixample left - Passatge de la Concepció, 12
  • Sips - Barcelona


    Sips a deserved worldwide recognition

    Another of Barcelona's nightlife destinations has been honoured at international level.  The cocktail bar Sips has also been included in the World's 50 Best Bars list.

    Eixample left - Carrer de Muntaner, 108,
  • Going out in Barcelona: The best typical bars

    Things are getting more and more complicated in Barcelona. Any restaurant now offers cocktails and does not hesitate to set fire to the dance floor .. An often commercial approach, though we recognize the talent of some to create new environments. For us we know that Barcelona is going back in time and going to typical or modern places that only exist in Barcelona. This is also a great way to relax. Another idea for going out that we give you with this small selection of typical bars of Barcelona.

  • Gran Bodega Saltó - Barcelona

    Gran Bodega Saltó

    Tapas, copas and concerts.

    A surrealist decoration for Gran Bodega Saltó, a “tapas y  copas ” of the Poble Sec area...

    Poble Sec - C/ Blesa, 36
  • La Xampanyeria - Barcelona

    La Xampanyeria

    La Xampanyeria is very famous for either tourists and Barcelona citizens!

    Barceloneta - Carrer de la Reina Cristina, 7
  • Mirablau - Barcelona


    A cocktail bar located on the hill of Tibidabo...

    Sarriá / San Gervasio - C/ Manuel Arnús, 2
  • El Xampanyet

    El Xampanyet

    Our favourite tapas bar, unchanging top!

    This bar has conserved the real feeling of Barcelona's old bars...

    Ciutat Vella - Carrer de Montcada, 22
  • Going out in Barcelona: The best clubs and discos

    We have already mentioned on this page the "fabulous four" of the Olympic Port: Opium Mar, Shoko, CDLC and Pacha Barcelona. However, for the jet set and nightclubs the story is a bit more complicated. Those who want indie-rock, pop, house and electro music have to go to the Razzmatazz. For those who want rock and pop, we recommend the Sala Apolo. Those looking for "very stylish" places will go to Sutton Club or Bling Bling. Those looking for a crazy disco can discover in summer Atlantis by its swimming pool or La Terrazza. For all the others we offer you our small selection of the clubs that sound more at the moment and the link to all the discotheques of Barcelona.

  • Les Enfants Brillants - Barcelona
    Clubs & Discos

    Les Enfants Brillants

    The essence of Club Culture

    In the heart of the city, just a stone's throw from the bustling Rambla, Les Enfants Brillants is a club that embodies the quintessence of club culture.

    Ciutat Vella - Carrer de Guàrdia, 3
  • Macarena - Barcelona
    Clubs & Discos

    Macarena Club

    Macarena Club is nowadays one of the most underground places from Barcelona's electronic scene...

    Gotic area - Nou de Sant Francesc, 5
  • Luz de Gas
    Clubs & Discos

    Luz de gas

    Luz de Gas is one of the Clubs at the Zona Alta, the quarters on the high part of Barcelona, where you find few tourist and most Catalans.

    Sarriá / San Gervasio - Muntaner, 246
  • Clubs & Discos

    Marula Café

    Boosting vinyl vintage club!

    In the Gothic Quarter, just behind Plaça Reial, one of Barcelona's clubbers favourite place is without any doubt the Marula Café...

    Barrio Gótico - Escudellers, 49
  • We Recommend >> Must-sees in Barcelona

    These are the most recommended things to do in Barcelona for your holidays.

    Barcelona Hotels

    The ideal hotel for your stay

    Whether you are looking for a family or a business stay or just for a weekend, we have selected for you the best hotels in the city to choose from. All categories at all prices. But also the bargains according to your travel dates. Have a good stay!

    Barcelona Hop-On Hop-Off Bus tour

    Barcelona Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

    Best City Tour: One single ticket, 3 routes and 45 stops!

    Discover city sightseeing at your own pace with our selection of Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour tickets. An extraordinary and economic way to make the first connection with main tourist attractions.

    From € 31.00
    Hola Barcelona Public Transport Card

    Hola Transport Card

    Unlimited access to public transport

    Enjoy unlimited access from 48 to 120 hours to Barcelona's public transport: Metro, bus (TMB), urban railway (FGC, Zone 1), Montjuïc funicular, tram (TRAM), regional railway (Rodalies de Cataluny) + 1 round trip from the airport to the city center. Only excluding NitBus, Aerobus & hop-on hop-off.

    From € 19.50
    Barcelona City Pass

    Barcelona City Pass

    Incl. Sagrada Familia, Park Güell + Hop-On Hop-Off..

    The "City Pass Barcelona" our best selling pass!
    > Sagrada Família Fast Lane + Audioguide
    > Fast entrance to Park Güell + Audioguide
    > Hop-on Hop-off 24 or 48 hours or Casa Batlló or Casa Milà
    > 10% discount on other tours
    > Audioguide of Barcelona

    From € 85.00


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      Check IG @partykazubcn

    2. anniversary - Emmy (6 May 2023 - 11:10)

      Going to barcelona for a wedding anniversary weekend break... We've never been before, what would you recommend doing....

    3. estadia - max (25 Feb 2018 - 11:28)

      es bueno pasar las vaciones en barcelona

    4. Sonar - Randy (2 Jan 2018 - 09:42)

      I plan to go to Barcelona in June for Sonar. I’ll be there for two weeks and am looking for hotels convenient to the festival. My arrival is set for June 10 and leaving June 24. Any advice/recommendations?

    5. Good - Ap (27 Nov 2016 - 10:42)

      Shd be nice to check out!

    6. Night life - Arun (3 Dec 2015 - 09:20)

      Hi there, we are 6 of us going to Barcelona next month for couple of our friends 40th birthday bash ,please recommend good pubs and night out please. .thanks

    7. Barcelona - Party for free every night. - NightsApp (25 Jul 2015 - 09:04)


      Planning on partying at Opium, Pacha, Shoko, etc. during your stay in Barcelona?

      You can get access to their Guest List using NightsApp (http://nightsapp.es) and get in for free!

      I hope this helps :)

    8. Felina best place ever in Barcelona - Johan (1 Apr 2015 - 07:46)

      I came to Barcelona last week with my friends and we go to felina barcelona, best place ever! Nice and hot girls!

    9. Amazing town! - Lucas89 (23 Mar 2013 - 10:45)

      hi everybody, i'm polish and i went to Barcelona last week for first time, gotta say that experience was really amazing. I've seen some comments about the English thing, that they don't speak it at all, well, in my case, i've found some places where they do or at least they try it nicely. I stayed in a youth hostal in Les Corts town, next to "carrer galileu", my daily loving street. It's quite normal neighbour, but the people are amazing. There is this unknown coffee-bar-lounge bar that has no fame but has nice products, great coffee during the morning, loving pizzas, and above all....the cocktails, a great young english speaker named Carlos that has a lot of touch for them. placed at number 148 of galileu, i recommend to have a visit there! is quite near from the Camp Nou. Have fun!!!!

    10. Célebrar Halloween a Oscuras y participa al concurso del grito lo mas terrorifico de la noche!! - Cécile (20 Oct 2012 - 16:00)

      En el restaurante Dans le Noir? de Barcelona llevan aqui un concepto único, sensorial, muy humano y social.

      La gente viene para cenar en la mas absoluta oscuridad, no se ve nada de luz.
      Los camareros-guias son invidentes y olvidamos que lo son; porque al final somos nosotros los discapacitados a oscuras !

      El 31 de Octubre se celebra Halloween a oscuras y puedes desafiar a tus vecinos de mesa en el concurso del grito lo mas terrorifico de la noche!!

      el 29 de Octubre puedes viajar con el Travelling Monday. Un lunes cada mes, viajamos en un otro pais con un menu especial de un pais, musica y decoracion, el proximo: Francia.

      Hicimos el nuevo anuncio para COCA COLA; gravaron aquí a oscuras.
      Se puede ver en la home page del restaurante Dans le noir en Barcelona.
      Igual como podrás ver un video explicativo del restaurante.

      Un saludo muy cordial,


    11. groupe officiel chocolat's - [email protected] (18 Aug 2012 - 12:15)

      bonjour, je represente le groupe officiel chocolat's, disque d'or avec brasilia carnaval et rytmo tropical en 1975. je recherche des lieux pour produire le groupe au portugal, prévoir même une tournée. merci de me contacter. Armelle TANGUY 0619702372 ou [email protected]

    12. Barca - Mirela (2 Jun 2012 - 12:45)

      Carlos....how much Spanish do YOU know ?...You were in their world after all and English is not the only language in the world....not by far !

    13. La LLibertària - Oriol (5 Apr 2012 - 19:15)

      Sin duda un buen local con precios económicos y una excelente cerveza, vale la pena echar un vistazo a la decoración. Destaca el servicio y las tapas.

    14. La llibertària - Mónica (27 Mar 2012 - 09:15)

      Es un local pintoresco y acogedor, donde puedes ir en cualquier ocasión ya que la oferta es bastante amplia, desde cervezas , tapas, cafés hasta copas por la noche. Me pareció bastante razonable el precio y de buena calidad las tapas. ¡Tienen una cerveza buenísima! Os recomiendo que paséis por allí, además está bastante bien situado, cerca de Ramblas y de Pelayo.

    15. La llibertària. - Pol (22 Mar 2012 - 19:00)

      Local recomendable, elegante y económico. Centrico junto a las Ramblas en una calle transitada. Tallers 48.

    16. tapas - dsgn (19 Mar 2012 - 08:30)

      what this "tapas walking"?

    17. Family friendly? - Sarah Paul (12 Mar 2012 - 22:45)


      Can anyone reccomend family friendly places to go of an evening?? My son & I are visiting this week, he is 16.

      Any help would be fab!

      Thank You x

    18. Cocktails galore! - Liz (23 Feb 2012 - 21:45)

      7 Sins has an amazing selection of cocktails!!!
      It's definetly a must visit for cocktail and gin & tonic lovers!

    19. Only one language?? - Jorge (17 Feb 2012 - 02:45)

      I'm surprise about the comment above... "in Barcellona people do not speack english".... For your information is not required in the Bible that all people must speach English. Personally I prefer Latin language..

    20. Slow Barcelona - sammy (15 Feb 2012 - 09:00)

      Don't miss this cocktail boite place in Barcelona. It totally rocks and you can drink best cocktails in town so far...It is a MUST!! Carrer Paris, 186

    21. que faire? - babyfoot (31 Dec 2011 - 09:45)

      barca c dla balle la rambla

    22. Burros, C/Pere IV, 67, Barcelona - Mike (7 Nov 2011 - 13:00)

      Bar donde te dan un muy buen trato y puedes pasar un rato agradable con tus amigos. Precios económicos. Destacan sus mojitos y caipirinhas, de los mejores de barcelona.

    23. Cocteleria La Nuit - La nuit (3 Oct 2011 - 10:30)

      Todo tipo de cocteles, incluido los "beer coctails" pioneros en barcelona gracias a La Nuit.
      Buen servicio, buenos precios y buen espectaculo gracias a nuestro barman profesional, profesor de Flair, y imagen de Jack Daniel's y Pago, entre muchas otras.

      Avenida paral.lel 104,
      Barcelona 08015

    24. 23 ROBADOR, LIVE MUSIC TOUS LES JOURS - NADIA (4 Sep 2011 - 10:45)

      tous les samedi spectacle de flamenco por 2 euros et tous les dimanches concert flamenco et jam session. Ouvert a tout publique genial!!!! formidable ambience

    25. BEST BARCELONA VIP CLUBS - laprinci (9 Aug 2011 - 19:15)

      Hi everyone!, I'm a promoter of the best Barcelona Clubs and this summer 2011 we have a special offer to enjoy fun with safe: you buy one ticket for 10 euros and you have 6 free access ... in 6 VIP CLUBS ( Lux Club, Up

    26. vive la nuit à Barcelone - nightclubber (13 Jul 2011 - 23:15)

      une ville d'enfer pour la nuit.. des boites à mourir.. des dj's au top.. on aime à fond..

    27. la nuit - génial (30 Jun 2011 - 11:00)

      mes amis, c'est la nuit que Barcelone prend toute sa dimension. je pense que c'est aujourd'hui la ville la plus fun d'Espagne. Il suffit de ce balader un peu pour comprendre qu'ils ont la joie de vivre et savent s'amuser ces Catalans. Cela démarre tard mais après impossible de se coucher dans cette ville géniale!

    28. Barcelona - CARLOS (27 Jun 2011 - 18:45)

      I went to Barcelona recently , one month back . It is a very beautiful and lovely place and it was a dream for me to visit this place long time back . However, i was really surprised that people doesn't know English , even the basics of it, so it was difficult to communicate with taxi drivers, resturants/night clubs staff ...etc. plus they are not hospitable , not welcoming people . I didn't expect to see that in this famous touristic and lovely city .... i was surprised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    29. ou sortir? - clementine (8 Jun 2011 - 00:15)

      qu'est ce que vous pouvez me conseillé comme restaurant original?

    30. best city for fun - clubber (27 Mar 2011 - 11:15)

      Barcelona is the best to go out by night.. think they wake up at midnight and live only by night ;-)

    31. Non Stop Partying in Barcelona - Patricia (24 Nov 2010 - 23:00)

      I have been to Barcelona in September and went to sutton club. Its a place to be and a must to visit in Barcelona. Really exclusive and Posh night club. Also I have found a great website that help me to get free entrance to Sutton and all other best clubs like Opium Mar, Shoko and many other. Check it out here www.BarcelonaParties.com. Let me know if it helps.. Have fun guys!!!

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