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Park Güell ticket > Skip the line!
Park Güell ticket > Skip the line!
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Park Güell Tickets

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Which Park Güell Barcelona Tickets?

Famous view of the Park Guell

Park Güell Skip the line Tickets

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Park Guell Guided Tour !

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Ideal to understand all the subtilities of the Park Güell. Only small groups visit with English speaking guide.

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Barcelona City Pass

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Park Güell tickets summary

Type of Ticket



Skip-the-line Tickets Park Güell

Access to the "Monumental" zone of the park, 100% mobile tickets.


Guided Tour of Park Güell

local guide, priority entry, tour of the paid area of the park.


Park Güell + Gaudí House Museum

Fast entry to Park Güell and Gaudí House Museum.


Barcelona City Pass

Includes entry to Park Güell, Sagrada Família, tourist bus for 1 or 2 days, and discounts on other tours.


  • Whichever formula you choose, be aware that you will have to choose in advance the date and time for your visit to the park.
  • Before the hour is not the time and after the hour is no longer the time. The guards are quite inflexible on this point. Tickets purchased in advance allow you to enter the Park during the 30 minutes following the reserved time slot.
  • All the Park Güell tickets that we offer you skip the line tickets, i.e. you will not waste time in any queues at the entrance to the site.
  • These entrance tickets are 100% mobile, either to print or to keep on your mobile phone.
  • Last entrance one hour before closing time.

Park Güell Barcelona Tour

  • Barcelona's Park Güell is one of the Catalan capital's most legendary landmarks. Architect Antoni Gaudí's masterpiece is one of the city's finest tourist attractions, but only part of the 17-hectare park is open to the public.
  • Access to the monumental area is subject to a charge. The entrance ticket entitles you to visit the best-known features of the park: its modernist sculptures, its winding dragon-shaped staircase, the terrace with its undulating bench covered in brightly coloured mosaics, the caretaker's house, the hypostyle hall, the Austrian gardens and, with a special ticket, the Gaudí Museum House.

Park Güell has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. Gaudí's park is considered to be one of his most emblematic works. It has been recognised for the unique architectural originality of its various monuments, such as the Lizard Fountain, the Hypostyle Hall, the undulating bench in the Plaça de la Natura, the House-Museum, the viaducts and the Washerwoman's Portico. This is multiple recognition by UNESCO of the originality and ingenuity of Gaudí, who received awards for a total of seven of his creations, including the Sagrada Família, la Casa Milà, la Casa Vicens, la Casa Batlló.

Park Güell Barcelona

History of Park Güell and its creator Gaudí

It all began with an ordinary meeting between two people: a wealthy entrepreneur, Eusebi Güell, and an absolutely brilliant architect, Antoni Gaudí. A true friendship, numerous projects such as the Palais Güell, a church "La Colonia Güell" and a wine cellar preceded the fabulous adventure of Park Güell. From its origins in 1900 to its construction, we tell you the story.

The history of Park Güell began in 1900 when Eusebi Güell bought a plot of land on a hill in the south of Barcelona to create a garden city. The garden city was to include a chapel and a total of 60 houses. But the construction costs soared that only two houses and the park were completed. Work was completed in 1914 and the park became the property of the city of Barcelona 10 years later. The only consolation for Gaudi was that he was able to buy one of the houses when they came up for sale. He lived there until the end of his life. Today it is the Gaudí House Museum, which can also be visited with an additional Park Güell Ticket.

What to see at Park Güell

The monumental staircase & the lizard

Right in front of the main entrance to Park Güell is the monumental staircase with several staircases and fountains, the most famous of which is in the shape of a mosaic lizard, one of the city's most famous symbols. The lizard of Park Güell is also called the salamander or "the dragon of Park Güell". The staircase is designed in a neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau architectural style and is covered with coloured ceramic mosaics using the trencadis technique, emblematic of Gaudí's work.

The Hypostyle Room

At the top of the monumental staircase is The Hypostyle Room, made up of 86 sloping columns.

The "Sala Hipóstila", composed of 86 columns 6m high, was intended to serve as a marketplace and refers to a forest. On the ceiling of this room, mosaic circles represent the four seasons and the lunar cycles. Another wonder of the Park Güell...

The Nature Square and the serpentine bench

The Nature Square, designed as an ancient agora, is located above the Hypostyle Room. It is the emblematic place of the park. You know it without having seen it because its long mosaic serpentine bench is one of the most photographed monuments in Barcelona, along with the Lizard in Park Guell. The bench is 110m long and is said to be the longest wavy bench in the world! 

The Gaudí House-Museum

The Gaudí House-Museum or "Casa Museu Gaudí" in Catalan, was the residence of the architect Antoni Gaudí from 1906 to 1925. This house was a kind of show house for a project that included the construction of sixty houses in the park.> This museum can be visited with an additional ticket to Park Güell ticket. As in the case of the Monumental Zone, you can enter according to the date and time slot you choose when you buy your tickets. This visit is therefore queue-free, just like the entrance to the Park.

The Portico of the Washerwoman

On the eastern side of the Nature Square and its serpentine bench is an original iron gateway that leads to the former gardens of the Casa Larrard. A path or portico crosses a grove of pines in the form of a large wave made of inclined columns, with a double column acting as a buttress. A very good example of the organic architecture advocated by Gaudí. We will see how this building gives its name to the Portico of the Washerwoman.

Of all the gardens in Barcelona, this park is the most visited for its monumental area, as well as for its free section. The Catalans appreciate it for its calmness and its vegetation. Tourists like it for its alleys, paths, and viaducts, designed by Gaudí. Let's not forget that the park is a tribute to nature. Before its transformation, this mountain was called the "bare mountain" because it was deforested at the time. With the construction of Park Güell, Gaudí introduced a multitude of plants and Mediterranean vegetation, as well as a whole system of human and water circulation.

Where is Park Güell?

There are three possible entrances to Park Güell: via Carrer D'Olot (the main entrance), which is an extension of Carrer de Larrard, via Carretera del Carmel, number 23, and via Passatge de Sant Josep de la Muntanya, which is served by escalators. 

  • The official address of Park Güell is Carrer D'Olot, 08024 Barcelona, Spain
  • Where is Park Güell on a map?
  • Park Güell is located between the neighborhoods of El Coll, La Salut, Vallcarca i els Penitents, El Carmel and Can Baró, in the districts of Gràcia and Horta-Guinardó.
  • Internet: Park Güell
  • Email: [email protected]

How to get to Park Güell?

The park is out of the way. You need to plan your visit carefully to arrive at the time indicated on your entrance ticket:

  • The hop-on hop-off tourist bus (blue route) which we mentioned in two of our combined Park Guell entrance tickets, drops you off just a stone's throw from Park Güell which is nice. The stop is on the Travessera de Dalt, a 10-minute walk away, and it is recommended that you get there via La Carrer de Larrard (main entrance).
  • Bus 24 leaves from Plaça Catalunya and leaves you not far from the park. Other bus lines are: H6, 32 and 92.
  • Park Guell Metro: get off at Lesseps L3 or Vallcarca L3 metro stations and walk for about 20 minutes. Vallcarca station is located at the top of the park and you only have to go down to the main entrance. The Lesseps station, on the other hand, is at the bottom of the park, so you will have to go up using the escalators.
  • By taxi, it's very convenient and fast but a bit expensive. From the city centre it costs 13-16 euros. Same price for the return trip. There is a taxi rank at the main entrance.
  • By car: The park does not have its own car park. Only taxis and buses can park in front of the park entrance. If you wish to drive to the park, you should look for the nearest car parks. All car parks near Park Güell

Park Güell opening hours

It is advisable to arrive more than one hour before the Park's official closing time, as the last entrance is one hour before closing time.

  • From 1 January to 16 February: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm (last entry at 4.30 pm)
  • From 17 February to 24 March: from 9.30 am to 6 pm (last entry at 5 pm)
  • From 25 March to 29 October: from 9.30 am to 8.30 pm (last access at 7.30 pm)
  • From 30 October to 31 December: from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm (last entry at 6:30 pm)

Park Güell Map

The monumental zone, is a World Heritage Site. Its entrance is not free. The adjacent forest area is free to enter.


The Park Güell video tour


Park Güell Barcelona FAQ

Answers to your most frequently asked questions about Park Güell Barcelona

  • Can I buy tickets to visit Park Güell at the entrance of the Park ?

    Yes you can buy admission tickets at the Park ticket offices. The price of the general admission ticket is 10€.

  • Visit Park Guell for free ?

    Since 2022, only residents of Park Guell or holders of the "Gaudir Més" card can visit the park free of charge -before its opening and after its official closing- at the following times
    "BON DIA BARCELONA": From 07:00 to 09:30.
    "BON VESPRE BARCELONA": From 18:00 to 22:00.

    Tourist visits are no longer allowed to take advantage of these specific hours.


    The rest of the park (17 hectares) is free. The people of Barcelona often take advantage of this to come and have a picnic, run or go for a walk. For photographers, the top of this free area offers a beautiful view of the city.

  • Visiting Park Güell with children

    Children under 14 not accompanied by an adult under their care are not allowed to enter. Don't panic, we don't ask you for your papers at the entrance but don't imagine leaving children under 14 visiting the Park on their own.

  • Accessibility for the disabled and persons with reduced mobility

    There is a specific itinerary adapted for people with reduced mobility in Parc Guell. However, due to the architectural features of the Park, with its irregular staircases and paths, people with reduced mobility may have difficulty moving around the monumental area or monumental centre.

    Wheelchairs are available from park staff upon request.

  • What is the average length of the park Guell visit?

    The average length of a visit to Park Güell is about one hour if you do not take the time to stroll. Visitors are advised to wear comfortable shoes and to protect themselves from the sun, especially in summer. Remember to bring a bottle of water as there are no drinking water fountains along the route.

  • What are the rules when visiting the Park Güell?

    Be vigilant about the times of admission tickets purchased in advance. They allow you to enter the Park during the 30 minutes after the reserved time slot - no more.

    You must keep the entrance during your visit to Park Güell and show it to authorised personnel if requested.

    Any exit from the paying zone is definitive. Once the entry has been validated at an access control point of the Monumental Centre, you cannot leave this paid zone and then return to it.

  • Refund of your entrance ticket

    Since a visit date and time must be reserved, Park Guell will not refund any tickets in the event of a cancellation.

More Park Güell Barcelona FAQs


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You can present your ticket directly on your phone at the entrance.
The only restriction is that not all visit slots might be available at the last moment.

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