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Casa Vicens skip the line ticket
Casa Vicens skip the line ticket
From € 18.00

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Gaudí's first house in Barcelona

Casa Vicens (Vicens House) does not look like the other houses made by Antoni Gaudí like the Casa Milà or Casa Batlló. This was his first important commission, the inspiration is not yet naturalist, but already the genius of the architect shows in every detail of the building as well outside as inside. A work of youth that foreshadows what will become, a few years later, Catalan Modernism. A major work by Gaudi, the 8th and last to be rewarded by UNESCO!

The Casa Vicens was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 as "Works of Antoni Gaudí" in conjunction with the Güell Park, the Güell Colony Crypt, the Güell Palace, the Casa Vicens, the Nativity Facade and The crypt of the Sagrada Família, Casa Batlló and Casa Milà ..

Which tickets to visit Casa Vicens ?

Casa Vicens skip the line ticket

Casa Vicens skip the line ticket

Gaudí's very first masterpiece

Casa Vicens is Antoni Gaudí's very first major work. His inspiration is not yet naturalistic, but the architect's genius is already evident in every detail of the building...

From € 18.00
Casa Vicens Guided tour

Casa Vicens Guided tour

A beautiful initiation to the work of the Master!

To understand in detail all the symbolism of this place, Antoni Gaudí's creative intentions and to glimpse the continuation of his dazzling career. 75 to 90 minutes visit, in small groups!

From € 21.00

1- Casa Vicens Skip the line ticket 

Completed in 1885, Casa Vicens was inhabited for 130 years. It was bought by the Andorran bank MoraBanc in 2014 which undertook enormous restoration work to transform the place into a museum. Opened to the public in November 2017.

Since its opening, Casa Vicens has been one of Barcelona's masterpieces to be discovered without hesitation. The tourist bus stops there (stop Gràcia on the blue route).


Casa Vicens ticket price fast track:

  • Ticket prices: Senior + 65 / Adult +18 / Young people 11-17 / Students under 25 years old...

Check HERE for entrance fees and buy your Casa Vicens skip the line ticket 

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2- Casa Vicens Guided Tour 

Small group visits are offered by Casa Vicens guides. It allows to understand in detail all the symbolism of this place as well as Antoni Gaudí's creative intentions and thus to glimpse the continuation of his dazzling career. After the guided tour, you can stay as long as you want to enjoy the place.

Language of this guided tour:


Day and hours:

Every day at 10 am and 4 pm


Casa Vicens guided tour price:

  • Ticket prices: Senior + 65 / Adult +18 / Young people 11-17 / Students under 25 years old...

Check HERE the entrance prices and buy your Casa Vicens guided tour ticket.

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Casa Vicens opening hours

Casa Vicens is open every day. Please note, however, that opening hours vary according to the time of year:

  • From January 2, 2019 to March 31, 2019
  • Monday from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Last access 13:40h
  • Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Last access is at 17:40h
  • From April 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019
  • Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00h. Last access is at 18:40h

Special hours schedule:

  • Casa Vicens is closed on 25 December as well as on 1 and 6 January
  • Special day: December 31 Casa vicens is open until 5pm. Same schedule on May 22nd for the Santa Rita procession.

Visit Casa Vicens for free!

Please note that Casa Vicens offers free admission during Open Days:

  • International Museum Day in May of every year (in 2019 on Saturday, May 18)
  • European Museums Night in May (e. g. 18 Saturday May 2019)

Visit Casa Vicens in video

How to get to Casa Vicens ?

Access to Casa Vicens is quite easy with the city's public transport, at the end you only need to take a very short walk to reach the museum:

  • By metro : stop Fontana (L3) at 250m. Lesseps stop (L3) At 280 m // Gràcia stop (L6, L7,S5, S55, S1, S2) at 500 m // Pl. Molina stop (L7) at 500 m // Sant Gervasi stop (S5, S55, L6) at 450m
  • By bus : lines 22, 27, 32, 87, 114, N4, V17
  • By Hop on Hop Off Barcelona Bus : Blue Line

Where is Casa Vicens?

Address: Carrer de les Carolines, 20-26 

08012 Barcelona

District: Gracia

Email: [email protected]

Website: Casa Vicens - Barcelona

Telephone: +34 93 547 59 80

What to see in Casa Vicens ?

The orientalist inspiration of Casa Vicens Barcelona

In the 19th century, exoticism from the East became fashionable throughout Europe, this fascination is reflected in all artistic expressions, a fascination strongly linked to the romantic movement. When Gaudí received the order, he was completely absorbed by this movement, even though he had already hinted at the same sensitivity. Taking advantage of Manuel Vicens Montaner's profession as a ceramist, he exploited all the advantages offered by his orientalist knowledge. The use of tiles, plaster, but also arabesques, coffered ceilings, marquetry, fountains and basins. The style of this house may recall the so-called neo-Mudejar in reference to the use of these artistic building materials used by Muslims for constructions built in southern Spain, especially in Seville, Toledo and Zaragoza since the twelfth century.

The garden of Casa Vicens

The garden is under the protection of Saint Rita, whose Mass continues to be celebrated here, every year on May 22nd. The garden shows, from his first work, all the creativity of the young Gaudí. Referring to Mediterranean nature and fauna, it already outlines its naturalistic vision of architecture. Palms, magnolias, roses, climbing plants originally surrounded this residence to make it a haven of orientalist freshness.

Casa Vicens was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 as "Works of Antoni Gaudí" in conjunction with the Güell Park, the Güell Colony Crypt, the Güell Palace, the Casa Vicens, the Nativity Facade and The crypt of the Sagrada Família, Casa Batlló and Casa Milà ..The exterior of Casa Vicens

Gaudí is still looking for his own style. The house is made of straight lines and seems very simple in its forms, but it is in the details that points his genius which is already inspired by nature. Thus leaves of dwarf palms serve as a model for the magnificent wrought iron grid that surrounds the building. These are carnations of India or tagets, again, which inspire the ceramics of orange and green color that cover the external wall. Bricks, colored ceramics and stones serve to reinforce, on the three other facades, geometric shapes and oriental motifs. Gaudi is young but already freed from the architectural constraints of his time.


The interior of the Casa Vicens

The interior of the house is 698m2. Its decoration is also inspired by nature and the nazari art coming from Granada. Floor with mosaics, walls adorned with climbing ivy, ceiling decorated with stucco stalactites.


The ground floor of Casa Vicens

Your visit will begin with the ground floor, which was considered at the time to be the noble floor, the place where people lived and received. There is an entrance, a central space that was the dining room that opens onto a gallery and a smoking room. Everything here is imagined by Gaudíwho had an incredible sense of detail. He is even responsible for the wooden furnishings of the rooms he supervised from beginning to end. The smoking room is a masterpiece of skill with its painted stucco “muqarnas”, decorative elements in the shape of honeycombs typical of Islamic craftsmanship, in vogue at the time. A true polychrome symphony of blue, green and gold with a motif of bunches of dates and palm leaves.

The decoration of this room is divided into three areas, the base made with tiles, the intermediate part with tiles made of papier-maché and the ceiling with a polychrome plaster muqarnas structure.

Another masterpiece is the dining room with its vegetal decoration on the walls and ceiling. A scenery decorated with 32 paintings by Francesc Torrescassana, a painter from Barcelona and a friend of Gaudi's who had a great success at the end of the 19th century. A short video documentary tells how these paintings were meticulously restored by Barcelona's best curators.


The first floor

Was the intimate and private floor of the Vicens Family. There are three bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a magnificent terrace. We remain in the same vegetable and symbolic universe. The decoration of the ceilings offers ceramics and polychrome papier-mâché where green dominates. On the walls stuccoes symbolize ferns, reeds and rushes. A small room is topped by a golden dome and magnificent birds in flight, in trompe-l'oeil. In the bathroom, ceramic tiles colour the room in ochre, blue and white.


The second floor

The second floor is now a space dedicated to the history of Casa Vicens. The visitor discovers models, plans, videos, infographics explaining the evolution of this house; from its construction to its renovation. This exhibition is entitled “The Manifesto House” because, as you have understood, this first work by Gaudí already reveals the beginnings of a genius in the making and its architectural language.


The roof

We are not yet at the breathtaking architectural creativity of the roof of La Pedrera, but Gaudí has already thought for this house that it was necessary to be able to enjoy the roof. Thus was born this roof terrace, bordered by a walkway. An ingenious system is used to collect rainwater. A small dome, tiles and coloured ceramics further strengthen the oriental spirit of the building. Thanks to a clever restoration, you can visit this terrace.


Sponsor of the Casa Vicens : Manuel Vicens Montaner

Casa Vicens was built between 1883 and 1885 in the peaceful district of Gracia in Barcelona. In 1883, Manuel Vicens i Montaner, stockbroker and broker, entrusted Gaudí with the construction of a summer residence. At that time, Gaudí was 31 years old and in his most orientalist period. One of the most characteristic symbols of Casa Vicens are the "clavelline" azulejos, a flower that Gaudí simply found in the garden of this house. The owner, Manuel Vicens Montaner, was a tile manufacturer who is not unhappy to choose this young architect of 31 years passionate about technique, stone, brick and tiles. The first idea of ​​Gaudí will be to draw inspiration from the carnations of India of the garden of the Casa Vicens to design the printed pattern of its tiling initiating thus what will later become his custom to use nature as model. Also influenced by oriental art (India, Persia, Japan), he made it a hallmark for this house, which will be received with enthusiasm by the Barcelona citizens of the time, much better than his future creations.

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Casa Vicens Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most frequently asked questions about Casa Vicens :

  • How long does it take to visit Casa Vicens?

    It takes 2 hours to visit Casa Vicens and fully enjoy this first work of Gaudi. Of course, you can make this visit at your own pace and take more or less time.

  • How long can I stay inside Casa Vicens?

    You can stay as long as you wish inside Casa Vicens as its owners wished. There is no limit to the pleasure of discovering this museum. 

  • What are the opening days of Casa Vicens?

    Casa Vicens is open every day of the year except on December 25th (Christmas), January 1st and January 6th.

  • What time is the last admission to Casa Vicens?

    The last admission to Casa Vicens is 1 hour 20 minutes before the doors close. The Casa Vicens' schedules change from one season to another, so it is important to take this into account.

  • What is the closing time of the Casa Vicens ticket office?

    The Casa Vicens ticket office closes 1 hour before the museum. It should be noted that visitors are asked to leave the building between 10 and 15 minutes before the museum closes.

  • Can I go out and come back to Casa Vicens with the same ticket?

    No, having used your ticket to enter Casa Vicens, you will no longer be able to leave the museum and enter again.

  • Is Casa Vicens accessible to people with reduced mobility?

    Casa Vicens is 100% wheelchair accessible. It is therefore accessible to people with reduced mobility. The building has been adapted to facilitate the experience of all visitors. 

  • Is there a cloakroom service at Casa Vicens?

    Casa Vicens has a cloakroom.

  • Can you leave your things in a locker at Casa Vicens?

    Yes, Casa Vicens offers lockers for visitors  where they can safely leave their belongings.

  • Can we leave a pram in the cloakroom of Casa Vicens?

    Yes you can leave a pram in the cloakroom of Casa Vicens, there is a pram storage provided for this purpose.

  • Is there a coffee shop at Casa Vicens?

    Yes, there is a café at La Casa Vicens, it is called "Cafetería Hofmann" and it is open at the same time as the museum.

  • Is there a bookstore in Casa Vicens?

    Yes, there is a bookshop at La Casa Vicens. It is called "La Capell", it is open at the same opening hours as the museum. There are books but also souvenirs.

  • Is it possible to visit Casa Vicens at night?

    No, it is not possible to visit Casa Vicens at night.

  • Can I park my car at Casa Vicens?

    No, Casa Vicens does not have its own parking lot. The nearest car parks are :

    • BSM Torrent de l'Olla. Carrer del Torrent de l'Olla, 221, 08012, Barcelona, Spain.
    • SABA BAMSA Gal-la Placídia. Gal-la Placídia, 2, 08006, Barcelona, Spain.
    • Travessera Parking Pompeia. Travessera de Gràcia 112, 08012, Barcelona, Spain.
    • SABA BAMSA Plaça del Sol. Plaça del Sol, 5, 08012, Barcelona, Spain.

    To book your online parking - at the best price - next to Casa Vicens, please access this page: Car Parking Barcelona

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Contact us: [email protected] and specify your name, first name, order number if you have it and remind us your email - the same email as your order - to facilitate the processing of your file. 

  • What does a 100% mobile ticket mean?

    A 100% mobile ticket simply means that your ticket - which you will receive by email just after your purchase - will be - in its electronic form (PDF) - sufficient to enable you to make your visit with your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is present it at the checkpoint. A simple scan will allow you to make your visit.

  • Can I print my ticket?

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  • What does a 100% skip the line ticket mean?

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