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Access to the Camp Nou seats

Access to the Camp Nou seats

How to get to your FC Barcelona ticket seat

Your FC Barcelona ticket contains the following information:


We want to explain you what each number on your FC Barcelona ticket means, so you can reach your seat in an easy way.


There are four areas or different sides, each one named differently at the Camp Nou stadium:

- tribune -TRIBUNA (located on Avenida Arístides Maillol)
- lateral - LATERAL (Carrer de la Maternitat)
- north goal - GOL NORD (Avenida de Joan XXIII)
- south goal - GOL SUD NIKE (Travessera de les Corts)



In turn, each of these sides or zones are divided into three heights or stands, the first stage being the closest to the pitch and the third the highest.


And in addition, each zone of the stadium has its accesses (21 accesses) and doors (107 doors).

On your ticket, you will see a number for the ACCES, PORTA, BOCA, FILA and SEIENT. This is your exact seat and the way to access your seat at Camp Nou.


Access (ACCES): is the gateway to the site from the street. Although your access number will appear the closest access to your door, it is not mandatory that you access the enclosure for that specific access. You can use any, the only thing you will be asked is to show that you have an official entry (it is not necessary to validate it yet). The access numbers are indicated in red in vertical panels that are around the whole stadium.


Door (PORTA): is the gate through which you must enter the stadium. The door number is indicated on a red light panel located just above the door. In this case, it is mandatory that you access through the specific door that is mentioned in your ticket. You must pass your FC Barcelona ticket through the bar code reader. In case you encounter any problems, do not worry, there is always club staff present to help you.


Mouth (BOCA): you are already inside the Camp Nou. You will end up in a corridor that surrounds the access to the bleachers. Now you must find your mouth, the place inside the stadium where you must access the sector where your location is. The mouth numbers appear in yellow on a horizontal panel above each access.


Row (FILA): is the row where your seat is. The numbers are on the side of the seat of each row and follow a consecutive order from the lowest to the highest.


Seat (SEIENT): the number is indicated on the seat itself. Note that the seat numbers are odd and even. When you access from the corresponding mouth, you will find the even numbers on one side and the odd numbers on the other. Find your number ... and enjoy the game!




Seat map of the Camp Nou:

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Barca seats?
ZK (26 Jan 2018 - 09:26)
Which sections are for Barca fans and which are for Real?
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  1. Barca seats? - ZK (26 Jan 2018 - 09:26)

    Which sections are for Barca fans and which are for Real?

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