Picasso Museum Barcelona
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Picasso Museum Barcelona Tickets
Picasso Museum Barcelona Tickets
From € 12.00

Picasso Museum Barcelona Tickets

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The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is a unique place in the world for discovering the artist's early works and his relationship to the city he loved so much.


Imagine in the Montcada street, Born district, five medieval palaces linked together to make a museum. We go up, we go down and we go up again. It's charming to visit and it's an immediate immersion in the atmosphere of the old Barcelona districts at the time of Picasso.

Which ticket for your visit to the Picasso Museum Barcelona?

Picasso Museum Skip the line Tickets

Picasso Museum Skip the line Tickets

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Avoid the crowd with fast track tickets and access to one of the worldwide most visited art museums. More than 4200 artworks by Pablo Picasso + temporary exhibitions.

From € 12.00
Picasso Museum Guided Tour

Picasso Museum Guided Tour

Fast track ticket+ 1.5 hour tour

A skip-the-line ticket at the entrance and an experienced guide (in English, French or Italian) are waiting to show you the essentials of the Barcelona Picasso Museum. You can stay as long as you like after the tour.

From € 35.00
Picasso Guided Walking Tour

Guided Walking Tour + Picasso

Visit the area and the Picasso Museum

Let an experienced English guide take you along places such as the famous Els Quatre Gats Café and Carrer Avinyó. Then discover the Picasso Museum with a skip-the-line ticket and stay as long as you wish after the tour.

From € 37.00

Articket: Discover 6 top Museums

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Visit Barcelona's 6 most important museums with a priority entrance including Picasso Museum, National Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAC), Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), Miró Foundation, Antoni Tapies Foundation,
Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture (CCCB).

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1-Picasso Museum Skip the line ticket 

Book online and skip the queues at the local ticket counter. 

Picasso Museum Barcelona ticket prices :

  • Ticket prices : Adult +18 / Young 0-17 .
  • Audioguide is available in the following languages: English, Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

To Avoid waiting lines : we strongly advise you to choose date and time and to buy online your tickets.

Check HERE admission fees and buy your Picasso Museum ticket.

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2- Picasso Guided Tour

Discover the Picasso Museum and stay as long as you wish after the tour.

Live guide: English, French, Italian
Picasso Guided Walking Tour ticket prices:

  • Ticket prices : Adult +18 / Young 0-17 .

Check HERE admission fees and buy your Picasso Museum guided tour ticket

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3/ Articket: The pass for Art lovers!

Visit Barcelona's 6 most important museums with a priority entrance including the Picasso Museum!

  • This pass is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • You visit the Museums in the order you wish.

Museums included in the Articket :

  • Picasso Museum
  • National Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAC)
  • Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA)
  • Miró Foundation
  • Antoni Tapies Foundation
  • Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture (CCCB)

Take advantage of the Articket pass to visit 6 Museums in Barcelona including the Picasso Museum.

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Barcelona Picasso Museum opening hours

  • The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 7pm. Thursdays until 9:30 pm.
  • Closed every Monday and the following public holidays: January 1, May 1, June 24 and December 25. On December 24 and 31, the museum closes at 2pm.

Picasso Museum Barcelona Visit in video

The Museum, which is also a foundation, is certainly the reference in terms of understanding Picasso's work during his formative years. More than 4200 works by the young painter are on display. It presents Picasso's most important collection of drawings, paintings and sculptures from his early days to his blue period.

How to get to the Picasso Museum ?

The Picasso Museum is located in Montcada Street 15-23. The entrance is at N°17. The nearest metro station is Jaume I on line 4. All you have to do is get off at Carrer de la Princesa in front of the metro and then turn right to find Montcada.


Address: Montcada, 15-23, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Area: El Born
WebsitePicasso Museum - Barcelona
Phone: 00 34 93 256 30 00
Metro/Bus: Metro: Jaume - Arc de Triomf - Liceu / Bus: 17,40, 45 Laietana - 39, 51 Passeig Picasso - 14, 59 Pla del Palau.
Barcelona metro map

More information

  • The Picasso Museum is equipped to accommodate people with reduced mobility. An elevator facilitates access to the exhibition and wheelchairs are available on request.
  • In the exhibition rooms, you can take photographs and record videos but only for personal use. Be aware that you cannot use flash or tripods.
  • You will also enjoy the museum's bookstore and shop: an essential visit to buy postcards, souvenirs and books from your visit.

What to see in the Picasso Museum ?


Picasso and Barcelona: The Genesis of a Genius

Born in 1881 in Malaga, Pablo Ruiz Picasso spent his entire youth in Spain. In 1891, his father was a teacher at the drawing school "La Coruna". At the age of 8, he already practiced drawing and painting. In 1895 the family moved to Barcelona, his father taught at the School of Llotja (the Lodge) named at the time: "Higher School of Arts, Industry and Fine Arts". Thanks to his father, Picasso, only 14 years old, can exceptionally pass the entrance exam. A true prodigy, he was immediately admitted.

The young Pablo is admitted to the Llotja School having performed in one day the subject of the examination for which candidates are usually given one month...

The school's teaching is very academic, Picasso very quickly and perfectly masters drawing and classical painting. Two years later, he competed at the Royal Academy of Madrid. Its success is as striking as in Barcelona. At 16, Picasso has reached the highest artistic level of the best art schools in Spain.At the age of 19, he exhibited for the first time in Barcelona, in the artistic tavern of the "4 Gats" and left for Paris. But he will keep a deep attachment to this city where he will come back many times.

The Permanent Collection

The museum was created in 1963 on the idea of poet Jaime Sabartés, friend and private secretary of Pablo Picasso, when he donated his collection of the master's canvases to the city. When Jaume Sabartés died in 1968, Picasso completed this collection by offering the Meninas series and the blue portrait of Sabartés to the museum in 1901. In 1970 he donated another 920 paintings. Jacqueline Roque, Picasso's last wife and muse, made two important donations to the museum in the 1980s: 40 ceramics and 117 engravings.

The collection has since been completed over the years by donations from private collectors and galleries and by acquisitions from the City of Barcelona, including many photographs.

The artist signed his first works Ruiz-Picasso before choosing P.R.-Picasso and then definitively Picasso in 1901!

The visit to the museum traces the artist's journey from 1890 to 1917 in chronological order. Among the emblematic paintings in this collection you will discover:

Picasso Museum Barcelona Self-portrait of Picasso in 1896

Self-portrait of Picasso in 1896, he was only 15 years old then!

Picasso Museum Barcelona - The blue portrait of Jaume Sabartés (1901)

The blue portrait of Jaume Sabartés (1901)

Barcelona Picasso Museum - Harlequin 1917

Harlequin (1917)


Room 13, dedicated to the Menins, is certainly the most remarkable of this museum.

A great admirer of Diego Velázquez's work, Picasso re-interpreted in 1957 the famous painting "Las Meninas" painted in 1656 in a series of 58 paintings.

Picasso Museum Barcelona - Las Meninas

The series - “Les Ménines, les Demoiselles d'honneur"  - preserved in its entirety at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona is the only complete series by the artist that has remained in one place. This is a very extensive study that consists of 45 cubist interpretations of the work, 9 scenes of a dove, 3 landscapes, and a portrait of Jacqueline.

Temporary exhibitions

Do not miss temporary exhibitions such as the one on "Picasso in Barcelona in 1917" and the only collection of vintage photographs of Picasso by Lucien Clergue, an acquisition of the museum in 2017.

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Picasso Museum FAQ

Answers to your most frequently asked questions 

  • Where is the Picasso Museum located?

    The Picasso Museum is located in Montcada Street 15-23. The entrance is at N°17. The nearest metro station is Jaume I on line 4. All you have to do is get off at Carrer de la Princesa in front of the metro and then turn right to find Montcada.

  • What is the best time to visit Picasso Museum?

    The museum is a landmark attraction in Barcelona. We advise you to visit it as soon as it opens or two hours before it closes, that's how long it takes to visit it.

  • How long to spend at Picasso museum Barcelona ?

    It takes two hours to visit the Picasso Museum, especially if you decide to visit the current temporary exhibition.

  • Do I need to buy an entry ticket to the Museum to go to the shop?

    Of course not,  you can access freely to the shop as well as to the entire ground floor hallway and room 0 which are open-access.

  • Can I park my car at the Museum?

    No, the Museum does not have its own car park. The nearest car parks are: Carrer Princesa, Passeig del Born with Plaça Comercial, Plaça de la Catedral, Avinguda Cambó and Via Laietana.

    To book online your parking next to the Museum please access this page: Barcelona car Parking

  • Can I draw/make copies of works in the Museum?

    Provided that there are not too many visitors in the Museum and therefore at the discretion of the guardians - you can make a copy of a work but only in pencil on a paper medium not exceeding 21x28cm (11x14 inch). Ink, oil paint and watercolor are not allowed. Easels or any other type of support are not allowed either.

  • Are the Picasso museum tickets, sold on this page, line-cutters?

    Yes, all tickets sold on this page are skip the line tickets which allow you to enter the museum during the 15 minutes after the start of the time reserved.

    Please note that:

    • You should keep the admission ticket throughout your visit to the museum and show it if requested by authorized staff.
    • Once the admission ticket has been validated at the access control point you will not be allowed to re-enter the museum if you exit it.
  • Is there any discount for seniors ?

    Yes, there are discounts for seniors. When you fill out the purchase form, after the date and time of your visit, several ticket prices are displayed depending on the age of the visitor. Senior citizens - especially with the basic skip the line ticket - benefit from a discount.

  • Is it true that the Picasso Museum is free for people under 18, all year round?

    Yes, indeed, the Picasso Museum is free for people under 18 all year round. It is one of the few museums in Barcelona that practices this policy of opening cultural places to young people. However, people under 18 must also book a ticket if they choose to book online, even if the ticket is free. Remember that entries are limited by date and time due to high attendance at the Museum. In this case, only the transaction fee will be charged.

  • Is there a Picasso Museum free admission entry day?

    Yes, the Picasso Museum in Barcelona offers free admission:

    • every Thursday afternoon from 6pm to 9.30pm
    • the first Sunday of every month from 9 am to 7 pm
    • and during the open days: February 12, May 18 and September 24

Tickets FAQ - All about your tickets to visit Barcelona

We are totally at your service to help you with any questions you may have before or after purchasing your ticket. Problems receiving your ticket? A question before you buy? We answer you within the day, all year round!


Contact us: [email protected] and specify your name, first name, order number if you have it and remind us your email - the same email as your order - to facilitate the processing of your file. 

  • What does a 100% mobile ticket mean?

    A 100% mobile ticket simply means that your ticket - which you will receive by email just after your purchase - will be - in its electronic form (PDF) - sufficient to enable you to make your visit with your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is present it at the checkpoint. A simple scan will allow you to make your visit.

  • Can I print my ticket?

    You can of course print your ticket if you don't have a smartphone, a tablet or if you simply prefer this option. Upon receipt of the confirmation email, simply print the PDF of the ticket. Then just present your printed ticket at the checkpoint.

  • What does a 100% skip the line ticket mean?

    A 100% skip the line ticket means that the ticket in question allows you to enter the place you want to visit in Barcelona without queuing, for example at the ticket office. All you have to do is present your ticket directly at the entrance. This way, you won't lose any time on your day of discovery.

  • What's included with this ticket?

    On this same page or on the ticket reservation page - the services included with the purchase of your ticket are systematically indicated. See the "Included" or “Inclusions” section for details.

  • Why do I have to specify a date when buying a ticket?

    When you are asked to specify the date of your visit, it is because the monument or service you have chosen to visit also requests it. Most of the time, this date allows tourist sites to limit the number of visitors and therefore to make the visits more fluid. Please note that if you are not asked to specify the time of your visit, this means that you can arrive at any time to visit the site - while respecting the visiting hours of the site in question.

  • Why do I have to specify a date and time when purchasing a ticket?

    Same as before, but here in addition to the date - the monument or service you have chosen to visit - also asks you to specify the time you wish to visit. Once again it is a matter of limiting the number of visitors so that your visit is as pleasant as possible.

  • With a ticket - date and time requested - do I have to arrive at the exact time or can I be a little late for my visit?

    On the ticket that you will receive by email after your purchase, it is normally specified how much time - in addition to the scheduled time - you are granted in order not to lose your visit. Please note, for example, that a visit to Park Güell entitles you to entry 30 minutes after the stated time. The Sagrada Familia ticket indicates a time slot of 15 minutes. It is therefore important to respect this time slot. If the ticket does not specify a time slot, then the timetable must be respected.

  • Why are we talking about combined tickets?

    We talk about combined tickets in some of our offers when they offer, for example, two places to visit in Barcelona. The ticket itself is not combined. It is two separate tickets that we combine to make a more economical and attractive offer. You will receive these two tickets by email. As they are separate you can use them according to your preference when the tickets are open or according to the dates and times you choose.

  • How to benefit from a discount for example according to age or for students?

    When purchasing your ticket, discounts are always indicated when available. For example, there are regular discounts for children in different age groups, ranging from free for very young children to discounts for seniors over 65 years of age. Discounted tickets for students are indicated in the same way. 

    Don't forget your proof of discounts - identity card, student card... - to be shown during your visit to Barcelona.

  • What are the means of payment for the tickets?

    To pay online your tickets to visit Barcelona, are accepted the classic means of payment used worldwide such as:  Visa, Mastercard, Alipay, iDeal, GiroPay or Paypal.

  • What is the difference between tours and tickets?

    The difference between tours and tickets is that both types of tickets allow you to visit the main monuments of the city with a guide who speaks your language for the tours (or guided tours) or by yourself with the tickets. You can find the guided tours and tickets in our section: Barcelona Tours


Picasso Museum for Sunday, August 6, 2023
Traveling to Barcelona and will be there for the 1st Sunday of August. How would do I go about obtaining a free ticket for the museum.
Sì, è possibile acquistare i biglietti per il Museo Picasso all'ingresso del museo. C'è una biglietteria.
Buona visita!
best Picasso museum to visit
For the moment, it is for me the most beautiful Picasso museum that I know.
I still have to visit the one in Paris.
For free admission to the Picasso Museum, you must go to the museum ticket office
between 4 and 7 pm every Thursday.

Picasso Museam Free ticket
How do I book a free ticket on thursdays after 4pm? The website wants me to pay still.
Hello sarah,
Picasso Museum is open this summer.
Museum Closed?
hello, is the museum closed during the second half of july?
Hello anthonya,
The guided tour of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona is temporarily closed due to health restrictions.
A solution to discover the Museum in a more detailed way is to pick up an audioguide when you buy your ticket online.
This audioguide is available in English. It is very much appreciated by visitors.
Guided tours will be back on reservation very soon we are sure.
Enjoy your visit.
Is the guided tour of the Museum possible?
We would like to enjoy the guided tour of the Picasso Museum but are unable to book it?
Thank you for your help,
Hello steve,
You are right , the Picasso walking tour with english speaking guide is only on Wednesday and Friday in this late season.
Enjoy you tour!

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