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Camp Nou Tour tickets
Camp Nou Tour tickets
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Camp Nou is the most visited museum in Barcelona. The only attraction more visited than the Camp Nou (Stadium and Museum) is the Sagrada Família which attracts over 4.5 million visitors per year (2016). While the queues at the Sagrada Família are notorious, the queues at Camp Nou can last one or even two hours in the peak tourist season.


However, you can avoid the queues very easily by following these tips:


1- Get your guaranteed entry by buying your Camp Nou Tour ticket in advance.

  • This is the easiest way to facilitate your visit and guarantee your entry at the right time.
  • Each ticket sold on this site requires you to choose a date and time slot for your visit, guaranteeing you avoid the queue.
  • Tickets purchased at the stadium box office cost more because of the processing fee, another good reason to buy your ticket in advance.


2- Avoid queuing by booking a guided tour.

  • Booking a guided tour of Camp Nou also gives you priority access to the stadium. 
  • You and your group will save time in the queues. You will get the most out of your visit.


3- Choose the right time slot

  • Camp Nou is open all week.
  • The best time to visit Camp Nou is in the morning when it opens at 10 am and from 3 pm.
  • Weekends are more visited than other days of the week.
  • Finally, avoid match days to make the most of your day.


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