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Camp Nou Capacity

What is the capacity of Camp Nou stadium?

The capacity of Camp Nou stadium is currently 99,354 people. This makes Camp Nou the biggest stadium in Europe.

It must be said that the Barcelona stadium has significant dimensions:

  • a maximum height of 48 meters
  • 250 meters long and 220 wide
  • a surface of 55,000 square meters
  • the playing field measures 105 meters x 68 meters according to the very precise regulations of UEFA.

However, the capacity of Camp Nou stadium has varied over time with the different expansions made.
In 1957, for example, its capacity was 93,053 spectators.
Then in 1982, during the World Cup, it reached a record capacity of 120,000 people, but this was counting standing room only, which was later eliminated due to new regulations.

By the end of the 1990s, the stadium could accommodate 99,000 fans!


And the story does not end there. A new Camp Nou will be built with a capacity of 110,000 people. After pharaonic works, it should open in 2025, word of socio!


  • During the works, Camp Nou Tour continues. Take advantage of our tickets at the best prices!
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Dora (21 Feb 2022 - 08:54)
Hope I'll see the new camp nou soon!
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  1. great! - Dora (21 Feb 2022 - 08:54)

    Hope I'll see the new camp nou soon!

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