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La Casa Milà - La Pedrera

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La Perdrera Gaudi

La Pedrera - Gaudi

La Pedrera Gaudi

La Pedrera Gaudi

La Casa Mila of Antoni Gaudi

La Casa Mila of Antoni Gaudi

Casa Mila chair - Gaudi

Casa Mila's chair - Gaudi

Casa Mila - Gaudi

Casa Mila - Gaudi

Casa Mila - Gaudi

Casa Mila - Gaudi

Casa Mila - Gaudi

Casa Mila - Gaudi

Casa Mila - Gaudi

Casa Mila - Gaudi

Casa Mila - Gaudi

Casa Mila - Gaudi

Casa Mila - Gaudi

Casa Mila - Gaudi

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A totally unusual façade for this last civil work of Antoni Gaudí, La Casa Milà, nicknamed La Pedrera ( the quarry), in part because the cliffs near Barcelona were the inspiration of the great architect but also because of the appearance of the wavy facade of the building. In fact, the building does not have a single straight line, the façade is designed in such a way that it is impossible to draw a vertical line from the roof to the ground..
Not much appreciated by the inhabitants of the city who cover it with sobriquets - piles of white stones, hangar for airships, earthquake - Gaudí had to fight with its owners who refused to pay his full salary. Following a lawsuit initiated by the architect and lost by the Milà, the latter decides to pay the sums recovered to a convent.
A tumultuous history for what is now a monument of Catalan modernism.

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The Patrons: Pere Milà i Camps and his wife.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Barcelona grew rich. The industrial revolution being at full speed, the city grew and was being transformed, while the Catalan bourgeoisie settled in residences that rivaled architectural boldness. The Passeig de Gràcia became one of the main arteries of the city and it is in all logic where best architects defy themselves with fantastic projects. The architect Antoni Gaudí, whose notoriety has been perfectly proven, finishes the Casa Batlló with the help of the constructor Jaume Bayo i Font but also the Pharmacy Gibert and the decoration of the Bar Torino in 1902, last both disappeared now a days. Gaudí at that time had already started the project of the Sagrada Família since 1884 and also worked on the Parc Güell (1900-1914).

Gaudí meets Pere Milà i Camps, a rich entrepreneur and property developer who is also keen to mark his era with the creation of a house with an innovative design and great luxury. The project started in 1906 by Gaudí and will indeed become one of the most emblematic residences of the city.


Unpublished volumes and spaces for the time

The building is built on a surface of 1,835 m2 at the corner of Passeig de Gràcia and Provença street. The first floor for the Milà family occupies 1,323 sq. M. The building consists of nine levels, overlooked by a roof terrace. This imposing structure actually houses two detached and independent buildings, each with its access door and its skylight, communicating only via the ground floor. The unity of the buildings is rendered by a common facade.

Casa Milà was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984 as "Works of Antoni Gaudí" in conjunction with Park Güell, Güell Palace, Casa Vicens, the Nativity Facade and the Sagrada Família Crypt, The Casa Batlló and the crypt of the Güell Colony. 


The sculptural façade of Casa Mila – La Pedrera

A striking symbol of the Casa Mila, its large sculpted wave-shaped facade and its 33 stone balconies crowned with forged steel like algae are abstract motifs. Wave shapes, ornamental work of the stone, luminous effects according to the time of day, Gaudi wishes to evoke the marine swell. He went so far as to draw the ceramic hexagonal pavers on the sidewalks adjacent to the building. They are also marine motifs, with octopus, stars and conchs. Its creative freedom will be limited only by the events: a statue dedicated to the Virgin of the Rosary was never installed on the facade due to the anti-clerical uprisings of 1909.


The visit of Casa Milà: The roof terrace

The building is crowned by a roof built on the attic, where Gaudí installed thirty chimneys, two ventilator towers and six stairway exits in very original shapes to create a terrace that looks like an authentic sculpture garden. A strange landscape, on different levels, with functional sculptures covered as in the Park Guell de trencadis, this mosaic based on ceramic breakage. A dazzling view of the city and a landscape whose symbolic significance is constantly being sought. Some see giants, others see masks or Corinthian helmets. The discovery of their meaning will be part of your visit to La Pedrera. The terrace has the particularity of being open in the evening for an audiovisual show that we describe later on.


The visit of the Gaudí Space

The Gaudí space is installed in the attic formed of large arches of stones giving a higher floor with a sinuous aspect to the roof terrace. This museum is very interesting to visit because it gives a general overview of the work of Gaudí and his work method. Examples include models of La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Güell Colony and Casa Batlló. But perhaps the most amazing is to discover the collection of furniture created by Gaudi himself to decorate every room of the building. Chairs, tables, furniture, screens, doorknobs locks .. One understand the great dimension of the creativity and precision of the master by observing the refinement of every detail of this furniture.


The Apartment of the Milà family

Through small staircases we descend to the reconstruction of an original apartment at the times of the Milà. You will be able to see how every detail of the decoration was important and as everything had to be beautiful and functional. A beautiful design lesson that should inspire many architects today!


Price of entrance tickets to La Casa Milà - La Pedrera

La Pedrera is today one of the most visited monuments in Barcelona. Access to its inner courtyard is free. The entrance ticket allows you to visit the roof terrace, the Gaudi Space and the Mila apartment. We begin the visit from the top to go down by stairs to the ground floor of the building.

We advise you to purchase a ticket that will allow you to choose the date and time of your visit and to avoid queues that can be always expected for this monument

  • Adult over 13 years old regular rate: 22 €
  • From 7 to 12 years old: 11 €
  • From 0 to 6 years old: free
  • Students 16.5 €
  • Senior over 65: 16.5 €

An audio-guide is included in the price of the tour. There are two versions: a short version of 40 minutes and a long version of 75 minutes. The audio guide is available in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese.


Opening times with our skip the line tickets :

  • Every day from 9am to 8:30pm (last entry at 8:00pm)
  • January 1st: 11:00am - to 8:30pm (last entry at 8:00pm)

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Night visit « Gaudí’s Pedrera-The Origins »

A second visit to La Pedrera at the evening is possible: it is called « Gaudí’s Pedrera - The Origins »

This magic evening offers a series of screenings in different parts of the building but also a show (in English) on the roof and even a cup of cava at the end of the visit.


The prices for the night tour « Gaudí’s Pedrera - The Origins »

  • Adults over 13 years old: 34 €
  • From 7 to 12 years old: 17 €
  • From 0 to 6 years old: free

Schedules for the audiovisual show « Gaudí’s Pedrera - The Origins »

  • From January 4th to March 2nd: Monday to Sunday, from 7pm to 9pm
  • From March 3 to November 1: Monday to Sunday, from 9 pm
  • From November 1st to December 24th: Monday to Sunday from 7pm to 9pm
  • From December 26th to January 3rd: Monday to Sunday from 9pm to 11pm

Your tickets for the visit of Casa Mila at night from 34 €


Where is La Pedrera? Getting there.

Passeig de Gràcia, 92. 08008, Barcelona.

Tel. +34 902 202 138

  • Bus: 7,16,17, 22, 24 and V17.
  • Metro: lines 3 and 5, Diagonal station.
  • FGC: Provença - La Pedrera.
  • RENFE: Passeig de Gràcia.

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La Casa Milà - La Pedrera

C. Provença, 261-265., 08008 Barcelona, Spain

Area: Eixample right
Website: La Pedrera - Barcelona
Opening hours: March to November. Monday to Sunday: from 9am to 8pm (last admission: 7.30pm) // November to February. Monday to Sunday: from 9am to 6.30pm (last admission: 6pm) // Closed: 25 December, and one week in January for maintenance, 1 January: special opening hours from 11am
Prices: 2018 rates for the visit: La Pedrera by day are: Adult: 20,50 € Student: 16,50 € Disabled: 16,50 € Children (six and under): free Children (seven to twelve): 10,25 € AUDIO GUIDE INCLUDED
Phone: +34 902 202 138
Metro/Bus: Bus: 7,16,17, 22, 24, 28 // Metro: lines 3 and 5, Diagonal.
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Barcelona center
Laura (1 Jan 2016 - 11:18)
Our holiday in Barcelona dedicated an entire day to the city center. Morning visit the Boqueria market and the Ramblas where we also ate. Then we were all afternoon store Paseo de Gracia and took advantage and had dinner there. We left the shop at the hotel and visited the quarry. I recommend going at night to this monument. It is amazing and well worth going.
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  1. Tarif - Touristos (9 Nov 2012 - 08:30)

    En 2010 le prix était de 10€. La 16,5€ à quatre personnes c'est une honte! Plus cher que la sagrada qui est 10 fois mieux.

  2. 7-11-2012 - annapolicino29 (8 Nov 2012 - 08:45)

    la città è bellissima, organizzata,mi piacerebbe viverci. Consiglio a tutti di andarla a visitare. E' una città che da molte emozioni, l'unico mio rammarico è di non aver visitato l'interno di casa Pedrera.

  3. la pedrera - clelia da salerno (17 Jul 2012 - 09:00)

    semplicente meravigliosa

  4. BARCELLONA - ELISA (22 Jun 2012 - 19:45)


  5. casa Mila - paolo galletti (16 Apr 2012 - 20:30)

    la pedrosa
    ha profilo di mare
    avventuratosi senza cautele
    dentro un sortilegio
    che ne ha fissato l'inesausto movimento
    in forme di pietra e cemento.
    Appese ai terrazzi
    sono rimaste le alghe;
    guardano la costa
    nascosta dai palazzi e dalla foschia
    mentre sul tetto si avvitano pensieri,
    camini da cui l'anima della casa
    si affida a questo cielo d'un insostenibile azzurro.
    Ma la pedrosa ha cuore
    e contraddice la sua seria fissità
    la dolcezza dei suoi
    con la rotondità accogliente
    dei suoi particolari estrosi,
    la luce di spazi immaginati infiniti
    dove far brillare senza tempo
    la polvere dei sogni.

  6. LA PEDRERA - FIROUZETTE (25 Nov 2011 - 09:45)

    Je suis restée en extase devant ce chez d'oeuvre avant gardiste ,de ce génie visionnaire qu'était cet architecte ; La terrasse est extraordinaire avec ses cheninées et ses tours de ventilation insolites incrustées de petits carreaux cassés; L'appart d'epoque avec son mobilier art nouveau de gaudi, les elements décoratifs de l'epoque reflete bien la vie de la bourgeoisie; je conseille à tous de visiter la PEDRERA

  7. PREZZO INGRESSO - MARIA PIA DEPIETRI (19 May 2011 - 10:00)

    Non ho visitato l'interno della Pedrera perchè mi aspettavo il prezzo indicato su questo sito e non i 14 € richiesti all'ingresso. Come mai?

  8. la pedrera...e non solo - rosa (1 Mar 2011 - 17:00)

    Semplicemente emozionante vedere questa costruzione!!! è bellissima e ogni particolare è geniale. Non ho avuto l'occasione di visitare l'interno, ma mi sono ripromessa di ritornare a Barcellona che è una città splendida e ben organizzata.
    Consiglio a tutti di farci una sosta ma non meno di una settimana. Ci sono troppe cose da vedere in 2 giorni. Un saluto a tutti quelli che mi leggono.

  9. la pedrera - patrizia lucrezia (20 Jun 2009 - 19:42)

    unica meravigliosa fonte di genialità simbolicasotto tutele sue forme. l'indicazione della via : i sette camini cavalieri indicano la costellazione del leone: la luce, il fuoco. ogni elemento non è solo fonte di ricerca tecnica architettonica ma è l'indicazione esatta del cambiamento da vivere e cogliere subito, al fine del compimento del bene. Una meraviglia completa per ragione anima cuore, chi la coglie vede oltre la materia e completa la "Sagrada", questa è la funzione, questo il messaggio.

  10. casa mila - sara (26 Nov 2007 - 16:19)

    a mi me parece muy bien todo, pero en la pagina de web podrían ayudar un poco con los precios. No hay nada comentario lo que indica los precios y , entradas, horarios, etc....
    En el futuro me gustaría leer de estas cosas tambien...

  11. Pedrera - Nadia (29 Oct 2007 - 17:27)

    Semplicemente unica

  12. casa mila - ata (19 Jul 2007 - 13:29)

    Great pictures and video of Casa Mila.. gracias!!

  13. Gaudi's House - saiqa (1 May 2007 - 14:56)

    this is a must see place, the architect was so ahead of his time. this building is on plaza de gracia at the northern end of la rambla. nearest metro station is diagonal.
    yo really must see it to appreciate it in all its glory. the natural materials and rustic sort of unfinished look of this building will allow you to get a truer understanding of the not so glamorous side to Gaudi's work.

  14. o - h (1 May 2007 - 14:55)

    yo really must see it to appreciate it in all its glory. the natural materials and rustic sort of unfinished look of this building will allow you to get a truer understanding of the not so glamorous side to Gaudi's work.

  15. pedrera - anis (1 May 2007 - 14:52)

    la pedrera est un lieu a visiter le voir de pres c'est magnifique. gaudi a passer des annees sur ce sujet

  16. La casa mila - Pierrick (11 Feb 2007 - 15:38)

    Y a t il une autre oeuvre de Gaudi qui se trouverait pas très loin de la Casa Mila ? Si oui laquelle ?

  17. Gaudi's House - saiqa (5 Feb 2007 - 13:05)

    this is a must see place, the architect was so ahead of his time. this building is on plaza de gracia at the northern end of la rambla. nearest metro station is diagonal.
    yo really must see it to appreciate it in all its glory. the natural materials and rustic sort of unfinished look of this building will allow you to get a truer understanding of the not so glamorous side to Gaudi's work.

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