La Pachuca

El Japonés Escondido

Eating Japanese as you would eat tapas.

Discover a hidden treasure not far from the Barceloneta metro station: El Japonés Escondido, the Izakaya Bar of the Tragaluz group, where Japanese tapas are in the spotlight. The warm decoration and charming Japanese-style atmosphere make this place an ideal place to enjoy exceptional gastronomy.


Share your food like tapas at El Japonés Escondido

Watching the sushiman prepare some of the dishes on the menu live, you can enjoy the variety of Japanese dishes on the menu at El Japonés Escondido, which stands out for the quality of its products and the careful presentation of each dish. Try delicious dishes such as grilled edamame or wok rock mussels. You can also enjoy dishes such as udon noodles with mushrooms (porcini mushrooms on this day) or Iberian ribs with sukiyaki. And since we eat and share each dish like tapas, try the sushi, the Nigiri moriwase or the Unagi Roll, among other specialities.


All in all, El Japonés Escondido is a unique experience not to be missed by all lovers of Japanese cuisine in Barcelona. From its refined cuisine to its friendly atmosphere and exceptional service, you won't be disappointed. Take the opportunity to visit Barcelona Cathedral or the Picasso Museum, just a short walk away.

El Japonés Escondido

Carrer de Llauder, 1 (La Ribera), 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Area: Ciutat Vella
Website: El Japonés Escondido - Barcelona
Opening hours: Monday to thursday 19:00–01:00 // Saturday and sunday 13:00–16:00, 19:00–01:00
Prices: From 25-35 Euros (Average price 29 €)
Phone: +34931992792
Metro/Bus: Barceloneta
Barcelona metro map
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love this venue
fab1 (28 Apr 2023 - 09:50)
el Japones Escondido is perfect place for a cool dinner.
nice spot and great fusion cuisine. meals to share like tapas.. ;-)
a big yeahh
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  1. love this venue - fab1 (28 Apr 2023 - 09:50)

    el Japones Escondido is perfect place for a cool dinner.
    nice spot and great fusion cuisine. meals to share like tapas.. ;-)
    a big yeahh

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