Barcelona Airport FAQ

Barcelona Airport FAQ


FAQ:  Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Barcelona el Prat airport.

Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat airport offers many services. 

Here is a list of answers that can help you:


What Barcelona airport code?

Barcelona airport code is BCN. Three small letters that you will find on your plane tickets and many other documents.


How many airport terminals at Barcelona?

There are now two large terminals at Barcelona airport: T1 and T2.

Terminal T2 includes three terminals named T2a, T2b and T2c.
Find here the list of airlines according to their terminal and the transport list to go to Barcelona.


Transfer between terminals in the airport

Getting from one Barcelona airport terminal to the other is very easy: just take the free shuttle bus that runs every 10 minutes.


Shuttle T1-T2
Every 6 or 7 minutes a bus runs between the T2 terminal with arrivals (P0) and departures (P3) and the T1 terminal. The journey takes approximately 10 minutes.




Shuttle bus from RENFE train station to T1-T2
The bus shuttle coincides with the arrival of the trains (every 30 minutes). A bus connects the Renfe station of T2 with the departures (P3) of T1. The journey takes approximately 10 minutes.


Shuttle bus to and from the long-term car parks at T1 and T2 terminals
A shuttle bus runs to and from the long-term car parks at T1 and T2 terminals from 7am to midnight, every 12 minutes for T1 and every 10 minutes for T2. This service is also available at night but on request.


Where are the information points at Barcelona airport?

If you have any questions before your departure and even before you get to the airport, do not hesitate to contact this general information service by phone or email:
Telephone Information Point: (+34)91 321 10 00

Email: [email protected]


There are information points in both terminals of the airport, here are their locations:

Terminal T1. Floor 3. Recording room

Terminal T1. Floor 3. Boarding area D

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Centre of the sky

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Boarding area B (start)

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Boarding area B

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Boarding area B (end)

Terminal T1. Floor 1. The Plaza

Terminal T2 B. Floor 0. Recording room

Terminal T2. Floor 1. Boarding area W

Terminal T2. Floor 1. Boarding area Y

Terminal T2. Floor 1. Boarding area S


Where is the tourist office in the airport?

The Tourist Office is located in both terminals T1 and T2. Here's how to find them:

Terminal T1. Floor 1. The Plaza

Terminal T2 B. Floor 0. Arrival hall

Fax: +34 934 784 736 / 934 780 568 Fax: +34 934 784 736 / 934 780 568

Telephone T1: +34 933 788 175

T2 telephone: +34 933 788 149

E/mail: [email protected]


Where to sleep at Barcelona airport?

You can sleep at the airport, air rooms are provided for this purpose. They are elegant and functional rooms to spend a night or a few hours at the airport.

They are perfect for one night. One day use (6 hours maximum) with shower. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Information Telephone: +34 933 758 600

You can also find a hotel in and around Barcelona airport on this page, a good solution when your plane leaves early in the morning.


Car parks - Where to park a car at Barcelona airport?

Find all the information you need for short or long-term parking in our Parking at the airport folder.

Barcelona Airport Discounted Long Term Parkings

Rent a car Barcelona Airport:

Find all tips and info to Rent a car in Barcelona at best price: at el Prat Airport or Sants station




Transport / transfer / shuttle

Find out how to reach Barcelona by shuttle bus from the airport? Read our file.

The "Barcelona Pass" is a fantastic package that combines priority access to the Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, and a ticket for the official Barcelona city Hop-On Hop-Off tourist bus. Book it Now!

Where does the check-in of the different airlines take place? 

Find your company and its terminal on this page

Once there, the indications are very clear to find check-in areas as well as boarding areas.


Where can passengers find their luggage after arrival?

You will find your luggage by following the directions as soon as you leave your plane. It's always in the same terminal just before you leave the public areas. it's very well indicated.


Is there a baggage drop-off service?

There is indeed a baggage drop-off service located in Terminal 1 and Terminal T2b near the arrivals hall. The price of a 24-hour deposit is 4.50€ for a large locker, 4€ for an average locker and 3.50€ for a small locker.

The transfer of the deposit to the long-term warehouse costs 36€ and the storage in this place is 1.80€ per day.


Where can I make enquiries about my lost luggage?

In the Lost and Found offices that the airlines provide for passengers, situated in the baggage reclaim zones.

Barcelona Airport Luggage Team

Telephone: +34 932 930 930 648

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Baggage retrieval room

Terminal T2 A. Floor 0. Baggage retrieval room

Terminal T2 B. Floor 0. Baggage retrieval room


By using the lost luggage service of each airline:

Handling Iberia

Telephone: +34 901 111 342

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Baggage retrieval room

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Barcelona-Madrid Corridor

Terminal T2 A. Floor 0. Baggage retrieval room

Terminal T2 B. Floor 0. Baggage retrieval room


Lesma Handling

Terminal T2 A. Floor 0. Baggage retrieval room

Terminal T2 B. Floor 0. Baggage retrieval room


Menzies Aviation - Easyjet

Telephone: +34 932 984 562

Terminal T2 C. Floor 0. Baggage retrieval room


Menzies Aviation-Norwegian Air Force

Telephone: +34 932 984 737

E-mail: [email protected]

Terminal T2 B. Floor 0. Baggage retrieval room


Swissport Handling

Telephone: +34 678 700 046

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Baggage retrieval room

Terminal T2 A. Floor 0. Baggage retrieval room

Terminal T2 B. Floor 0. Baggage retrieval room



Telephone: +34 902 486 648

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Baggage retrieval room


Is there a Wi-Fi service at the airport?

The wifi service at Barcelona airport is offered by Aena when you connect to the "AIRPORT FREE WIFI AENA" network. You can register by email, Facebook, LinkedIn or "Aena Club Client". The connection is fast, requires no codes and allows users to register multiple devices.

Customer support: +900 928 053

E-mail: [email protected]


Can you smoke in Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 and terminal 2? 

There is one smoking area at Barcelona Airport T1, after check-in and the security control zone, go to your right, and you'll find a huge open-air area with a bar. In this area, smoking is allowed. 

 In Terminal 2, you are only permitted to smoke outside the building, before check-in or after your arrival. 

Person with reduced mobility

Remember to request assistance services for people with reduced mobility at least 48 hours in advance.

Remember that you must always report your needs to the airline in order to secure your seat on the plane.

Barcelona Airport also has a hotline at your disposal to meet your needs for reduced mobility 24 hours a day.

Telephone 902 404 704 / (+34)91 321 10 00.



Where can VAT refunds be claimed for non-EU citizens?

At the customs offices in Terminal 1 and Terminal T2b in the arrivals hall.


Where can I exchange foreign currencies?

Yes - Banks located in the public halls of terminals 1 and 2 can exchange money.

In the same places you can find automatic changing machines:

Terminal T1. Floor 3. Recording room

Terminal T1. Floor 3. Boarding area D. No Schengen departures

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Sky Centre. Schengen departures

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Baggage retrieval room

Terminal T2 A. Floor 0. Baggage retrieval room

Terminal T2 B. Floor 0. Baggage retrieval room

Terminal T2. Floor 1. Boarding area U-W


There are cash dispensers at these locations:

Terminal T1. Floor 3. Recording room

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Centre of the sky

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Boarding area B

Terminal T1. Floor 1. The Plaza

Terminal T2 B. Floor 0. Recording room

Terminal T2 B. Floor 0. Arrival hall

Terminal T2. Floor 1. Boarding area S


Servired (Bankia)

Terminal T1. Floor 3. Recording area

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Barcelona-Madrid Corridor

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Boarding area B

Terminal T1. Floor 1. The Plaza


Servired (Caixabank)

Terminal T1. Floor 3. Recording room

Terminal T1. Floor 3. Boarding area D

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Barcelona-Madrid Corridor

Terminal T1. Floor 1. Centre of the sky

Terminal T1. Floor 1. The Plaza

Terminal T1. Floor 1. The Plaza

Terminal T2 B. Floor 0. check-in hall

Terminal T2. Floor 1. Boarding area U

Bank offices in both terminals are open from 07.00 to 23.00 hours daily.


To fully meet the needs of visitors and passengers, Barcelona airport terminals offer the following services:

1. Operative services 24 hours a day, all year round.
2. Provision of access and means of transport.
3. Public vehicle parking is open 24 hours a day.
4. Luggage trolleys.
5. Public assistance and information service:

  • Flight information (times, boarding gates, etc.)
  • Information on access and transportation to the airport (bus, taxi, train, etc.)
  • Information on airport services and facilities.
  • Adaptation of the facilities for the handicapped.
  • Complaint assistance.
  • Notifications over the PA system.

6. Shopping and restaurant areas.
7. First-aid service.
8. Lost property.
9. Left-luggage office.
10. Terminal security: metal detectors, luggage inspection equipment, etc.
11. Information for passengers on their rights.
12. Provision of infrastructures for checking in, luggage, boarding/disembarkation and security.
13. Supervision and control of the quality of all passenger services provided by others




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can I go through security early then 3 hours
non (7 Aug 2023 - 10:02)
I would like to be at the airport about 6 hours before my flight. I do not have luggage. Can I go through security and wait in the duty-free?
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  1. can I go through security early then 3 hours - non (7 Aug 2023 - 10:02)

    I would like to be at the airport about 6 hours before my flight. I do not have luggage. Can I go through security and wait in the duty-free?

  2. PS4 in underseat bag / backpack - Jonas Z (23 Jun 2023 - 08:20)

    Hello I want to carry my Playstation 4, including a power cable, a controller and two games.The stock PS4 controller is equipped with a 3.7 V lithium polymer (LiPo) battery rated for a capacity of 1000 mAh. Can I carry this in my under seat bag / backpack that I take on the plane?

  3. Cigarettes - Debbie (19 May 2023 - 09:50)

    What is the cigarette allowance back to uk

  4. Weighing machibes - Karen (8 Mar 2023 - 09:48)

    Is there anywhere to weigh your luggage at the airport?

  5. @Carol - (27 Feb 2023 - 14:58)

    Hello Carol,
    Yes, you can smoke in the designated area when in transit,
    Have a good stop at Barcelona airport.

  6. Smoking - Carol (27 Feb 2023 - 14:08)

    Can u still smoke at designated area when in transit please

  7. @Gerry - (6 Feb 2023 - 10:02)

    Hello Gerry,
    It is very easy to take a taxi to Sitges from Barcelona airport. It's about a 25-minute drive. Taxis are glad to drive you there.
    Enjoy your stay in Catalonia!

  8. Taxi - Gerry (6 Feb 2023 - 09:56)

    Is it easy to get a taxi ( T2) to Stiges ?

  9. Racially profiled? - Oinick (12 Jul 2022 - 08:30)

    Not everything that happens to you is because of race. you weren't "racially profiled" at all. Maybe it was a random security stop for some reason you didn't understand. Why were you humiliated? Were you acting strangely? Had you done so before boarding?

    Personally I am happy to cooperate with airport security since they're there to make sure passengers are safe.

    Don't be so sensitive. It's the times we live in, especially after 9/11, the Paris terrorist attacks, COVID, etc.

  10. Racially profiled - Nikhil (6 Apr 2022 - 11:32)

    On 2nd April I passed through security at Barcelona airport and arrived at gate D10 to board my flight back to the UK. After having my passport and boarding pass checked at the gate I was walking through to board my flight, however, I was stopped by a security guard who scruitinzed my passport with a camera lens and made me remove my mask. This was not done to any other passenger of light skin and they were all wondering why I had been singled out. This racially profiling behaviour is totally unacceptable, humiliating and disgraceful and has tainted my experience of Barcelona.

  11. Lost money 1800 Euros - Umair Naheem (23 Mar 2022 - 09:12)

    Can you please check about my lost money at Gate 14A, Terminal 1, Barcelona Airport.? My flight was VY 6404 on 20th March, Seat 5E.
    I was the last passenger boarded. I fear i lost it at Gate counter.
    Can you please help me.?

  12. Smoke zone - Smoker (25 Sep 2021 - 09:48)

    Sick that's in terminal 1 smoke its possibile but in terminal 2 no!

  13. Too many over priced shops and not enough passenger facilities - Rob (11 Nov 2019 - 09:10)

    It's clear this airport is more focused on profit than customer satisfaction. Much of the food is looks like it's sat there for days and costs twice the price of anywhere else. Countless overpriced shops but no room for things like smoking facilities. Typical airport thinking it's acceptable to rip every one off and provide the minimum of services

  14. Unnecessary check to the point of Invasion of privacy - Cantonese USA passport holder (16 Oct 2019 - 22:06)

    Your city and the people are absolutely amazing until the point of final check 5 mins before boarding by your immigration. For the last 3 times I am leaving Barcelona in the past 2 years, I am so called randomly picked for check for explosives. The immigration officer opens all pouches and zippers and lining. They touch all your personal underwear and belongings. Unnecessary and complete invasion of privacy. The other fellow passengers picked are all non white. Please do your racial profiling better. It’s always a disappointing to leave this city after having a wonderful time with the locals.

  15. @Sonyalis - (11 Oct 2019 - 10:46)

    Hello Sonyalis,
    With the same airline, we guess your suitcase will follow you. But the wisest thing is to ask your company for confirmation, they are fully familiar with airport regulations and controls.
    Good flight!

  16. Luggage - Sonyalis (11 Oct 2019 - 09:22)

    I am traveling from the US into Barcelona for a cruise. I would like to travel from Barcelona airport to Paris the same day. If I checked in a suitcase in the US, do I have to exit the airport, go thru customs to then come back in to board my flight to Paris, which is a few hours later?

  17. Gate D and E limited services - Karen W (11 Oct 2019 - 09:18)

    I was very disappointed with the limited services available in the gates D and E area. I was not aware that I would not be able to access the larger shopping and gastronomy choices once I went past the last security checkpoint. It was not the most pleasurable way to end my wonderful visit to Spain.
    For the sake of future travelers, you need to advise them before they pass through the security area.
    Thank you.

  18. @me - (8 Sep 2019 - 21:58)

    Hello me,
    You can " fortunately" and happily bring jamon leg as hand luggage (allowed measurements) on a plane when travelling in UE and we believe in many other countries.
    Enjoy your flight back!

  19. Can i bring jamon leg on a plane EU - me (8 Sep 2019 - 21:50)


    wondering if I can bring jamon leg as hand luggage (allowed measurements) on a plane ? Will be traveling in EU

  20. How about - Me (27 Aug 2019 - 10:16)

    How about you recommend putting a smoking area in gate D. Because this is ridiculous beyond words. Or at least make it accessible without heading to go through security again?

    Y'all are as bad as Gatwick.

  21. Fuck t2 - Hendrik (27 Aug 2019 - 10:12)

    Fuck t2 no Smoking area

  22. Terrible no smoking - Elias (18 Aug 2019 - 09:58)

    Why is it T1 has big smoking area but T2 doesn’t?

    Also if your flight is at gate D, you can’t access any of the shops in gates a, b and c which has everything. Why the restrictions? Especially as my flight is British airways. Makes no sense.

    So it feels like a prison. No smoking area. No shops. Just a crap Burger King. Worst airport experience ever.

  23. No smoking - Lisa (25 Jul 2019 - 08:46)

    Worst air port in the world

  24. Smoking area - Sharron Rankin (14 Jun 2019 - 07:16)

    This seem to me a bit unfair T1 gas a lovely outdoor area for smokers but T2 has nothing for smokers, what happened to my rights as a smoker to be able to smoke in an appropriate place, I think I speak for slot of smokers traveling to and from T2 Barcelona

  25. Add smoking areas - Me (6 Jun 2019 - 08:22)

    This is so stupid to not have smoking areas after passport control ! The worst airport I’ve ever been to. -1/10!!!

  26. @ Josh - (15 Apr 2019 - 11:00)

    Hello Josh,
    Better check on your side what are departure airport's regulations. Not sure they will let you transport food can aboard cabin but could be ok with your checked baggage.

  27. Foods incan - Josh (15 Apr 2019 - 10:50)

    Hello, Can I bring canned foods on my hand luggage?

  28. Cat Relief - Jessica (29 Mar 2019 - 08:16)

    Wondering if there is any location that I can take my cats to relieve themselves after their international journey.

  29. Pet area - Sandra Pettit (27 Jul 2018 - 11:52)

    I will be flying into Barcelona Airport with my two cats and need to know if there is an area where they can destress and rest.

  30. @Teresia - (11 Jun 2018 - 12:50)

    Hola Teresia,
    I would go to Barcelona city centre by bus. Aerobus will take you there in 30 minutes!
    If you think it's too short ask for the smoking area which is very large and sunny terrace with 2 bars!

  31. Outside rest area for arrivals - Teresia (11 Jun 2018 - 06:08)

    I am having to wait 4 hrs for my companion after arriving at T1, is there a nice outside area where I can wait?

  32. Dogs allowed? - Ragnar Bjornvold (14 May 2018 - 10:46)

    We are meeting someone in the arrival terminal T1, can we bring our dog into the terminal?

  33. @Sandro - (14 Mar 2018 - 11:36)

    You'll stay in same terminal, the T1 to get your other vueling flight.

  34. vueling is T1 for both arrivals and departures ? - sandro (13 Mar 2018 - 17:50)

    because I have to change very quickly from one flight to another..
    thank you.

  35. Walking from T1 to T2 - Colin (20 Sep 2017 - 09:24)

    How much time do I need to connect from T1 to T2 and vice versa?

  36. Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 - Anthony Kreppel (17 Jun 2017 - 09:20)

    Does the Tobacconists shop, landside, sell the 3 Zone T10 ticket?


  37. Smoking areas - Mikey (30 Jun 2016 - 20:24)

    Is there a smoking area in terminal2b,if not I will not fly to ban ever again after this occasion

  38. Distance between terminal 1 and 2 - Mikey (30 Jun 2016 - 20:24)

    Is it easy to walk from t1 to t2 after my fags

  39. Easter Cake in hand luggage - Izaniho (17 Mar 2016 - 07:50)

    I am going home to Scotland on Friday, and I am taking the traditional Easter cake with me. I am gonna put it in my hand luggage, because it will be a bit fragile. So far everywhere I've looked there has been no information on cake going through customs in your hand luggage, but travelling within the EU is supposed to allow people to carry most, if not all, food types from the EU countries. Should it be OK for me to take the cake through customs in my hand luggage?

  40. Enought time??? Betwen T2B to T1`? - FLV (11 Feb 2016 - 10:04)

    I travel in 29th on Feb from Dublin to BCN with Ryanair. Arrival time is 9:45 .

    I have to catch 2nd Flight from Terminal 1 to Fuertevenura with Iberia at 10:45.

    I dint know there are 2 Terminals and now I wondering if I will get the 2nd flight.
    How long will take the shuttle bus from T2 to T1 ?

    I don't have any checking bags, just the hand bag which is an advantage

  41. Smoking in transit - Judy (3 Feb 2016 - 10:04)

    Is there an area to smoke outside if you are in transit at Barcelona airport?

  42. Lost rings and pendants - Maria (20 Dec 2015 - 10:34)

    Hi! 24.10.2015, traveling from Barcelona to Bergen I have lost one brown box (Tamaris) with all my jewels... Rings and earrings. Flight number DY5158, 8:35 o'clock. If someone has found it, please don't hesitate to send me a message.

  43. Boarding zones design is so stupid - Andrew Brendon (31 Oct 2015 - 10:18)

    The boarding zones design is very stupid and unfriendly. If your boarding zones are D or E and once you go to the zones, there's no way you can go to zones A to C where the shops and restaurants are in. If you want to eat, the only choice for you is McDonald.

  44. No smoking area en T2 - FeTa (28 Jul 2015 - 08:20)

    I just asked around but in Terminal 2 there is no smoking area. Some peopele here on the internet said to try at McDonalds, but I guess they closed it since.

  45. TRANSFER - Chris (18 Jul 2015 - 08:10)

    I am landing with Qatar airways from Doha at 0730 and have to catch a Vueling flight at 0855 will this be possible?????

  46. smoking area - smoking (21 Aug 2014 - 13:00)

    Hi, does terminal 2 of el part still have a smoking zone outdoors?

  47. smoking - j (13 Aug 2014 - 08:30)

    is there smoking area behind mcdonalds in t-2 ? if so please let me no im flying from there in november

  48. smoking zone - bob coates (16 Jun 2014 - 10:30)

    There is a smoking zone airside behind McDonald's a large terrace with 2 cafe's. Happy days

  49. advantage car hire - Terry Wintersgill (22 Jul 2013 - 10:00)

    I am arriving into T1 and have to get to T2 with the shuttlebus. This is a bit difficult as We have 3 children Ages 5,3 and 1, complete with luggage. When I get to T2 I have to find the advantage car hire desk! Is it in the terminal or across the road from the terminal as the internet does not give much information as to where it is exactly is.

  50. Car Hire Terminal 2? - SL (19 Feb 2013 - 14:15)

    I'll arrive at the T2 in June, and I'd like to hire a car,,,
    But I don't want to walk or to take a bus to go to another terminal.
    Could you please tell me which car hire agencies are there in T2?

    I read a lot about AdvantageCars, they seem not to be serious... do you know anythink about it?

    Thank you!!!

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