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PortAventura Theme Park Tour

The story of PortAventura is as fascinating as the attractions it offers. In 1995, the Catalan authorities decided to build an attraction park on the site of an old industrial area. This very first park was already called Port Aventura. But the name changed as investors came and went. We remember for example Universal's Port Aventura in 1999, then Universal Studios Port Aventura in 2000, Universal Mediterranea in 2002, and PortAventura European Destination Resort in 2013...


PortAventura 2023

PortAventura Spain 2023


Since 2016 it has been officially called "PortAventura World Parks & Resort".

World for the world is made up of all the different experiences now offered by the three parks combined - PortAventura Theme Park - Ferrari Land and Caribe Water Park.

Resort because it has hotels to accommodate its visitors.

> "PortAventura World" therefore includes three parks, the hotels, the golf courses, and all the infrastructures.

>> PortAventura is also the name of one of the parks.


Every year more than 3 million visitors come to discover the crazy attractions of PortAventura alone. We advise you to book PortAventura tickets in advance for a smooth and fun day!


PortAventura Theme Park tickets: several possibilities 

> Either the PortAventura direct entrance ticket

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>> Either the PortAventura + Ferrari Land ticket

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>>> Either the PortAventura Barcelona + Ferrari Land bus ticket from Barcelona

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Discover PortAventura Theme Park

PortAventura now offers 6 fantasy worlds, 40 attractions for all ages including a record 5km rollercoaster, daily shows, and cuisine from around the world. PortAventura is open from 10 am to 6, 7, or 8 pm depending on the season.


1/ México: Central America at PortAventura

This world is located between the Far West and China. México will make you discover a typical atmosphere of the big metropolises of South America with daily shows and several restaurants for the gourmets of Mexican cuisine!



For the more adventurous, PortAventura's México area is for you! Go beyond your limits with Hurakan Condor, which is 100 metres high, and offer the whole family moments of pure happiness by accompanying your children on their favourite attractions.


Hurakan Condor 100 meters of free fall!

Hurakan Condor is an attraction reserved for taller people ;-) 140cm minimum and 195cm maximum.

When you arrive in this world, Aztec ruins bring you back to the most imposing attraction of the park: Hurakan Condor. This tower is over 100 metres high and is dedicated to the god Hurakan. You will be invited to discover the sensations he has in store for you when you enter this mythical tower. Once inside, you can admire the spectacular view of the park and the Mediterranean coast. But beware! At the top, you will suddenly be thrown into the void and only the god Hurakan can stop you! For the brave ones!

El Diablo el Tren de la Mina.

In the area of colonial Mexico, board a train that will take you to the ruins of a long-abandoned silver mine. The only problem is the train driver, El Diablo himself, who will have fun driving you at full speed! Don't eat too many tacos before this tour

El Secreto de los Mayas

This attraction is quieter than the two previous ones and it feels good! Only those under 12 years old must be accompanied.

Quieter but not so simple. You will have to find the exit of a 175 m² labyrinth where the visibly angry Mayan gods are having fun testing you.

Los Potrillos

Finally a less scary ride for the kids. On a horse they will ride through colonial Mexico with its monuments and exotic vegetation. At the end of the ride they will be given a rider's license!


Other attractions in Mexico include Serpiente Emplumada, Yucatan and Armadillos. Shows will punctuate your visit, notably the "Fiesta Mexicana" and "Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones". Entertainment full of magic and special effects for the greatest pleasure of the children.


Finally, for food, various Mexican canteens await you: nachos, fajitas, tacos, chili con carne are on the menu of the "Hacienda el Charro" of "La Cantina" of the "Cactus express" in particular.


2/ SesamoAventura is the world of Sesame Street

This world is "reserved" for the little ones. They will find all the magic of Sesame Street, the American educational television series.


SésamoAventura PortAventura Spain 2023


The little ones will undoubtedly have fun with exciting attractions such as El Árbol Mágico, Magic Fish, Kiddie dragons, La Granja de Elmo, Mariposes Saltarina. They in turn will have a thrill on the Tami Tami rollercoaster.

>>Please note that some of the rides are reserved for children over 90 cm or 1 meter tall.


3/ Polynesia transports you to the natural splendour of the Pacific Ocean.

Exoticism and green nature, but you will have to face an erupting volcano, thunderstorms in the middle of the jungle and experience a multitude of emotions...


Polynesia PortAventura Spain 2023


Tutuki Splash, for example, will take you through raging rivers. Refreshment guaranteed!


Tutuki Splash PortAventura Spain 2023


Kontiki is a giant swing in the shape of a Tahitian boat but the sea is dismantled.
Canoes offers you a canoe trip in French Polynesia. Green vegetation and the sound of the jungle accompany the youngest for an unforgettable memory.


4/ China to discover Asia, its high mountains, its legends and its dragons.

The China world is located between Mexico and SesamoAventura. This world is one of great thrills. One comes here for the highest roller coaster of the park, the impressive Shambhala and its 76 meters high but also to challenge the loops of Dragon Khan!


Shambhala is the famous roller coaster of all records, we speak for this attraction not a roller coaster but a hypercoaster! The connoisseurs will understand.
You will be propelled at 134km/h and 76 meters high. A photographer will fix this memory for you.
Minimum height 1,40m and maximum 1,90m.





Dragon Khan is not much nicer than Shambhala. This roller coaster starts with a dizzying descent before making you link 8 loops in 69 seconds. The top speed is 110 km/h, which is a lot for a roller coaster. For the emotions, it is too much ;-)


Dragon Khan PortAventura Spain


Tea cups, Angkor, Area Infantil, Waitan Port are for the little ones but just as entertaining.

Finally, Magic Bubble and Destination Dance are two shows for everyone... Not to be missed if you still have some time after the Asian restaurants such as Canton, Dagana, Marco Polo or Sichuan.


5/ The world of the Far West plunges you into the world of the Cowboys.

The mythical America of cowboys, saloons and rodeos. Its country culture and its typical gastronomy.

Two shows are to be seen to immerse yourself in this atmosphere: Can Can West and Bang Bang West or French cancan on one side and duels on the other but with humour and for the whole family!

Silver River Flume takes you on an exciting river ride in a simple hollowed-out tree trunk... Refreshing!


Stampida is a rustic roller coaster made of wood but fast because your blue cart will compete with another red cart at 70 km/h...



Tomahawk is another roller coaster but for children. The ride is still very impressive especially when it crosses the other roller coaster Stampida.

Wild Buffalos and Buffalo Rodeo are buffalo shaped bumper cars for the big ones and the other one for the little ones.

Crazy Barrels will make your head spin endlessly and Grand Canyon Rapids will take you down a canyon in a giant tyre sliding on water...


6/ Mediterrània , we also have fun on this sea we all know !

The first of the attractions in this world is the craziest, Furius Baco simply propels you from 0 to 135 km/h in 3 seconds.


Stampida PortAventura Spain 2023


Estació del Nord is the little train that takes you through PortAventura to the Wild West world.

Port de la Drassana also takes you around the park, this time in dugout canoes.

Finally, to round off this exciting day, there is a beautiful parade with all the park's artists accompanied by the mascots: Woody, Ernie, Bert, Grover...


This is "PortAventura Parade", the last show of the day.


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