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What to do in Ferrari Land?

Fantastic success for the Ferrari Land theme Park which attracts more visitors every year, around 1 million per year! Its name can be understood as Ferrari World, Ferrari Country or simply Ferrari Universe. Because it is indeed in the heart of the "Scuderia Ferrari" that this park takes you for a full speed adventure. In the centre of a village that brings together the most emblematic Italian monuments, Ferrari Land Spain is 16 attractions, rides and games, including the famous Red Force rollercoaster that will make you understand what the acceleration of an F1 car is like, propelling you from 0 to 180 km/h in just 5 seconds. It is also 3 shows played daily and 6 restaurants to enjoy Italian cuisine.


Ferrari Land


> Ferrari Land is not open all year round and depending on the season from 10am to 4pm or from 4pm to 10pm!

> All the schedules and prices when you buy your PortAventura ticket.

> Every year, many tifosi come to play race car driver in this park. We advise you to book your ticket in advance for a day at full speed!

> We remind you that PortAventura World is the name of the place that groups together the 3 parks: Ferrari Land, PortAventura Theme Park and Caribe Aquatic Park.


Ferrari Land tickets - You have 3 options:

> Either the Ferrari Land direct entrance ticket

Check HERE for Ferrari Land ticket  2024 prices 

>> Either the combined ticket PortAventura + Ferrari Land

Check HERE for PortAventura + Ferrari Land 2024 combined ticket prices

>>> Finally, for those staying in Barcelona, a one-day return bus trip to PortAventura World is the easiest option. This combo gives direct access to the PortAventura Spain Park and as an option to the Ferrari Land Park

Check HERE for the price of combined Barcelona Bus + PortAventura + Ferrari Land tickets as an option.

Which are the attractions of Ferrari Land Spain?

Red Force: Honour to the lord of Ferrari Land!

Red Force is a roller coaster designed as a launcher. A roller coaster of all superlatives: Red Force is indeed the highest 112 meters and the fastest roller coaster in Europe with its peaks at 180 kilometres per hour in only 5 seconds.
For the experience, you should know that you start like an F1 car immediately at 180km/h towards the top of the attraction before coming down in a 90° spin to the left and then to the right. Horribly surprising. A photo-watcher will fix this memory for you...
Minimum height : 1,40 m - Maximum height : 1,95 m



Junior Red Force: A rollercoaster for the little ones.

Junior Red Force by Ferrari Land is the family version of Red Force, to avoid jealousy fits but still feel the adrenaline rush on board the F1-shaped Ferrari cars.
Minimum height to ride alone: 1.20 m - Minimum height to ride with an adult: 0.95 m - Maximum height: 1.95 m


Thrill Towers: A free fall for 55 metres!

This attraction is as simple as it is Machiavellian. In English, it is called a "drop tower". Once at the top of the tower, you free-fall 55 metres. You can imagine what goes through the minds of the Tifosi brave enough to try it. Strangely enough, it is the children who enjoy it the most.
Minimum height to climb alone: 1.40 m - Minimum height to climb with an adult: 1.30 m - Maximum height: 1.95 m


Kids' Tower: A small free fall for the little ones.

Just as impressive as Thrill Towers but here the free fall is only 9 metres. It goes up and down and turns on its axis. They love it.
Minimum height to climb alone: 1.10 m - Minimum height to climb with an adult: 1 m - Maximum height: 1.95 m


Crazy Pistons: Twirl around at a height of 9 metres!

Representing the pistons of an engine, two 9-metre-high shafts turn, rise and fall for several turns. One of the most popular rides in Ferrari Land for intrepid children!
Minimum height to ride alone: 1.30 m- Minimum height to ride with an adult: 1.20 m- Maximum height: 1.95 m


Junior Championship: The F1 circuit for children.

For the pleasure of seeing the little ones at the wheel of a beautiful red car!
Minimum height to ride alone: 1.30 m - Minimum height to ride with an adult: 1.20 m - Maximum height: 1.95 m



Maranello Grand Race: Ferrari cars on a 570m long circuit

The youngest are honoured on this 570m long racetrack which represents the training circuit of Maranello, the official headquarters of Ferrari. In short, this ride is a factory for F1 world driving champions.


Maranello Grand Race Ferrari Land


Pole Position Challenge: Get into a real F1 simulator.

Fortunately, it's only a simulator, but you are in a Ferrari Formula 1 car with lightning accelerations and impressive braking.
It's up to you to get to pole position!


Pole Position Challenge Ferrari Land


Ferrari Land Gallery: A museum dedicated to the "Cavallino Rampante".

Experience Ferrari in a magnificent space specially designed to discover the history of the Italian team. Real Ferrari F1 and road cars. Interactive explanations to learn more about the scuderia!


Ferrari Land Gallery


Kids Podium, Flying Race, Racing Legends are rides for the little ones!


3 shows complete this day in Ferrari Land, they are performed daily during the season.

Acrobatic Show Ferrari Land: Acrobatic basketball!

On the park's brand new stage, a fantastic acrobatic basketball demonstration!
Rondó Veneziano: You are in 18th-century Venice.
Masked ball, exuberant costumes, Rondó Veneziano is a typical Italian show!
Folklore Italiano: A journey into traditional Italy.
A beautiful dance and song entertainment of the most typical Italian folklore.


The 7 restaurants of Ferrari Land

A long day is ahead of you, get your strength back in one of the 7 restaurants in Ferrari Land.

Pizzas, risotto, salads, snacks, sandwiches, hamburgers, Italian ice creams and sorbets, crepes, waffles... are waiting for you at: "Ristorante Cavallino, Stop & Go, Pit Lane, Paddock, Ice Cream Box and Finish Line". We have a soft spot for the pizzas at "Pit Lane".


Ferrari Land Restaurants


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