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PortAventura Tickets >> Skip the line !
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What to do in PortAventura Water Park?

PortAventura Water Park, whose official name is "Caribe Aquatic Park", is the family and summer park par excellence. Families are not mistaken in combining the fun and adrenaline of a visit to Portavantura Spain or Ferrari Land with that of the Aquatic Park. Under the sun of Costa Dorada, only one hour from Barcelona, you will enjoy sea games much more exciting than on any beach on the Mediterranean coast.
> "Caribe Aquatic Park" plunges you into a 50,000 m2 amusement park in the Caribbean. In an exotic and green vegetation, in the middle of palm trees, have fun on 17 water rides and slides, including Barracudas, Ciclón Tropical, King Khajuna, Mambo Limbo, El Galeón Pirata, La Laguna de Woody, Zona Indoor and Junior Body Slides.
>> To eat, 5 restaurants for cuisine from the other end of the world. For souvenirs, a shop!


Caribe Aquatic Park 2023


> The PortAventura Water park is only open during the summer season from the end of May to mid-September and depending on the season from 10 am to 6 or 7 pm. All dates and times when you buy PortAventura tickets.
>> This water park is very busy, we advise you to book your entry ticket in advance for a smooth and refreshing day!


We remind you that PortAventura World is the name of the place that groups the 3 parks: Caribe Aquatic Park, PortAventura Theme Park and Ferrari Land Spain.


To visit PortAventura Water Park :

> PortAventura Water Park ticket with no queuing and free cancellation until the day before your visit:

Check HERE for Caribe Aquatic Park ticket prices 2024 >> skip-the-line entrances!


What to do at PortAventura Water Park?




Barracudas: Slides for the most intrepid!

The most intrepid will take the blue course with the fastest descents, the others will start for example with the green slide which is more relaxed but offers covered sections. Another thrill.

Height to ride with an adult: less than 1m - Minimum height to ride alone: 1m


Ciclón Tropical Caribe Aquatic Park


Ciclón Tropical: a 100-meter long "bumpy" slide...

Have you ever been through the washing machine of a cyclone? That's more or less what you'll feel when you go down the Ciclón Tropical slide.
Minimum height for the washing machine: 1.40 m


El Tifón: Two slides in the middle of nature!

Starting from a 15-meter high tower, the two slides give you the emotion of being trapped in a typhoon. Those who are afraid of cold should not go.
Minimum height: 1.20 m


El Galeón Pirata: When children become pirates!

In the new children's pool, the pirate galleon is a gentle but joyful attraction. Accompanied by the funny "Sesame Street" characters, children can imagine stories of boarding while sliding down the slides on their own scale.

Minimum height: 1.20 m for high slides - Minimum height: 1.10 m for low slides


Cayo Cookie: Water games for the little ones.

Swimming pool, water games, gushing fountains, small baths. The children spend hours there, the older ones, lying on deckchairs, watch them with a vaguely closed eye.


El Río Loco: A long, not-so-quiet river

This "crazy river" runs for 1500 meters through the entire PortAventura Aquatic Park. Practical when you want to go from one attraction to another thanks to the 4 possible entrances and exits.

On board your buoy, your circuit will cross curtains of water, nebulisation, pressurized jets, unexpected bubbles, and amusing counter currents. One of the most refreshing attractions at PortAventura World.


Bahama Beach: A beach just like there!

A real beach to relax in a tropical setting with reggae music in the background.


Caribe Aquatic Park


El Triangulo de las Bermudas: A wave pool!

The Bermuda Triangle, PortAventura version, is not all restful. Take on the waves to get back to the edge.


King Khajuna: Don't take the yellow slide ;-)

Slides plunging into the void. The most adventurous will take the yellow slide and be crowned King Khajuna, the one who defies the highest waves.

Minimum height: 1.40 m


Mambo Limbo: Slides starting from a tower for the less tall.

Climb to the top of a 12-metre high tower and slide through the tropical nature to the sound of Reggae.


rapid race Caribe Aquatic Park


Rapid Race: A sledge mat to slide to victory!

On this 5-lane slide, use your sledge mat to get to the bottom first!

Minimum height: 1.20 m


El Torrente: On board a giant inflatable, you will challenge an unpredictable torrent!

Rafting for the intrepid in an inconvenient torrent. The more people you have on board, the higher the speed. The choice is yours!

Minimum height to climb with an adult: less than 1 m - Minimum height to climb alone: 1 m


Finally, you should know that all this sport gives you hunger, very hungry. That's why 4 restaurants and a small food shop open their doors to satisfy all your desires.
>> Focacceria, La Cabaña, Reggae Cafe, The Surfer.


Our advice: Don't forget your swimming costume, sun cream, and sunglasses!


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