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Bun Sichi

Bun Sichi - Barcelona

Bun Sichi - Barcelona

Bun Sichi - Barcelona

Bun Sichi - Barcelona

One of the oldest japanese in town

Bun Sichi is one of the oldest Japanese restaurants in Barcelona, serving Japanese food for over 20 years. The name is inspired on a traditional Japanese theater.


Probably due to the long time existing in the city, when entering the restaurant, we feel a familiar atmosphere, that gets confirmed by the warm welcome received. They will explain you the different dishes and recommendations, how to eat it or taste, so you will for sure enjoy an authentic Japanese experience.


The Bun Sichi chefs are Japanese, cooking emblematic and traditional recipes, with a modern touch. The menu is varied, with a large choice of sushi, makis, sashimis, fish, ramen, etc.
But you will not only find traditional cuisine, but day to day Japanese foods, like ramen, okonomiyaki (type of Japanese pizza), the gyozas or the donburi, a typical bowl with fish, meat, vegetables and more, all served in a rice bed.
We recommend to start with the always delicious edemame, the boiled soy beans, simple but good, or a Japanese salad, or a tempura or even some korokke, Japanese potatoes croquette.
We can continue with any of the different rices, the main ingredient of Japanese food: we can have a curry rice with beef, a yakitori chicken rice, or the Anguilla rice.
If we prefer fish, then go for makis, niguiris and sashimis.
To end up, we cannot miss the well-known Japanese sweets like dorayaki, the one Doraemon used to eat, or the sorbet of yuzu.


You can also ask for any of the 3 closed menus offered.


The restaurant is modern and simple, with light decoration and no special charm. They prefer you to concentrate on the food. 
By Eva Rodríguez Web:

Bun Sichi

Passatge de Lluís Pellicer, 20, 08036 Barcelona, Spain

Area: Eixample right
Website: Bun Sichi - Barcelona
Opening hours: Every day fom 1pm to 3pm and from 8pm to11pm
Prices: 20€ // 3 menus at 12,75€ - 19€ and 23€
Phone: +34 934 30 51 22
Metro/Bus: Diagonal
Barcelona metro map
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