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Can Punyetes

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The gastronomic offer in the last few years has been raised in a geometric progression, introducing cuisines from unexpected regions. We celebrate it, but, nothing like our gastronomy, nothing like the Catalan cocking and that is the reason why we choose to go and eat at Can Punyetes.
The menu we find in any of the two restaurants in Barcelona (or in the ones in Sabadell, Figueres, Sort or Madrid) is easy cocking, casual homemade, from value Mediterranean diet, affordable and made of quality.
This is about cosy places of charming familiar environment with rustic esthetic that makes us feel as home. As warm as the fireplaces where the cocker works as the costumer can see. Without exaggerated politeness in the treatment from the staff to the costumer, the services is always gently and agile.
The specialties are the ones made in the fireplace or so caller "a la brasa": toasts with regional pork meats (embutidos), seven varieties of cheese and six of pates, but our favorite was the toast with escalivada with anchovies.
Talking about meat dishes, as all of them are made in the fireplace are always a good choice, and is thankful to find compact complements to choose as toast, beans or roasted potatoes. If your choice is this last one, don't forget to ask for all i oli. Uf!
As starters you have a variety of tasty salads, snails a la llauna or red peppers with meat stuffing. From here we recommend the xatò, with any doubt is the best we know in Barcelona.
If you are meeting somebody here is a good chance to be punctual and wait with the local bermuth and the olives.
The only thing is not in the same quality level may be the house made wine, but if we consider an average of 10-15€ per person meal, is more than acceptable.
Well. Instead of recommending so many tries may be better to recommend you to regularly go and let yourself be seduced. This is what I do.
other addresse: C/ Francesc Giner, 8-10 - C/ Ciutat de Balaguer, 50

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Can Punyetes

Maria Cubí, 189 , 08021 Barcelona, Spain

Area: Sarriá / San Gervasio
Website: Can Punyetes - Barcelona
Opening hours: From 11am to 4pm and to 11pm
Prices: 10-15€
Phone: Tel. 93 200 91 59 / Tel. 93 217 79 46 / Tel. 93 417 91 27
Metro/Bus: Bus: 6, 7, 15, 27, 32, 33, 34, 63, 67
Barcelona metro map
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