FC Barcelona Tickets FAQ

FC Barcelona Tickets FAQ

How and where to buy FC Barcelona tickets?

You can easily buy FC Barcelona tickets on our website by going to the match page you want to see at the Olympic Stadium (while Camp Nou stadium is being remodeled). Just look at the information, select the category and number of seats you want, then follow the secure online purchase procedure. Fill in all the form, pay your order and you will immediately receive an email confirmation of your purchase with all the information concerning the good progress of your order.

>> Finally, a word of advice > As soon as you know the dates of your hotel in Barcelona, rush out and buy your FC Barcelona ticket, you're not the only Barça fan ;-) 


What time is the FC Barcelona game?

FC Barcelona's games at the Olympic Stadium (while Camp Nou stadium is being remodeled), are usually played at 8pm, 9pm or 10pm.


Can time and date of a FC Barcelona match change between the ticket goes on sale and the date of the match?

Yes, the time and date of a FC Barcelona match can change between the time the ticket goes on sale and the day of the match, that's why we indicate for each match whether the time and date are official or whether they have yet to be confirmed.


Why can the schedule of a FC Barcelona game changes?

The date and time of a Barcelona FC match may change, as in all championships, mainly because of TV rights and the calendar of European competitions, two points which concern the FC Barcelona, more than any other team; -).

Note, for example, that matches scheduled for Sunday may be postponed to Saturday because of television broadcasting policy or European competition obligations (such as the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Cup).
Wednesday matches can also be postponed to Tuesday or Thursday. Please take this into account when purchasing the product. We strongly advise you to consult our site or the newspapers for any possible date changes.


Our advice to avoid any unpleasant surprises due to a possible schedule change. We advise you to plan a long weekend in Barcelona, ideally arriving on Fridays and leaving on Mondays. So you're sure to see your game.


When does the date and time of a FC Barcelona match are confirmed?

The exact date and time of a Barcelona FC match are known 10 days before the match. From then on, this information is official and will not change. We indicate, when it's official, immediately on concerned match on sale.


Can we watch a FC Barcelona match with children and newborns?

With the children, yes, you can watch a Barcelona FC match. However, it is important to know that children pay as adults! So you have to buy a ticket for them too.


No, we can't watch a game with newborns. They are not admitted to the Olympic Stadium (while Camp Nou stadium is being remodeled) for security reasons. So you can't take advantage of your space to bring your baby in and keep him or her on your lap.


Which is the payment method?

The payment is made online by means of a safe connection by Visa or MasterCard credit/debit cards. In order to let you know that the purchase is really being processed, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail.


Which stadium areas do the tickets correspond to?

In deference to our customers, we always offer the best tickets available in the chosen areas. For further information, see the map.


Where will I receive my tickets?

FC Barcelona tickets will be delivered by email on a pdf file.


When do you receive FC Barcelona tickets purchased on this website?

Barcelona tickets are only issued in Barcelona and Spain 2-3 days before the match.


How do I collect my tickets if I don't have an address in Spain?

If you do not have an address in Spain to receive your tickets - for example, if you are not staying in a hotel in Barcelona - you can pick up your tickets at an office near the Camp Nou stadium, which opens every game day four hours before the match.


How do I know my purchase order has been successfully received?

Once the transaction has been successfully completed, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail with all the details related to your purchase. 


If I do buy the tickets with much anticipation, do you apply any kind of discounts?

We apply discounts for our usual customers and groups. If this is your case, please contact us. 


Does the ticket price include postage and VAT?

Yes, delivery costs for FC Barcelona tickets and VAT are included in the ticket purchase price.


I would like to modify my purchase order. How can I do it?

In order to change any data: address, arrival date, and so on, you must send us an e-mail with all these changes, at "football @ barcelona.com" and we will be pleased to help you.


What does 'to buy in the "Booking" mode' mean ?

If you wisk to book tickets that are not in stock, as soon as we receive your booking order we do our best to get them. Once we obtain the tickets, we send you a booking confirmation e-mail. If we do not manage to get the tickets, you are refunded 100% of the amount paid and our company is exempt from any liability regarding any inconvenience caused to the customer.


Is the ticket price given the real ticket price?

No. Our customer-oriented policy is to sell a service called Ticket Package. We do not sell the ticket only. The Ticket Package, depending on the city or the event, may include: the event tickets, a souvenir, a city guide book or map, and home delivery service.… In many occasions, in order to guarantee the tickets availability for our customers, we have to buy the tickets at a higher price than their face value. Hence, our tickets can be more expensive than the tickets real price (face value). Or else, depending on supply-demand, we establish our Ticket Packages prices.


Is there any emergency telephone number?

In case you have a last minute emergency, you can contact us at the customer service telephone number available 24 hours/day and effective 72 hours before the event. This phone number is indicated in the ticket's confirmation order. In any case, you can contact us at: football @ barcelona.com  


Can I cancel my tickets?

Cancellations, changes or refunds are not allowed once the purchase or the booking has been accepted. Refunds are only accepted if our company does not manage to fulfill the purchase or booking. Before cancelling the purchase or booking -in case we did not manage to obtain the tickets chosen category- we would offer you lower category tickets and the difference in price would be refunded.

The match date can be rescheduled: from Sunday to Saturday or to any other day, as well as, from Wednesday to another weekday.
The date/time changes are due to TV broadcastings or Championships commitments the Clubs are subject to. Hence, our customer is responsible for checking the final date/time match. These changes may occur up to 7 days before the event. 


Do you have any additional questions?

Drop us a line at "football @ barcelona.com" and we will be pleased to help you.


If you have bought your tickets at www.fcbarcelona.com, the official website for the club, please contact them for any enquiry. In that case, we can’t help you.
You can contact them at oab@fcbarcelona.cat or call to +34902189900


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Last comment
Barcelona.com (14 Oct 2023 - 15:10)
Hello Ronald ,
Security remains on site throughout the match, so theoretically you won't have any problems getting into the stadium if you're late.
Enjoy the match.
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  1. @Ronald - Barcelona.com (14 Oct 2023 - 15:10)

    Hello Ronald ,
    Security remains on site throughout the match, so theoretically you won't have any problems getting into the stadium if you're late.
    Enjoy the match.

  2. Barca vs Real Madrid - Ronald (14 Oct 2023 - 15:02)

    What is the latest allowed entrance to a game? As I have tickets for the game at the end of the month, but, due to the date and time change, will be getting at the barcelona airport closer than I would like to the start time of the game.

  3. champions league - Billy (16 Sep 2023 - 09:54)

    I want to buy a ticket for the champions league game between FCB and antwerp but i can't complete the purchase because of uefa guidelines

    i live in belgium but i am a barcelona fan so i don't know how else to get to tickets

    pls help

  4. @Nadia - Barcelona.com (4 Sep 2023 - 08:18)

    Hello Nadia,
    We ask for your passport number simply to ensure that you are not of the same nationality as the visiting team for Champions League matches. This is a security issue for FC Barcelona and quite common in other countries too. This information is strictly confidential.
    Enjoy the match!

  5. Passport Details - Nadia (4 Sep 2023 - 07:58)

    Hello, I am not from Europe.
    I will purchase tickets
    Do I need to give my passport number ? when purchasing tickets online?
    Thank you

  6. Tickets - Nadia (4 Sep 2023 - 07:52)

    I just purchased tickets to game, I am not from Spain
    It is asking for my passport number
    Is this safe to give ?

  7. @John - Barcelona.com (30 Aug 2023 - 09:54)

    Hello John,
    You can purchase tickets for the home fixture between Barcelona FC and Real Madrid FC on the 29th of October
    >> on the homepage Barcelona football tickets:


  8. Purchase of Tickets - John (30 Aug 2023 - 09:30)

    When and where can I purchase tickets for the home fixture between Barcelona FC and Real Madrid FC on the 29th of October. Many Thanks John

  9. @Beth Sedgwick - Barcelona.com (28 Jul 2023 - 16:52)

    Hello Beth Sedgwick,
    For the match Barcelona vs Tottenham hotspot, tickets are authorised for UK residents only for VIP seats.

  10. Barcelona Tottenham Hotspur - Beth Sedgwick (28 Jul 2023 - 16:50)

    Good evening I am looking at purchasing Barcelona v Tottenham hotspot tickets with my family as we are in Barcelona at the time of this game
    Are uk residents able to purchase these tickets and attend the game
    Many thanks

  11. Barcelona v Tottenham 08.08.2023 - Andy R (26 Jul 2023 - 10:20)

    Hi, I just wanted to checked regarding tickets for Barcelona v Tottenham match on 08.08.2023. I am from the UK and will be in Barcelona when this match is played. I was searching for tickets and saw a warning pop up when browsing which stated that anybody with a GB passport would not be allowed into the stadium for this match... is this correct??? If so I obviously want to hold off buying any tickets... Thanks

  12. @Magdalena - Barcelona.com (21 Apr 2023 - 09:16)

    Hello Magdalena,
    Please contact our football ticket service at football @ barcelona.com with all the information obtained during your purchase.

  13. Lost my purchase I’d for match tickets - Magdalena (21 Apr 2023 - 09:06)

    Hi, in November I bought 2 tickets for fc Barcelona real betis match but I cancel my email with my purchase id. How can I get my tickets?

  14. @Elizabeth - Barcelona.com (11 Apr 2023 - 10:32)

    Hello Elizabeth
    The date and time of the game can be changed up to 10 days before the event. These changes are rare but it happens.
    So I advise you to wait until May 18, 2023 or ten days before the match to buy your FC Barcelona vs RCD Mallorca Tickets.
    The date can be confirmed before these ten days. In this case, it is indicated at the top of the page of the match.

    Thank you for your patience, see you soon!

  15. Barcelona Game May 27/May28 - Elizabeth (11 Apr 2023 - 10:24)

    Hi, I am flying to Barcelona On May 27, but my arrival time is 1:00 am on May 28. I would like to buy tickets before they raise the prices, however the time is yet to be confirmed and I do not want to buy a ticket for the date to be changed to May 27, when we have not arrived yet. I am hoping the date will stay as May 28 (as what the schedule says for now). When will the dates be confirmed? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

  16. @Stan - Barcelona.com (22 Mar 2023 - 08:28)

    Hello Stan,
    The date and time of the Barca vs Betis (29/30 April 2023) will be known 10 days before the match maximum.
    From then on, this information will be official and will not change.

  17. Date of Barcelona vs. Real Betis - Stan (21 Mar 2023 - 14:24)

    Hi, I'm looking to book a trip over from England to see Barca vs Betis (29/30 April). The website says the date/time is yet to be decided, how long before a match does the date & time get officially confirmed? Thank you! :)

  18. @Giò - Barcelona.com (16 Mar 2023 - 08:34)

    Hello Giò,
    Please go to the right page today, we have all tickets for Barcelona-Atletico Madrid (22-23/04)..

  19. 4th May Game - claire 81 (16 Mar 2023 - 08:30)

    Hi - I am looking to buy tickets for the game that is showing TBC 3-4 May. We are only in Barcelona 4-7 May. When will these be confirmed and on sale? Thank you

  20. @Lauren W. - Barcelona.com (9 Mar 2023 - 10:22)

    Hello Lauren W.,
    To buy tickets for Real Madrid vs. Barcelona game on April 5th go to this page:
    We offer all categories tickets..

  21. Tickets from USA - Lauren W. (9 Mar 2023 - 10:04)

    hi! im from the US and with a friend looking to go to the Real Madrid vs. Barcelona game on Spril 5th. is this possible and what is the best way to go about getting tickets.


  22. @Przemek - Barcelona.com (21 Feb 2023 - 20:16)

    Hello Przemek,
    There is no age restriction for the Barcelona match against Real Madrid.
    Feel ok to go with your children.

  23. El Classico with children - Przemek (21 Feb 2023 - 19:56)

    Hi, is there any age restriction for Barcelona match against Real Madrid, please? I'd like to go with children if we'll get a tickets and I want to make sure it's fine

  24. @Homz - Barcelona.com (20 Feb 2023 - 18:48)

    Hello Homz,
    I don't know which Barcelona match you want to attend, but your ID is enough.
    Enjoy the game

  25. Membership - Homz (20 Feb 2023 - 18:06)

    Hi I am tourist from the UK do I need a membership to attend the game or can I just buy tickets and show up with my passport?

  26. @Mk - Barcelona.com (17 Feb 2023 - 13:28)

    Hello Mk,
    Your ID is enough. We need to know in which country you live to know if you are a fan of the opposing team in the Champions League and other international matches played in Barcelona.

    See you soon,

  27. Passport or id - Mk (17 Feb 2023 - 09:16)

    Hi I’m a tourist from Greece and would like to book a ticket. Do you need passport or is it possible with the id number too?

  28. @Piotr - Barcelona.com (8 Feb 2023 - 09:56)

    Hello Piotr,
    For the moment we have only Cat 3 and higher tickets for FC Barcelona vs Manchester United.
    But come back regularly to this website, as soon as we will have Barcelona vs Manchester basic tickets for February 26th, 2023, we will post them online immediately.

    Thank you for your patience!

  29. FC Barcelona vs Manchester United - Piotr (8 Feb 2023 - 09:48)

    Is it possible to buy BASIC tickets for FC Barcelona vs Manchester United? When will they be available on BCN website?


  30. @Carlos - Barcelona.com (25 Jan 2023 - 11:02)

    Hola Carlos,
    At the moment we only have VIP tickets available for Barcelona vs Manchester on 26 February 2023.
    But as soon as we will have Barcelona vs Manchester basic tickets we will put them online immediately.
    Please check the match page regularly between now and February 26th.

    Thank you for your patience!

  31. Europa League ticket - Carlos (25 Jan 2023 - 08:38)

    My friends & I are planning to visit Barcelona & would love to attend the Barcelona vs Manchester United game. Unfortunately standard tickets aren’t available online (we’re from the U.S). Will they be available for us to eventually order online or do we have to wait until match day to buy tickets in the stadium?

  32. @Sam - Barcelona.com (24 Jan 2023 - 13:40)

    Hello Sam,
    The date and time of this match will certainly be confirmed this week. You can wait for this confirmation before buying your ticket. There are still tickets available and theoretically, there will be some left in a few days.

    Enjoy the game!

  33. Price Tickers - Sam (24 Jan 2023 - 08:48)

    Hello, Im traveling to barcelona on the 18th of February, do i buy tickets for the match against cadiz from now or i should wait for date confirmation ??
    do prices change ?

  34. @Tom - Barcelona.com (14 Oct 2022 - 09:26)

    Hello Tom,
    If you are sure that you have bought your football ticket from us, I advise you:
    - check your spam folder to see if an email has not arrived there by mistake.
    - to contact us with your purchase details at the following email address:
    football @ barcelona.com

    Thank you for your understanding,

  35. Tickets - Tom (14 Oct 2022 - 09:12)

    I have purchased tickets for a friend for the Villarreal game but not received any order confirmation, could someone tell me is this normal?

  36. @Oliver - Barcelona.com (28 Mar 2020 - 10:32)

    Hello Oliver,
    In case of cancellation due to the current health situation (coronavirus), please contact our customer service with your purchase reference number in order to facilitate the processing of your file.
    Our service will explain you the procedure to follow.
    More info and contact in this page:

    Thank you for your understanding,

  37. Corona - Oliver (27 Mar 2020 - 09:04)

    Any possible refund due to corona virus? I live in the states and I’ll probably not be visiting any time soon.

  38. @Sara - Barcelona.com (15 Feb 2020 - 11:06)

    Hello Sara,
    All tickets for FC Barcelona vs Rcd Espanyol match are on sale on this page:
    Hope you find best one for you!

  39. Barcelona- Espanyol - Sara (14 Feb 2020 - 08:50)


    Are the ordinary tickets for the game against espanyol on the 10th of may sold out or are they yet to be on sale?

  40. @Ben - Barcelona.com (29 Jan 2020 - 11:20)

    Hello Ben,
    Tickets for Fc Barcelona vs Athletico Madrid are on sale on this page:
    Match will be played in April 2020.

  41. Fc Barcelona vs Athletico Madrid - Ben (29 Jan 2020 - 09:50)

    Does anyone know a date when the tickets will be on sale

  42. @Joe - Barcelona.com (8 Jan 2020 - 09:52)

    Hello Joe,
    Date is already know for FC Barcelona vs Eibar match:
    it's February 23rd, 2020. Date and time will definitively be confirmed 10 days before the match.

  43. Eibar game - Joe (7 Jan 2020 - 08:32)

    When will date and time be announced for the Eibar game, we’re trying to coordinate and book tickets and travel.

  44. @Karen - Barcelona.com (6 Jan 2020 - 10:34)

    Hello Karen,
    We just tried and it's working perfectly. Could you try again and may be empty your cart with 7 tickets to take only 3 for this Barcelona v Eibar match.
    Your match is on this page:


  45. Barcelona v Eibar - Karen (6 Jan 2020 - 09:16)

    I would like to buy tickets for Barcelona v Eibar game on 22/23 Feb. At the moment it's saying TBD which I understand. But why can you only buy in groups of 7. I only need 3 tickets.
    Kindest regards

  46. @Layla - Barcelona.com (23 Nov 2019 - 11:54)

    Hello Layla,
    There is no reason why you can't buy a Spanish championship ticket from England on our side. We sell them every day to your compatriots. Can you try with another credit card, your problem might comes from there.

  47. Unable to buy tickets - Layla (23 Nov 2019 - 11:36)

    I can't buy tickets online for a match in 3 weeks, I am in the UK, is this why?

  48. @Felix - Barcelona.com (13 Nov 2019 - 08:46)

    Hello Felix,
    The Barcelona - Dortmund game is not sold out.
    You will find info and tickets on this page:

    Best regards,

  49. Dortmund game - Felix (13 Nov 2019 - 08:42)

    Is the Dortmund game sold out or will more tickets be released?
    Best regards,

  50. @Connor - Barcelona.com (12 Nov 2019 - 08:38)

    Hello Connor ,
    As in any European football league, a match can be moved from one date to another, even if it is very rare.
    It is therefore necessary, as we indicate on this site, to plan a longer stay of at least 48 hours to be sure to be able to attend the match.
    Please note in this case that the tickets purchased for the initial date are obviously valid for the new date.

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