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FC Barcelona Tickets FAQ

FC Barcelona Tickets FAQ

How and where to buy FC Barcelona tickets?

You can easily buy FC Barcelona tickets on our website by going to the match page you want to see at Camp Nou stadium. Just look at the information, select the category and number of seats you want, then follow the secure online purchase procedure. Fill in all the form, pay your order and you will immediately receive an email confirmation of your purchase with all the information concerning the good progress of your order.


What time is the FC Barcelona game?

FC Barcelona's games at Camp Nou Stadium are usually played at 8pm, 9pm or 10pm.


Can time and date of a FC Barcelona match change between the ticket goes on sale and the date of the match?

Yes, the time and date of a FC Barcelona match can change between the time the ticket goes on sale and the day of the match, that's why we indicate for each match whether the time and date are official or whether they have yet to be confirmed.


Why can the schedule of a FC Barcelona game changes?

The date and time of a Barcelona FC match may change, as in all championships, mainly because of TV rights and the calendar of European competitions, two points which concern the FC Barcelona, more than any other team; -).

Note, for example, that matches scheduled for Sunday may be postponed to Saturday because of television broadcasting policy or European competition obligations (such as the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Cup).
Wednesday matches can also be postponed to Tuesday or Thursday. Please take this into account when purchasing the product. We strongly advise you to consult our site or the newspapers for any possible date changes.


Our advice to avoid any unpleasant surprises due to a possible schedule change. We advise you to plan a long weekend in Barcelona, ideally arriving on Fridays and leaving on Mondays. So you're sure to see your game.


When does the date and time of a FC Barcelona match are confirmed?

The exact date and time of a Barcelona FC match are known 10 days before the match. From then on, this information is official and will not change. We indicate, when it's official, immediately on concerned match on sale.


Can we watch a FC Barcelona match with children and newborns?

With the children, yes, you can watch a Barcelona FC match. However, it is important to know that children pay as adults! So you have to buy a ticket for them too.


No, we can't watch a game with newborns. They are not admitted to the Camp Nou stadium for security reasons. So you can't take advantage of your space to bring your baby in and keep him or her on your lap.


Which is the payment method?

The payment is made online by means of a safe connection by Visa or MasterCard credit/debit cards. In order to let you know that the purchase is really being processed, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail.


Which stadium areas do the tickets correspond to?

In deference to our customers, we always offer the best tickets available in the chosen areas. For further information, see the map.


Where will I receive my tickets?

Fc Barcelona tickets will be delivered to the address provided in the order form, always inside the Spanish territory. Regarding foreigners, they will have to provide their accommodation address during their stay in Spain.


When do you receive FC Barcelona tickets purchased on this website?

Barcelona tickets are only issued in Barcelona and Spain 2-3 days before the match.


How do I collect my tickets if I don't have an address in Spain?

If you do not have an address in Spain to receive your tickets - for example, if you are not staying in a hotel in Barcelona - you can pick up your tickets at an office near the Camp Nou stadium, which opens every game day four hours before the match.


How do I know my purchase order has been successfully received?

Once the transaction has been successfully completed, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail with all the details related to your purchase. 


If I do buy the tickets with much anticipation, do you apply any kind of discounts?

We apply discounts for our usual customers and groups. If this is your case, please contact us. 


Does the ticket price include postage and VAT?

Yes, delivery costs for FC Barcelona tickets and VAT are included in the ticket purchase price.


I would like to modify my purchase order. How can I do it?

In order to change any data: address, arrival date, and so on, you must send us an e-mail with all these changes, at "tickets @" and we will be pleased to help you.


What does 'to buy in the "Booking" mode' mean ?

If you wisk to book tickets that are not in stock, as soon as we receive your booking order we do our best to get them. Once we obtain the tickets, we send you a booking confirmation e-mail. If we do not manage to get the tickets, you are refunded 100% of the amount paid and our company is exempt from any liability regarding any inconvenience caused to the customer.


Is the ticket price given the real ticket price?

No. Our customer-oriented policy is to sell a service called Ticket Package. We do not sell the ticket only. The Ticket Package, depending on the city or the event, may include: the event tickets, a souvenir, a city guide book or map, and home delivery service.… In many occasions, in order to guarantee the tickets availability for our customers, we have to buy the tickets at a higher price than their face value. Hence, our tickets can be more expensive than the tickets real price (face value). Or else, depending on supply-demand, we establish our Ticket Packages prices.


Is there any emergency telephone number?

In case you have a last minute emergency, you can contact us at the customer service telephone number available 24 hours/day and effective 72 hours before the event (+ 34 690 278 507).


Can I cancel my tickets?

Cancellations, changes or refunds are not allowed once the purchase or the booking has been accepted. Refunds are only accepted if our company does not manage to fulfill the purchase or booking. Before cancelling the purchase or booking -in case we did not manage to obtain the tickets chosen category- we would offer you lower category tickets and the difference in price would be refunded.

The match date can be rescheduled: from Sunday to Saturday or to any other day, as well as, from Wednesday to another weekday.
The date/time changes are due to TV broadcastings or Championships commitments the Clubs are subject to. Hence, our customer is responsible for checking the final date/time match. These changes may occur up to 7 days before the event. 


Do you have any additional questions?

Drop us a line at "tickets @" and we will be pleased to help you.


If you have bought your tickets at, the official website for the club, please contact them for any enquiry. In that case, we can’t help you.
You can contact them at or call to +34902189900


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Buy FC Barcelona tickets at best prices 

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Probability of Monday Match
Elise (22 Feb 2018 - 07:46)
What is the probability of Match 38 (20/05/18) to be postponed to Monday?
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  1. Probability of Monday Match - Elise (22 Feb 2018 - 07:46)

    What is the probability of Match 38 (20/05/18) to be postponed to Monday?

  2. @Fabian newborns are not admitted - (19 Jan 2018 - 17:02)

    Hello Fabian,
    Newborns are not admitted to the Camp Nou stadium for security reasons as explained on this page.

  3. Infant ticket - Fabian (17 Dec 2017 - 10:36)

    Hello. I would like to ask you if our baby of 6 months does need a sepparate ticket, even if he will be sitting in our laps? Thank you

  4. schedule not confirmed - Rajat Kulkarni (18 Nov 2017 - 07:50)

    hi. I have booked two tickets for FC barcelona vs Celta Vigo which was suppose to be on 3rd December 2017. Now since the date has changed to 2nd December will it affect my tickets ? Will i still be able to enter the stadium ?

  5. Kids - Lana (18 Nov 2017 - 07:50)

    Hi my kids are 1, 5 and 6 years old. My husband and I want to go to a Barcelona game. Do the kids pay full price tickets? Thanks

  6. ticket refund - Marek (5 Oct 2017 - 08:50)

    What about tickets i've bought at Tourist Information on Catalunia Square? Are You going to refund it ? I sent a mail at This mail was given to me at "request form for refund" in front of Camp Nou.

  7. Las Palmas tickets refund - @jim @eckhard @Xiaofeng Wu @stratis - (3 Oct 2017 - 13:24)

    If you bought Las Palmas tickets with us. For refund please use email contact you have received with your confirmation email. We will help you.

    If you bought your tickets at, the official website for the club, please contact them for any enquiry. In that case, we can’t help you.
    You can contact them at or call to +34902189900”

  8. Las Palmas match played behind closed doors - Jim Barker (3 Oct 2017 - 09:10)

    How do I get a refund for my ticket?
    Why has your website not dealt with the cancellation?

  9. barcelona vs las palmas - eckhard (3 Oct 2017 - 09:10)

    why is there no official communication regarding the refunding of the game that was payed behind closed gates? I bought tickets online and want to know how the refunds will take place?

  10. Yesterday's ticket refund - Xiaofeng Wu (3 Oct 2017 - 09:10)

    Hi there, the match has been played closed door yesterday. But as a fan coming from abroad, would you please let us know the plan of refund the tickets?

  11. Re Barcelona vs Las palmas game. - Stratis (3 Oct 2017 - 09:10)

    Are the tickets that i purchased to watch the Barcelona vs Las Palmas match refundable, as the game was held behind closed doors?

  12. Children - George (1 Oct 2017 - 09:10)

    Hi. Are tickets for a 7 and 4year old reduced at all? Also is there a family friend seating area?

  13. schedule not confirmed - Katie (13 Sep 2017 - 08:36)

    I purchased 2 tickets on your website a while ago to see Barcelona v Eibar.
    It says on the tickets 21/09/2017 20:00 - schedule not confirmed.
    The match is now is scheduled for the 19/09/2017.
    Is is a problem that our tickets are showing the 21/09/2017?


  14. @grace - (12 Sep 2017 - 10:44)

    Hello Grace
    it's written on this page : Children pay as adults! A new law in Spain, nobody can enter a stadium whitout ticket..

  15. Infant tickets? - Grace Black (10 Sep 2017 - 11:02)

    I'm attending a match with a baby (1 year old). Does he need a ticket? Where can you purchase a child ticket? He does not need a seat, he would be sitting on an Adults lap.

    Thank you!

  16. Ticket for kid - ESR (29 Aug 2017 - 13:24)

    Are infants below 2 years permitted inside the Camp Nou on match days ? If yes, do infants need separate tickets ? Are ticket prices for infants the same as for adults ?


  17. Ticket purchasing - Mariam (13 Jul 2017 - 09:02)

    How much the tickets for kids age 3 & 9 years old? Can the 3 years old attend the match with the parents without buying a ticket?

  18. New session - Rose Pillay (12 Jun 2017 - 07:34)

    I am planning to visit Barcelona at the.end of August 2017 and my husband is a biggest fan of Barcelona and.coming from a of Seychelles it was be a big dream of him to be watch one.of your match.

    Please let that we could plan our visit.

    Thanking you

  19. Child ticket - Mirabela Costache (14 Mar 2016 - 14:04)

    Hello, I have a child 3 years old, should I buy ticket for him for a football game (Barcelona - Sporting Gijon 23.04)?

  20. Final Copa de ray 2016 - Bajneed (28 Feb 2016 - 09:56)

    How can I get official ticket for the final 2016 Copa del ray between Barcelona and Sevilla ??

  21. Ticket for a child - Olga (29 Jul 2015 - 11:18)


    Do I need to buy ticket for the 4-years old child?

  22. Achat de place au stade Santiago Bernabeu - Didier Clabodts (7 Mar 2012 - 09:45)

    J'habite en Belgique, je désirerais acheter une place pour un match du Real Madrid au stade Santiago Bernabeu. Est-il possible de recevoir les places à mon domicile en Belgique, ou ne puis je aller que les chercher qu'au Stade à Madrid?
    Merci de votre réponse

  23. kudos to my fellow fanr - oluwatobi 4 barca (6 Oct 2010 - 10:30)

    kudos to my fellow barca is the best team in the world.keep on supporting. UP BARCELONA!!! Barcelona 4 life

  24. kudos to my fellow barca fans - oluwatobi.O. 4 barca (6 Oct 2010 - 10:30)

    kudos to all my fellow barca fans.i join barcelona becuase their style of play on the is the best club that i like to watch because by the time i watch barca match,if i am hungry before the match start as soon as i am watching the match i fill satisfy as if i am eating.Thank to my fellow barca fans of choosing the best club in the world. UP BARCELONA

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