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We have selected for you the best car rental companies to help you find the best offer to rent your car during your trip to Barcelona.


About Car Rental in Barcelona

With a car rental in Barcelona, Spain, you can see the city's best attractions when and how you like. With your , see the Picasso Museum and the fantastic architecture of Antonio Gaudi at the Sagrada Familia and the Parc Guell. Then, you can head off to the Mediterranean beaches at Badalona to see the centuries-old Roman ruins there. Our engine offers several pick up locations and a large rental car fleet, so finding a car rental in Barcelona is both easy and economical rental car in Barcelona.

Tour with a Rental Car in Barcelona

A rental car in Barcelona affords you the luxury of either driving up the coast or heading inland to the mountains. With your car, stop and picnic in the vineyards along the way - take your time, there are no schedules to follow. Questions about driving in Barcelona? Our rental car driving information page should provide rental in Barcelona

How to Rent a Car in Barcelona

If you're searching for great rates and excellent service in Spain, offers them to you. We strive to meet your needs with our price match department and excellent customer service, to ensure that you are more than satisfied with your car rental in Barcelona. You can book a car rental in Barcelona online rent a car in Barcelona



To rent a car, you must be at least 18 years old (age may vary by car category) and have held your license for 1 year. Drivers under the age of 25 may incur a young driver surcharge. Seatbelts are mandatory. Child seats are mandatory for children of less 105cms tall and children under 12 may not sit in the front seat. An International Driver’s License is highly recommended.

To rent a car if you are a European citizen you only need three things: a payment card, your ID and your driving licence. And to book your rental car, simply enter your travel dates on the above search engine and compare all available offers at a glance. On the day of your rental you will have to bring your reservation receipt and your documents to the counter. And if you are a foreigner or any of your documents will expire, check this page for your particular conditions..


Speed Limits
Speed limits in Spain are as follows: City 31mph/50kph Open Roads 55mph/90kph Highways 74mph/120kph. 

Failure to comply with these rules is classified as a serious or very serious infringement, punishable by fines of between 100 and 600 euros.


Rules of the Road
Traffic travels on the right and if a car approaches you and signals an intention to pass, you must turn on your right directional to signal that the road ahead is clear.


Gas stations are open from 8am to 8pm with some stations in major cities and on the highway open 24 hours. The average price for a gallon of unleaded fuel is 1.40 Euro.



Spain's expressways, the ''autopistas,'' are toll roads and are identified by the letter A.

For example, going from Barcelona to La Jonquera costs 11.40€ … that is 0.10 cents per kilometer.



''Blue zone'' parking exists in Spanish cities. Marked by the sign, ''Zona Azul,'' you may park for 2 hours. There are 4 different rates for the blue zone, depending on the demand of the zone. The most expensive is the Eixample and Ciutat Vella (A), where you can park for a maximum of 2 hours, at the price of 2.5€ per hour. The B, C and D vary from 2 to 4 hours of time and 2,25€ at 1,08€ per hour.

We recommend if staying some days in Barcelona to book your parking ahead of time, and obtain discount prices for periods of 24 hours or more.


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