Top Traditional Catalan Restaurants

Top Traditional Catalan Restaurants

The contemporary traditional Catalan cuisine scene in Barcelona makes the city one of the best food destinations in the world.


The plates elaborated in these Barcelona’s kitchens are creative, but utilise locally sourced ingredients based on dishes of the past, reinterpreted with great attention to detail, creativity, presentation, and contemporary cooking techniques. Surprisingly the cuisine is often very affordable – even in those restaurants that have Michelin stars chefs, and especially if you go for lunch.


 This is our selection of top Traditional Catalan restaurants, to discover while you stay in Barcelona!



Petit Comitè - Restaurant

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Petit Comitè - Barcelona

Petit Comite - Barcelona

Petit Comitè - Barcelona

Traditional Catalan cooking in a contemporary design space at Petit Comité...


Local top chefs have started to move on…or back, as they return to the traditional dishes of the Catalan kitchen, reinventing old classics with great raw ingredients and improved techniques, treating your palate to new old specialties like poached eggs, stuffed breaded onions and traditional favorites including trinxat (chopped cabbage with potato and bacon) or caneloni amb béchamel de tòfona (canelonni with truffled béchamel) to the traditional dessert s like mel i mató (fresh cheese and honey), crema catalana, pears in red wine and chocolate fritters.


It’s only the food that’s rustic, though – the interior is well up-to-date and keeps the rest of your senses firmly in a modern cosmopolitan setting.


This bistro is an attempt to open up to a less élite public, serving more affordable versions of the Catalan classics.


Dishes are small and meant to be ordered in a tapas style.. Petit Comitè is serving around the clock from midday to midnight.

Address : Passatge de la Concepció, 13
Opening hours : Open daily 1pm-1am.
Phone : 935 50 06 20
Metro/Bus : Diagonal [L1, L3]

Ferrum - Restaurant

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Ferrum - Barcelona

Ferrum - Barcelona

Ferrum - Barcelona

In a warm and refine place not far from city center, Ferrum could be defined as a modern Catalan gastronomic restaurant. 


We appreciate very much the way the chef transforms fresh market products and traditional recipes into something new, sophisticated and amusing.


We tasted: Foie gras with vanilla infused pears and muscatel gelee (14€) - Cod carpaccio with crispy onion, dried tomato and olives (12€) - Eggs “Ferrum” with porcini mushrooms, foie gras and truffle essence (11€) - Baked turbot San Sebastian style (17.5€) - Caramelized Iberian pork with green peppers, cherry tomatoes and Manchego cheese (18€)..


A perfect mix of savors and ideas..  

Not too sophisticated but enough to amaze! Imagination we wish to see more often.

Great chart of local wine.. 


Address : C/ Còrsega, 400
Opening hours : Monday to Friday from 13-15:30 hr and from 21-23:30 hr. Saturday from 21-23:30 hr. // Closed on Sunday and Saturday lunch time.
Phone : 934 577 610
Metro/Bus : Verdaguer

Ca l'Isidre - Restaurant

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Ca L'isidre - Barcelona

Ca L'isidre - Barcelona

Ca L'isidre - Barcelona

Excellent Catalan cooking with French inspiration. Ca l'Isidre from the name of his owner Isidre Gironés and her daughter Nuria (she worked for Alain Ducasse) is the favorite restaurant of the King Juan Carlos in Barcelona.
Difficult to choose an only dish. Try grilled baby octopuss a la plancha, baked seabass, grilled 'king - sea cucumber', fried codfish 'home style', grilled scampi from Sant Carles, grilled turbot with vegetables...
And much more.. You will have to go there several times, if you can afford it, to be able to try all these wonderful plates.
Small but nicely decorated. We enjoyed the wines as well. Essential to book.
A 40€ menu

Address : C/Flors, 12
Opening hours : From 1.30pm to 4 pm and from 8.30pm to 11pm. Till 1am Friday and Saturday. Closed Sunday
Phone : 00 34 93.441.11.39
Metro/Bus : Metro: L2/L3 Paral.lel

Can Vallès - Restaurant

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Can Vallès - Barcelona

Can Vallès - Barcelona

Can Vallès - Barcelona

As you are walking down Aragó street, next to Rocafort, suddenly you find a restaurant called Can Vallès.


One might think that he has bumped into another Barcelona's bar, and here comes the big mistake. This restaurant with, at first gland, simple appearance, has a lot to show us.


The quality, detail and care of the dishes is equivalent to the outstanding restaurants in the city. Recipes made with the best products on the market.


Some dishes: chickpeas with lobster, pork feet cannelloni, fresh seafood, meat served on a hot stone, fresh salads and some very nice tapas!


The desserts...? Try the cheesecake or chocolate cake with cinnamon ice cream.


And.. the best wines selection!


Do not forget to book in advance as this is a small but very popular place .

Address : Aragó, 95
Opening hours : From 1pm to 4pm and from 9pm to 12pm / Closed on Sundays and holidays
Phone : 932 260 667
Metro/Bus : Bus: 27, 41, 43, 44

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  1. Can vallès ! - oui (10 Jan 2012 - 12:08)

    Can vallès sans aucune hésitation. Une des valeurs sûres de Barcelone. Normalement on garde entre amateurs cette adresse pour qu'elle reste fréquentable ;-)

  2. catalans in catalonia - hector (15 Dec 2011 - 09:00)

    in Catalonia you have to drink local wine - very good- and eat in traditional Catalan restaurants.. I will do that ilke in france or italy:I prefer french and italian foods.
    Good listing.

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