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Barcelona City Guide
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Barcelona  "The city of Marvels"...

Catalonia and Barcelona has become one of the first tourist destination of Spain, it knows how to please the big majority : with a history among the oldest in Europe, a capital, Barcelona, which never sleeps and an inland full of charm not to forget beautiful beaches in La Costa Brava. The variety of artistic treasures, the Romanesque churches and the great names in modern art and architecture , Dali, Gaudi, Miro, Picasso ...


Barcelona sited between the sea and the mountains, has found a formidable balance: a foot in the traditional things and the other in the avant-garde. Barcelona has the reputation of being the most cosmopolitan, modern and avant-garde city in Spain and it has renewed for the 1992 Olympic Games.


While in Barcelona take a little time to visit Catalonia like:


Costa Brava owes its name of "wild coast" to the uniqueness of the sudden encounter between mountain and sea. Nature, climate and history, the picturesque of its ports and certain villages have been enough to have a world wide reputation.


Costa Dorada , in the south of Barcelona, it is the color of gold, luminous, being in the maritime littoral the reason of its name "Costa Dorada" (Golden Coast).


The headings in this chapter " Barcelona City Guide" will enable you to discover Barcelona attractions before your arrival.

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Barcelona - City Guide

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  1. beautiful city - ronald (29 Mar 2015 - 11:04)

    i have been to Barcelona a few times ,,, it changes with the years, but retains its beauty. never had a problem with any of the citizens and i did most of my touring on foot. my hats off to the city of Barcelona

  2. Pickpockets - BarceLover (9 Dec 2014 - 09:30)

    Hi, I just came back from a 6 days holiday in Barcelona 2 weeks ago. I am a 29 years old solo female traveller from Singapore. I agree that pickpocket is an issue in Barcelona. however, I would also like to add on that this is also an issue in many other countries, not just Barcelona alone.

    I was pretty scared at first but I did not let it stop me from going there. Barcelona is a very beautiful city with interesting cultures and delicious food. It is very convenient to explore as you can literally walk anywhere without getting lost.

    Just bring common sense along and carry your bag in front of you at all times. Do not bring too much cash and keep the cash separately.

    I did not face any problems or seen any crimes there. I can say Barcelona is a pretty safe city, and I am going back again in February 2015.

  3. Pickpockets - Nancy D. (19 Nov 2014 - 08:45)


    Pickpockets are an issue in Barcelona, but the police, as Tony suggested, are part of the problem. It is actually the Spanish Laws that need to be changed. Unless a thief is caught with more than €480 in cash on them, it is not consider a felony or major crime. So, within a matter of hours the thief is back on the streets.

    There are lots of uncover policeman now working all parts of the city, security cameras in Metro stations and on platforms and in particular a strong police presence at the most visited sites.

    It is Barcelona's interest to clean up this issue and there is no one who would like that more than the locals. After all, tourism is one of the biggest economic motors of this beautiful seaside city.

  4. Barcelona Travel Video - Jay Ellard (16 Aug 2014 - 10:45)

    I have just been to the beautiful city and have created a modern cinematic video of the wonderful place. The video shows the most popular places in Barcelona and some of the quiet spots. Here is the video:

  5. transfer - Les (14 Nov 2013 - 09:30)

    Does any one know if there is a bus service from the Pier to the Airport? Or, if there is any kind of service for transfer with a couple of suitcases?

  6. Pickpockets - tony (24 Oct 2013 - 08:45)

    Barcelona is one of the world's great cities, it has wonderful sights & a vibrant culture, great food & drink. It's a shame it's so corrupt ! 40 years ago, I went to
    Barcelona & was warned about pickpockets on Las Ramblas & now after all these years it's worse than ever, not good for the city's reputation. How can this problem still exist ?? the police MUST be part of the problem, & getting a kickback from the thieves, because if they wanted the thefts to stop, they would crack down & stop, but no, the pickpockets flourish year after year, praying on tourists & locals alike, on the streets & even in the Gaudi Cathedral
    Shame on you.....Clean up the problem !!

  7. Street Art in Barcelona - Unknown (30 Sep 2013 - 09:00)

    Details about street art in Barcelona. A different way of seeing this amazing city:

  8. new luggage storage near Barcelona´s Port - Amparo (3 Jul 2013 - 19:30)

    there is a new luggage storage called Hastavuelo in the World Trade Center, near Barcelona´s Port. Opened everyday from 9 am to 8pm. We offer airport delivery too, so if you want to visit Barcelona without worrying about your suitcases that´s the place!!

  9. store your luggage - Alicia (15 Mar 2013 - 09:15)

    Hi everyone,
    If you need to store your luggage while you're spending some time in Barcelona, you can leave it in City Lockers, we're in Francesc Pujols, 7 Street, near Portal de l' Àngel. We open from 9 a.m until 9 p.m on Monday to monday. Come to visit us!

  10. about keeping luggage - LOCKER BARCELONA (27 Oct 2012 - 10:30)

    Hello Maria, there is a left luggage place at plaza catalunya (downtown) close to the main transport stations. Is located at ESTRUC 36 street, is a safety blue and green local named Locker Barcelona, check their web so, you could ask for information. :)

  11. Information about keeping luggage - Maria (5 Jul 2012 - 06:15)

    Dear all,

    I am a tourist from Macedonia, coming to Spain this July. I will be touring Spain by bus. So, I'd like to ask you if there is a place in Barcelona to store your luggage. Since i'm staying several hours in Barcelona, sightseeing, I 'll need some safe place to store my suitcases. Does the bus station of any other place offer such services? And what are the fees per hour?

    Thank you in advance

  12. Best tapas in Barcelona! - EleanorP (21 Jun 2012 - 09:30)

    We have just returned home from a evening with 'Papa Serra'. He runs cooking classes and tours of la boqueria and we joined an evening course which lasted for about 4 hours - a great evening activity. We enjoyed the tour and the class, and all the wine tasting! But the highlight was a tapa we learnt to make - chicken poached in a saffron liquid and then mixed with pine nuts and raisins and wrapped in greens. It was absolutely delicious and definitely not something we've seen in any of the tapas bars in barcelona. I would recommend the classes to anyone that loves food and wants a fun night of cooking, eating and drinking. I think they have a website but i'm not sure. Enjoy!

  13. useful information - dr jagtesh (29 Feb 2012 - 11:15)

    this page is helping me in planning my trip to barcelona this april

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