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All about Barcelona and Catalonia: facts, tips, weather...


Catalonia and its capital Barcelona show a dynamism envied in the peninsula. Open to every innovation, welcoming, plural, diverse. A region and a city to live and share. 


 The headings in this chapter will enable you to discover Barcelona before your arrival!

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City Guide - All about

  • Usual vocabulary in Catalan and Spanish

  • All about food and drink in Barcelona: Catalonian dishes, usual soft drinks, alcoholic beverages...

  • Small tips between friends: schedules for meals, dinner time, tip to give or not...

  • All you need to know about Barcelona Taxis: fares, how to catch a cab, lost and found...

  • Formalities to go to Barcelona and Spain, indentity card, passport...

  • Currency, banks, change in Barcelona...

  • Your Budget in Barcelona: prices, VAT (IVA), lodging in Barcelona, food in Barcelona, average prices...

  • Health - 24 hour Pharmacies and Emergency Hospitals

  • Useful numbers to know in Barcelona: phones numbers, emergency phones...

  • Few numbers about the economy of Catalonia: National production, employment...

  • Political Institutions in Catalonia: The Estatut d'Autonomia, the President of the Generalitat, the Council, the Parliament...

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