Gay guide of Sitges: all for your stay in gay Sitges!!

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Gay guide sitges

Sitges - Costa Dorada


Sitges is the Catalonian most famous Gay coastal vacation city.


Located in the Costa Dorada it enjoys an open and liberal gay live and a vibrant gay scene with many clubs, afters, bars, restaurants, throughout the city.







This is, what we believe, the not to miss in Gay Sitges. 





 Our selection of gay places in Sitges:

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Gay - Gay Sitges

  • Our selection of gay night clubs In Sitges and gay discos in Sitges

  • Our selection of Gay bars in Sitges

  • Our selection of gay hotels in Sitges

  • Our selection of gay hostels, gay guesthouse and gay B&B in Sitges

  • Our Selection of Gay Saunas in Sitges

  • Our selection of gay shops in Sitges

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  1. - Frantecamar camar (13 May 2014 - 09:45)

    I was at this fascinating town last week. I was lucky to get the James Dean suite @ Casa Rainbow Sitges, the new place in town, I must say that this boutique hotel did my vacation to be the best. Weather was beautiful and casa rainbow it's just in t. He corner of the beach. Nice suites, nice live music, nice shows and great atmosphere, a panache of chic an fun.

  2. Desde Cuba Gay Friendly Hostal - Jorge Silvio (11 Apr 2012 - 16:30)

    Estuve en Barcelona, unos amigos me invitaron un día, no me hospedé, pero es un sitio paradisíaco. Tengo un Hostal Gay Friendly en La Habana. Les invito a contactarme. Jorge Silvio.

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