The Maresme: the South of Costa Brava!

The Maresme: the South of Costa Brava!
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The Maresme is on the coast in the South of Costa Brava.


It occupies about 50 kilometres. It is famous for its climate and the holiday ambience you can find all year round in towns like Lloret de Mar or Calella.


People from Barcelona have always liked this coast and it was easier to get there when in 1848 the first train was constructed in Spain and went from Barcelona to Mataró.


Nowadays this line it still exists but it is much longer than before and it is commonly used to discover this coast. It has air conditioning. 



 Our selection of sightseeings to discover the Maresme:




Calella - Town

Calella is the Capital City of Alt Maresme, a place for tourism without limits, day or night. People come here to have fun. It is a noisy place with lots of beaches, coffees, restaurants, discos. A place specially appreciated for German tourists. Every year, the city organizes "La Fiesta de La Cerveza" (German beer party).



La Llar dels Pescadors - Restaurant

La Llar dels Pescadors - Calella de Mar

La Llar dels Pescadors - Calella de Mar

La Llar dels Pescadors - Calella de Mar

One good reason to stop by Calella de Mar is to eat at La Llar dels Pescadors, one of the finest fish restaurants of the Costa Brava.
Lluis, the chef is not only a virtuoso “pitch and putter”, when at work fish swings as well for our best pleasure!!

Located on the sea front, right at the beach, we appreciate particularly at La Llar dels Pescadors: starters like grilled gambas (11,50€), all kind of seafood a la plancha (around 9€). Then it will be difficult for you to choose between the lobster rice (19,80€), the paella of fish (15,40€) or the sea cod with pil-pil (13,20€). Chef likes precision, you can see that at the prices in centimes of euros.. We like him for that..

Address : passeig Manuel Puigverd s/n
Phone : +34 93 769 71 50



Marineland - Sightseeing

The famous Marineland

Marineland is a marine Zoo and a water park all in one. Here you will find marine shows. A water park with slides, pools for the little ones and youngsters and a great number of attractions as a jump with an elastic band for the most daring people.

Address : Ruta de Malgrat
Opening hours : Open everyday from March 22nd to November 2nd.
Phone : 93 765 48 02



Sant Iscle de Vallalta - Town

Sant Iscle de Vallalta is a small town that gives you access to La Sierra de Montnegre, you can have nice short walks or you can go to the highest places in the Cordillera Litoral, El Turó Gros or The Montnegre de Ponent. From these high places you can enjoy a marvellous view of the Region



Canet de Mar - Town

In the 70's Canet de Mar was the Woodstock of Catalonia. Today it is known for people that love modernism. You have to visit La casa Roura in Sant Domenech street and the House-Museum domenech I Muntaner.



Arenys de Mar - Town

Arenys de Mar is the biggest fishermen port in the Maresme coast. You can go to look at the port activities or at the same time you can enjoy fish and fruits from the sea.



El Posit de Pescadors - Restaurant

A classic

El Posit de Pescadors in Arenys de Mar. Here you can taste typical fish and shellfish dishes.

Address : Port of Arenys
Phone : 93 792 12 45



Hispania - Restaurant

Since 1952

Hispania restaurant: A tradictional Catalan Cuisine restaurant, famous for its suquet de cloisses in Arenys de Mar. Since 1952, Hispania has been serving the best quality dishes produced with the highest quality raw materials.

Address : Camí Reial, 54
Phone : 93 791 04 57



Mataro - Town

Mataró is the Capital City of the Maresme. It is an industrial city which has an important sportive port. It is the image of Catalonia's economic vitality.


Mataró has small treasures like El Retablo de La Capilla de Los Dolores, Catalan Baroque jewel in the Basílica Santa María.



Lasal - Clubs & Discos

Music at the beach

Bar Lasal is a very popular bar in the beach, famous for its good music, most of all electronic, jazz, flamenco and local music.

Address : Platja del Cavaió
Opening hours : Mon - Thu: 10:00 am - 3:00 am Fri - Sat: 10:00 am - 3:30 am Sun: 10:00 am - 3:00 am
Phone : +34 634 55 15 60



Illa Fantasia - Sightseeing

Water games

Illa Fantasia

Illa Fantasia

Illa Fantasia

Illa Fantasia is an aquatic park and a big fairground with games, spectacles and sports. This is a park that can be enjoyed by all the family.

Address : Finca Mas Brasso, s/n
Opening hours : 27th and 28th May, 3rd and 4th June and from the 10th June to the 11th September
Phone : 93 751.45.53



Vilassar de Mar - Town

Vilassar de Mar is a little coastal town 5km to the South West of Mataró.

If what you like is the horticulture, you have to make a stop in Vilassar de Mar, to go to the flower market where you will enjoy the local production of carnations.



Alella - Town

Alella is a little town close to Barcelona and six km from Premiá de Mar.
 Good vineyards for good wines?



Alella Vinícola - Sightseeing

Can Jonc

Alella is an appellation d'origine for a white fruity and aromatic wine. The Cava Can Jonc is the oldest of the town. After the visit, go out with Ivory white dry or rosy wine bottles.

Address : Rambla Angel Guimerá, 62
Phone : 93 540 38 42




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  1. Josep Mª - Josep mª (9 Feb 2012 - 14:15)

    Se almuerzo muy bien con un precio razonable. A destacar la merluza con tomate, aunque un poco carilla, los callos. Vale la pena.

  2. restaurant " can beltran " - Angela (9 May 2011 - 21:15)

    Hola , si sois un grupo y no sabeis donde ir " REST. CAN BELTRAN " DE TORDERA "
    Está a la carretera de TORDERA a BLANES , hacemos almuerzos de tenedor ,
    como ..pies de cerdo , callos , quijada , ternera com setas , la cocina sigue com la tradicion de los guisos de la iaia.
    gran aparcamiento detras , caben de unos 15 a 20 autocares .
    restaurante de hace 46 años .

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