Can Majo - Barcelona

Can Majo - Barcelona

Can Majo - Barcelona

Can Majo - Barcelona

Casa Leopoldo 7 Portes

Can Majó

Can Majo - Barcelona

Can Majo - Barcelona

Can Majo è situato sul mare nella zona della Barceloneta. Fu uno dei migliori ristoranti di pesce di Barcellona. Non è più il caso!!! A evitare
Cancelliamo la nostra critica di questo ristorante, sperando una presa di coscienza dei proprietari di questo luogo…

Can Majó

L' Almirall Aixada, 23, 08003 Barcelona, Spagna

Zona: Ciutat Vella
Website: Can Majó - Barcellona
Ore di apertura: Da 13 a 16h00 e da 20h00 a 23h00
Prezzi: 40 €
Metro/Bus: Barceloneta (Línea 4)
Mappa metro Barcellona
Hotel: Trova il tuo hotel a Barcellona in questa zona.
Ultimo commento
Excellent Food & Service
Karen Reynolds (30 Apr 2012 - 18:30)
We make a point to eat @ Can Majo each time we visit Barcelona. No matter the season or time of day, every time we have visited the food has been fresh and delicious and the service impeccable. The staff is always friendly and welcoming---we will continue to patronize Can Majo.
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Visita terminal T1
Buongiorno ho il volo di partenza al terminal T2,posso prima visitare negozi e bar del terminal T1?grazie - 21 Nov 2023 - 18:24
Salve, Se si parte dal terminal T2 dell'aeroporto di Barcellona, non sarà possibile visitare il terminal T1, poiché il biglietto d'imbarco dà diritto ad entrare solo nel terminal T2. Anche al T2 ci sono negozi, anche se in numero minore. Buon viaggio! - 3 Nov 2023 - 08:50
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Venier Alex - 3 Nov 2023 - 08:46
Data e orario
Quando uscirà la data e l'orario della partita??? Noi arriviamo a Barcellona venerdì sera ore 22.30 in quel caso non potremmo esserci .
Vana - 20 Ott 2023 - 09:06
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Marco - 12 Ott 2023 - 12:22
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  1. Excellent Food & Service - Karen Reynolds (30 Apr 2012 - 18:30)

    We make a point to eat @ Can Majo each time we visit Barcelona. No matter the season or time of day, every time we have visited the food has been fresh and delicious and the service impeccable. The staff is always friendly and welcoming---we will continue to patronize Can Majo.

  2. can majo - Enrique (27 Ago 2011 - 00:45)

    Cuando a pasado de los felices dias que este restaunte fue de los primeros en Barcelona cliente de mas de 20 años y me han perdido

  3. Can Majo - Eric Leiper, West Yorkshire (21 Dic 2009 - 19:15)

    We visited Barcelona last weekend to celebrate my wife's birthday and as always we booked into Can Majo for lunch .We always eat at Can Majo , Casa Calvet and Gaig.Having looked at the reviews of recent I was a little concerned but I needn't have been. The food was fantastic,the service exemplary and we were welcomed as locals by the staff. Looking around we could see no tourists whatsoever just local Spanish families and others enjoying their food. Along the front the restaurants were empty but Can Majo was "heaving" so it's popularity still remains and deservedly so .We left it to the restaurant to bring a selection of food and everything was exceptional including the Jose Pariente white wine.Despite the restaurant being full and people waiting outside in the cold for a table (didn't book) the servcie was excellent.THis restaurant remains in our eyes one of the best fish restaurants , and our favourite, it has great atmosphere,superb friendly service, fabulous food and a totally Spanish feel to lunch despite previous comments about becoming touristy.The only tourists in the whole four hours we were there were ourselves !!!!! Fabulous , make it a definite if you are visiting Barcelona for a real Spanish experience .

  4. Fantastic - Anton van der Kooi, Netherlands (3 Dic 2009 - 16:45)

    This was my second visit to this great restaurant. I made a reservation for friends and offcourse my girlfriend.

    It was at the end of november, 29, and we still could sit outsite in the sun. After we get to our tables the personal came with the menu in english.

    We desided to order several meals.

    The drinks, wine, etc were great. The food amazing, how seafood has to taste.

    We were sitting there for 2 hours relaxed, nothing came to late.

    We laughed a lot with the personal

    Thanks for the great time

    29 november 2009 13:30 - 16:00

  5. Can Majo - Worst service I have had ever! - Dave Giraffe (15 Ott 2009 - 10:15)

    My partner booked a meal for us as a birthday surprise for me and although the food was fine (albeit extremely expensive for what it was), what was supposed to be a special evening for us was ruined by the bordering on offensive service. The head waiter sudeenly broke off when he was about to take our order to go and serve a bigger party, leaving us hanging in mid air, staring at each other wondering where he'd gone. When our food eventually did arrive it was shoved down on the table by the incredibly surly waiting staff. At one point I braved going to the toilets, only to be shouted at by the waitress (who had grumpily taken my order five minutes ago) as to whether I was a customer & had the right to be using them (they sure make you know how to feel special in this place). As for the toilet itself, the floor was awash with urine, probably because of the light switch had a timer on it that lasted about 20 seconds & left you very suddenly in total pitch black. Naturally, when we asked for the bill, they brought over the card machine double quick with the falsest smile you'll ever see. For the first time in her life my partner decided not to leave them anything - it was the least this overrated dump of a tourist trap deserved. I strongly advise you to avoid this place like the plague & go to any of the other infinite amount of good restaurants in Barcelona.

  6. Can Majo - Don't go !!! - Juan (12 Ott 2009 - 17:45)

    Can Majo has changed a lot ! The worst service and a 36 Euros mariscada (seafood plate) that was worth nothing.
    It has become a tourist factory. What a shame!!!. It used to be very good, but sincerely I would not recommend it anymore.

  7. Can Majo - Kelly McConville (15 Ott 2008 - 17:07)

    I had dinner here with a friend a few weeks ago.. We thought this was one of the worst restaurants we have ever eaten in ever!! The service was terrible.. I found nasty things in my salad..

    I would never go back.

  8. assolutamente al di sotto delle aspettative - lorenzo nobbio (13 Ott 2008 - 17:05)

    La paella scotta che sapeva di dado, il granchio di dubbio aspetto,i piatti scambiati tra un tavolo e l'altro, e il pessimo servizio secondo voi sono degni di uno dei migliori ristoranti di pesce della città? Alla modica cifra 233 euro in 4?
    Assolutamente sconsigliato....

  9. Can Majo - Steve - London, England (8 Ott 2008 - 11:29)

    After reading the reviews on, we decided to try this restaurant last week.

    We both had a starter and main course and while the food was nice, the portions were small. I had cod as the main course - 3 small pieces served with a spoonful of white beans. Our waitress was quite surly and acted as if she wished she was anywhere but serving customers in, what is supposed to be, quite an upmarket restaurant.

    At 120 Euro for two of us it certainly wasn't a cheap evening and we left feeling slightly hungry and that we certainly hadn't had value for money.

    We since found another restaurant only 5 minutes away where we enjoyed an excellent fish meal at a fraction of the price.

    My opinion is that Can Majo is an over-rated disappointment.

  10. can mojo - Chris Whelan (12 Set 2008 - 23:15)

    just had a lovely meal in the can mojo ate out alot in both barcelona and in the south of France and was really an enjoyable experience the food was great the atmosphere matched and continued on into the night.

  11. Nos gustaria poder ir - Asunción (31 Ago 2008 - 10:47)

    Este restaurante tiene buena pinta

  12. Restaurant CAN MAJO - buffel du Vaure (4 Mag 2008 - 17:10)

    Effectivement excellent restaurant de poisson avec accueil sympathiqe .Prix abordables et service un peu brouillon mais décontracté . Salle et terrasse agréables .Sans doute dans plusieurs guides étrangers .
    A recommander

  13. Can Mejo food - Julie (6 Mar 2008 - 02:25)

    I found this restraunt very good and one of the best seafod places yet!

  14. Le risoto au homard - KD (10 Gen 2008 - 18:27)

    J'en ai jamais mangé d'aussi bon, pourtant dieu sait que j'en ai testé des risotos au homard !

  15. can majo - eric leiper Yorkshire (25 Nov 2007 - 23:07)

    Simply the best fish restaurant we have been to and consistently so,family run,food and service superb.Beats the Drum and Monkey by a long shot and we think the Drum is great.Every time we visit Barcelona we have at least one meal at Can Majo, but always Sunday Lunch , just to watch the enjoyment of family eating out in Spain , something we seem to have lost,amongst other things, in the UK.If you are looking for a true spanish experience with food book sunday Lunch at this restaurant, you will not be dissapointed.

  16. Can Majo - Highly recommended - Catherine M. from London (25 Set 2007 - 17:21)

    Just had lunch with 2 small toddlers this week-end at Can Majo and the restaurant staff was extremely accomodating and the food was also top league!

    We actually had not booked but were willing to eat early (1:30pm on a Sunday) so we got a table which was not booked until 3:30pm.

    We got a large table for 6 (we were 4 adults each with a toddler) on the terrace (highly recommend on a sunny day as inside of restaurant feels quite dark for lunch) and the service was attentive and friendly.

    Paella, suquet, zarzuela, octopus galician style.... everything was delicious. We did not order desert as we had eaten enough but they looked really great.

    Would definitely go back next time I am in Barcelona!

  17. Can Majo. THE best place for sunday paella !! - Richard Bloor (23 Set 2007 - 12:06)

    I have been living here on and off for 3 years and I am quite a foodie. I am on a mission to find the best places to eat in Barcelona and have had some incredible meals. Although perhaps weekend dining is not supposed to be the best time I love a traditional sunday lunch. A roast in England or paella in Spain and I have never had better paellas than in Can Majo. Some people below said tasteless and without much fish...I have eaten there over 20 times and I cannot understand what an earth you are talking about. Its taste overload and sometimes I wish there was more rice to fish. I presume you like the heavy safron coloured mixtas from touirist restaurants with lots of lemon and alioli. From the shellfish starters, chipirones, excellent fresh cut jambon to the excellent paella, fideos, suquet to the chocolate coulant (order extra vanilla ice scream), it ticks all the boxes. It is delicious food.

    People have compained about it being a tourist trap and bad service. In actual fact nothing could be further from the truth as you generally have to book there and it doesn't take the passing trade (like all of the others in the location). They have many regulars and perhaps they sometimes are very busy and are not overly friendly top the passing tourist trade but all I can say is it is a very firendly family run restaurant but at peak times on weekend in any restaurant in Barcelona you have to go with the flow a bit and wait your turn.

    13 Euros for paella is very reasonable but of course as in any good restaurant you can splurge on the picar picar and lobster and wines etc.

    You will spend almost as much in any of the others but thye food is not in the same league. Everyone who lives in Barcelona knows that Can Majo is the place for paella. I challenge any visitor to recommend anything as good (maybe Els Pescadors!). If you want paella in Bracelona go here. If you don't like it I'd almost be prepared to give you your money back myself!

  18. Can Majo - Pierre (27 Ago 2007 - 12:32)

    Merci de nous avoir fait découvrir ce restaurant.. superbe terrasse, superbe cuisine.. Can Majo va devenir notre bon plan de retour à Barcelone... merci!

  19. Fabulous food, great staff, beautiful location - Caroline, London (24 Mag 2007 - 14:29)

    During on four day visit to Barcelona we had lunch at Can Majo twice.

    The seafood platters were amazing. They come in two parts, the cold seafood is served as your entree, and then the warm seafood is served as your main.

    The Can Majo style Lobster delicious, as was the Fideua (which is basically paella that has noodles instead of rice).

    The staff were very friendly and helpful. I would definetly return to Can Majo next time I am in Barcelona.

    I'm quite surprised by some of the reviews below, as we were some of the only "tourists" eating there, it was packed with locals. But I do agree that they people selling flowers and playing music can be very annoying, but they got the message with a very firm no!

  20. What service? - The Traveler (11 Mag 2007 - 00:21)

    Went on a suggestion. Found the food merely edible. They didn't want to seat me despite a reservation. Service was incredibly poor despite my attempts to be friendly. I got a lot of rice in my Paella, but not a lot of seafood or flavor. Way overpriced. Ordered a crepe dessert that is supposed to have hot chocolate - it was cold. so was the crepe (obviously not made to order). Ordered Cafe. Never arrived. Was charged for it. Had to ask for the check twice. Need I add the wandering musicians begging for money were incredibly annoying? I had better service at a 20 euro tapas bar. GO elsewhere. This place may have once been a great place, but it screams tourist trap now.

  21. great place to eat seafood - bryan L (8 Apr 2007 - 05:58)

    i have been living in barcelona for a few months and this is the best paella and seafood i have had to date. the service was very nice and friendly, also try the cava!

  22. fabulosa - Maria (29 Mar 2007 - 17:41)

    I have recently eaten at this restaurant when I was in the mood for fish.
    When I took my first bite of lobster, I immediately went to heaven

  23. Cna majo - frank (20 Dic 2006 - 12:26)

    well.. perfect restaurant for me.. try rice and lobster.. you will not forget it..

  24. There are better, even in the same neighborhood. - Mark (26 Ago 2006 - 23:43)

    Wow, I have seen very mixed reviews of this restaurant. I found the experience very average. The food was acceptable, but not great. The service was not particularly good either. It is in a decent location, but many other comparable restaurants are located very close. Why this restaurant gets more recognition, I am not sure. In sum, you can find much better in Barcelona. The price of this restaurant combined with the average food prevent me from making a positive recommendation.

  25. A very overrated restaurant. - Per (6 Giu 2006 - 11:38)

    A very overrated restaurant.

    Service not so good for such an expensive restaurant. The food was poor and tasteless. It’s better to visit a fast food bar instead of give away money. You will receive a better meal at that type of food place.

  26. Can Majo is the best - frank (9 Mag 2006 - 13:50)

    Great sunny terrasse.. We enjoyed every plates at Can Majo.. rices are just the best on town! Thank you for the tip!! Frank from London

  27. wonderful - pepe (22 Dic 2005 - 19:10)

    Just a great place.. If you chose only one restaurant Can Majo is The one!!
    They are right.. the lobster paella is one of my best souvenir from Barcelona !! a bit expensive .. for your best friends only..

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