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Marypili - Bar lesbica a Sitges

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Marypili è un Bar lesbica a Sitges

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Marypili - Bar lesbica a Sitges

Calle de Juan Tarrida Ferratges, 14, 08870 Sitges, Spagna

Zona: Beyond Barcelona
Ultimo commento
On Our Way
HotChix09 (23 Mag 2009 - 23:03)
Looking forward to checking this place out! Watch out Sitges, we're on our way!!
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  1. On Our Way - HotChix09 (23 Mag 2009 - 23:03)

    Looking forward to checking this place out! Watch out Sitges, we're on our way!!

  2. info for a traveller - amanda (18 Lug 2008 - 21:36)

    hi everyone i will be in barcelona near port olympic. am i anywhere near good lesbian bars?

  3. Legend Party 08 - Onyx (13 Feb 2008 - 12:38)

    Hello, Does anyone already know the date of the Lesbian party this august in Sitges ?

  4. Marypili - Gina n Gerry (2 Ott 2007 - 02:00)

    As always welcoming drinks, good company and excellent hosts. Have enjoyed many happy talks and drinks, be back soon.

  5. The best bar in Sitges! - Louise (13 Ago 2007 - 16:58)

    If you are going to Sitges, no matter if you are male or female you must
    go to Marypili. It is on the same street as El Horno and XXL and it is the
    place to chill and have the best mojitos before you go clubbing. We
    spent so many fantastic evenings there and the owner Michi (German with
    excellent English) made us feel so welcome.

    We'll be back!

  6. lesbian rave? - deserate american (25 Giu 2007 - 09:37)

    2 years ago I just so happened to be in sitges for what was, I think, their second annual lesbain rave at L'atlantide. It was the BEST party I'd ever been to EVER! Last year I tried to find out about it, but to no avail. It was during that mid august weekend, if I recall. Will it happen again? Does anyone know about it?

  7. we love this bar - conny and regine (2 Giu 2007 - 11:57)

    Once we discovered this one , we didn't wanna go anywhere else anymore. The owners are friendly , easygoing, their cocktails (esp. caipiroska) are great..... a good place to meet people, locals and tourist. Even in winter it's great. We were their for carnaval... and the owners were dressed in (desperate?) housewives (maripillis)....

  8. Marypili - Dan & Paul (24 Apr 2006 - 21:58)

    Although strictly speaking Marypili is run by women for women, it's fair to say that it does have a sprinkling of boys too. Lots of lovely locals and the odd tourist. Generally the boys there are respectful of this womens' bar and have a great time. It's friendly, accomodating and probably the easiest place in town to meet truly lovely people and make friends. Marypili draws an international crowd and with a wide range of languages being spoken. Just one word of warning - watch out for Anne having a quiet fag on the terrace!

    Can't wait to see all of our Marypilis again soon - Dan & Paul xx

  9. LOVER BOY - MUSTAFA (13 Feb 2006 - 13:36)


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