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Comerç 24

"One of the chic eateries in town"...

Comerç 24 - Barcelona

Comerç 24 - Barcelona

Comerç 24 - Barcelona

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Comerç 24 "One of the chic eateries in town". The "luxury tapas" concept is the same as in the "Santa Maria" across the street. All these new Spanish cuisine places are inspired by goodfather Ferran Adria (el Bulli).
The interior is quite a failure. A beautiful seventies landscape photograph in the middle of sad grey walls and a silly "drums" lightning system. Service is excellent.

Unfortunately, as in many other places, they serve their tiny portions with senseless "salsazigzag" drippings.

Try Coast sardines with grape and avocado (10€), Tuna pizza sashimi and wasabi vinaigrette sauce (9€), Artichoke hearts truffle and qauil eggs (12€) Murgules with cream (12€) Salmon with vanilla (12€)... Eating here can be fun tough. We had the "festival" menu (50 and 70€), a bit of everything. Don't miss the kinder surprise egg (6€) and the cappuccino dessert.

Make sure you have a reservation, not to sit near the doors on cold days. If you are hungry: the tapas are small but there are many of them. MS

Comerç 24

Address : Comerç, 24
Zip code : 08003
City : Barcelona -
Area : El Born
Email :
Website : Comerç 24 - Barcelona
Opening hours : From 1pm to 4 pm and from 8pm to midnight.
Prices : 40€
Phone : 93 319 21 02
Metro/Bus : Arc de Triomf (L1)

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Commerc 24
Evelyne (10 Nov 2014 - 08:45)
Festival menu is 92 euro
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  1. Commerc 24 - Evelyne (10 Nov 2014 - 08:45)

    Festival menu is 92 euro

  2. An extraordinary culinary travel - Monica (13 Jan 2011 - 17:30)

    Eating at Commerç 24 has been an amazing experience.
    We were a bit surprised by the price of the “festival menu” (72€, while a posting here under mentioned 48€…) but the menu is worth it all. It is a very creative cuisine with an explosion of flavors.
    The service was impeccable, very nice waiters, and each dish came with a detailed explanation.
    I can definitely recommend it if you want to have a special evening.

  3. Excellent and creative, a new experience - David (3 Dec 2010 - 19:15)

    I had already acquired the book were you can read not only their recipes but also the story of Carles Abellan and his restaurant and was not disappointed by their food. I have tried several of this modern cuisine tendencies and must say Abellan is on the right track. Do come and try by yourself. 'mustn't miss it.

  4. Asolutely excellent - Michel Paris (23 Nov 2010 - 02:56)

    We were absolutely delighted to eat the very creative cuisine of Commerç 24. This is not a traditional restaurant. So, if you don't understand this type of food, don't criticize but just go to a traditional restaurant !
    Great wines too at affordable prices.
    We'll definitely go back.

  5. just great - peter (25 Jul 2010 - 12:15)

    just go there... a great nouvelle cuisine..

  6. excellent - bar (25 Jul 2010 - 12:15)

    c'est quand même la référence de la nouvelle cuisine à Barcelone. On a adoré.. bonne ambiance est carte très créative... ne pas hésiter une seconde!

  7. comerc 24 restaurant,barcelona - strobes (24 Jul 2010 - 15:00)

    went there on saturday 10th july 2010 and it was a totally amazing experience - the restaurant itself,the impeccable service and above all the food.highly recommended.

  8. Excellent with great wine pearing - I.S. (New York) (24 Jul 2010 - 15:00)

    It was funny to read other peoples comments. Please stick with KFC! If you're in Bracelona, you must treat yourself to this experience. May 11, 2010

  9. Comerc 24 - wine and food (24 Jul 2010 - 14:50)

    We asked our hotel to book us a table and were told it was full that night. We walked to the restuarant were told a table would be available in 30 min. The food was overpriced, salty and strange. The service was very good. I would not go back I am not a fsn of essence of foam on my food looks and taste alot like spit! Yuck

  10. OMG - me (24 Jul 2010 - 14:46)

    wow..seems pretty bad, if only the people working in the restaurant are commenting positively

  11. no way - barcelona resident (24 Jul 2010 - 14:45)

    Wow! Que malo! Y en dos voy

  12. Food - GreatFoodLover (22 Feb 2010 - 22:30)

    I thought it was great....some people don't have good taste I guess!

  13. commerc 24 - cools (22 Feb 2010 - 22:30)

    we went for the second time to commerce 24 and were disappointed. the food was heavy, the combinations of tastes was exaggerated
    the staff was cold, everything was a routine, food was served too quickly, explanation of the dishes was unclear
    we payed 260euro for 2 people, having each of us a glass of cava and 3 small glasses of wine (recommend by the staff) and the festival menu
    frankly we ate much better before in 1 and 2 star restaurants

  14. terrible - foodie in montreal (1 Oct 2009 - 10:00)

    Agreed. Horrible food. Everything was slimy and wet, soupy and tasteless.

    So much so that we walked out a few courses in. I had made the resi 6 months prioe- looking forward so much to eating at Comerc.


  15. melbourne "cuisine" - oscarRome (5 Jan 2009 - 09:45)

    to our australian friend above: I suggest we should stop eating at all until we visit australia, thus we will be able to better appreciate the "FAMOUS" australian cuisine

  16. The worst restaurant and meal I've ever had - Kenny (8 Aug 2008 - 15:36)

    We went with a friend over from Australia and all ordered the degustation. Staff are VERY full of themselves, they seem to think they're above everyone else. Terrible seat initially on stools, were moved to a 'real' table afte 'discussions'.
    My partner's vegetarian and told the staff weeks before when booking. When she stated this upon arriving, was told "I'm sure our chef can arrange something".
    First two courses were stir fried cut vegetables arranged differently, then a soup which apparently tasted like water with a stock cube. Then a martini glass full of pureed cauliflower.

    And the Kinder Surprise? I'm sorry, we all agreed it had texture and taste of salted saliva! When we complained, we were told with a look of disgust by the waiter that "perhaps we were not used to truffles".

    This place is a sham. I won't even describe what us 'carnivores' had, the mismatch of tastes, wrong progression of food types, heavy food after heavy food followed by a 'cheese board' with 4 miniature pieces which were apparently for all three of us.

    Not a SINGLE query on whether we enjoyed our food, several complaints were met with indifference and absolutely no offer of a discount, free wine, whatever.

    All I'll say is that people who actually like excellent food and great service, and not go somewhere 'because it's en vogue' should go to Melbourne. Where real food is served. As for Comerc 24, I'd rather starve.

  17. que delusion - (13 Mar 2008 - 16:20)

    nunca me esperava una cosa tan mala lo precio demasiado alto lasopa de cebolla y trufa con una quantita de sal mas que una anchoas,el arroz en tinta igual de salado ,el rabo de toro con espuma de colifor le faltava per lo meno media hora de cotura el sumilier aleman no es a la altura de su profesion .querido carlos no deje un restaurante tan bonito con trabajadores asi de malo te van a ruinar ¡¡¡¡¡¡ saludos miki

  18. Comerç 24 - tom (15 Feb 2008 - 10:39)

    We liked very much Comerç 24... a very creative restaurant in Barcelona..

  19. Creative food - Mark O (8 Nov 2006 - 03:29)

    Rare mix of old, new, creative, delicious

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