Terms and Conditions

When a client hires us he obtains a package of services (whether tickets,packages, trips, hotels… etc.) that our company will put at our clients disposal. Thousands of customers trust our services year after year.
We manage on his behalf the purchase of tickets, we offer a rigorous delivery service, a daily telephone customer service (on working days) as well as an emergency phone available 48 hours before any event. Also available, an efficient virtual service where our webmasters will make you experience an excellent service.
The present legal notice regulates the use of this website (www.barcelona.com) that FOOTBALL AND MUSIC EVENTS SERVICES S.L, (hereinafter Football and Music) as the partner of www.barcelona.com, is a registered with Company Tax No. CIF B17820002 and tax domicile in C/ Vila 69, 17310 Lloret de Mar and registered in the Company Registration Office at Gerona in book 0, Volume 2190, Page 121, Sheet GI-36741, first inscription (hereinafter Football and Music) puts at the disposition of the internet users.
Portal Function: The portal offers the possibility of acquiring online services that include tickets in the form of packages with an added service (ticket packages), hotels, tours… for sporting, cultural, or musical events held in Spain or abroad, and specializing in events where tickets are hard to get or sold out. Football and Music is part of a wholesale travel agency, an international broker specialised in obtaining tickets that are hard to find. All Ticket Packages are sold to end customers for the price fixed by the promoter, plus the comisión fees and management costs of FOOTBALL AND MUSIC, as well as the charges for reservation/presales established by the suppliers in the cases of Ticket Exchange events.
1.- Portal User Obligations: The User obliges to accept all the clauses in this legal notice and act with due diligence.
The users shall refrain from any action which might cause injury to the FOOTBALL AND MUSIC and/or to the user of the same. In the event of a breach by a user of any of the above obligations, FOOTBALL AND MUSIC reserves the right to prohibit and/or deny that user access to the portal and FOOTBALL AND MUSIC may even notify the authorities.
2.-Links: The website owner is not responsible for any information from links that are not property of the portal owner since FOOTBALL AND MUSIC cannot control the content of the same. In the event that any competent authorities declare the data to be illegal, FOOTBALL AND MUSIC will have them withdrawn immediately.
3.-Brandnames: Although this portal mentions some terms and logos that are registered trademarks, both indirectly and for informative purposes, we are not responsible for any inappropriate use made by third persons. The website owner is an independent company with no relation whatsoever with the institutions or companies that own the above-mentioned brands.
4.-Applicable legislation and jurisdiction: In the event of any litigation concerning www.barcelona.com, US legislation is applicable.
5.-Acceptance of Legal Notice: The present conditions govern and are applicable to all purchases made from the web www.barcelona.com. The realization of any reservation assumes that you have read and accepted the present contracting conditions. If the user does not accept or agree with all the terms and conditions specified therein, they must leave the page, otherwise, it is considered that they have been accepted.
6.-Access Code: In the event that you were given the possibility of creating a personal access code (password) to access the restricted user areas, you would be the only person to use it and, therefore, the only person responsible for any activities performed under that personal access code. Trying to decrypt the access code of other users will be considered as a serious violation of the security norms and will be immediately notified to the competent authorities.
8.-Schedule of events, change of dates: Any type of event is subject to change of date and time for various reasons. It is the relevant federations and organizers of the event who are responsible for any changes, which are beyond the control of FOOTBALL AND MUSIC. In the case of football matches, the scheduled hours can change between 5 and 10 days before the match, until then FOOTBALL AND MUSIC can change the schedules in their portal. The customer and/or user should know that it is their responsibility to verify the exact time of the even purchased on the web or local press, as well as to find out the easiest way to reach the facilities where the event is being held.
When buying your tickets, please remember that matches scheduled for Sundays may be moved to a Saturday or Monday and matches scheduled for Wednesdays may be moved to a Tuesday or Thursday due to the obligations of the European competitions and TV broadcasts.
9.-Responsability for the product: On buying from FOOTBALL AND MUSIC, the users accept the limitation of responsibility, which is a basic element of the agreement between the user and FOOTBALL AND MUSIC and is fundamental for the comprehension of the sale. FOOTBALL AND MUSIC also informs that the maximum responsibility in the provision of the service assumed by FOOTBALL AND MUSIC may never be more that the amount paid for the ticket plus 5 per cent. In the event that FOOTBALL AND MUSIC had made a demonstrated error, the maximum responsibility is limited to the previously mentioned amount. FOOTBALL AND MUSIC is never responsible for any loss of profits resulting from an error in a commercial operation.
10.-Price Policy (The prices that appear in the web include IVA): The prices of the packages offered by us are slightly higher than the face value of the tickets. When the customer/user makes a reservation or purchase, they explicitly accept and understand the price difference between the face value of the ticket and the value of the package with additional services that they are buying.
11.- Cancellations and right of withdrawal: FOOTBALL AND MUSIC will only return 100% of the amount paid to those customers who contracted the "Money-Back Guarantee" option during the purchase process. The conditions of this option and the events for which it is available must be properly explained. In the event that FOOTBALL AND MUSIC accepts the cancellation, a minimum cancellation fee of 15% will be charged. No refunds are made once the event is over. In order for FOOTBALL AND MUSIC to respond to a request for cancellation, it is essential that the tickets are returned to the corporate headquarters of FOOTBALL AND MUSIC at least 48 hours prior to the event. The user shall have the right of withdrawal from the purchase made in accordance with article 44 of the Spanish Act 7/1996 from January 15 regulating Retail Trade, reformed by the Spanish Act 47/2002 of December 19.
When an event is CANCELED due to force majeure, natural disasters, strikes, etc., the purchase will be treated separately: TICKETS: 1) The full amount paid by the customer, minus 15% financial and managerial costs, will be refunded when the event is not rescheduled. 2) If the event is rescheduled for another date, the tickets are valid for the new date, in which case FOOTBALL AND MUSIC is not obliged to refund the price of the tickets. 3) Refund of other contracted services, such as trips and hotels, will be decided after consulting with the hotels and travel agencies in accordance with the percent of cancellation fees applied by the hotels and agencies.
12.- Hotel Cancellations: FOOTBALL AND MUSIC maintains different agreements and contracts with hotels, travel agencies, and hotel chains with which various agreements have been made with respect to cancellations. If a client requests a hotel reservation to be cancelled, FOOTBALL AND MUSIC will analyse the situation and inform the client whether it is possible to cancel, or not, and under which conditions, and indicating the applicable cancellation fees, which could be from 25% to 100 %.
13.-Deliveries: Deliveries are always made by a courier service, or one of our staff. In both cases, the customer may request a document showing that the product has reached its destination. When the delivery is made to hotels, the document is always stamped with the seal of the establishment as proof of correct delivery. If the delivery was to be made to a private house, and for any reason was not possible, FOOTBALL AND MUSIC will provide their customers with alternatives, such as collection at pickup points in the city where the event is held, or self-collection from the FOOTBALL AND MUSIC offices, or other alternatives stating that due to the characteristics of these products deliveries can be made up to the actual day of the event, although with sufficient time to arrive at the facilities. During the purchase process the customer has a number of options available for delivery of the goods purchased. In any case, the customer must provide delivery details with sufficient time for FOOTBALL AND MUSIC to perform the service correctly. The customer must inform these details at least a week before the event. If the customer does not provide a delivery address in good time, or does not satisfy the minimum conditions required by FOOTBALL AND MUSIC for the correct delivery of the product, the purchase may be cancelled unilaterally and the minimum cancellation fee applied.
When purchasing products and for more security, we recommend that our clients inform the delivery address a few days before and request them to keep ticket packages until their arrival. Our company can always justify the delivery with documents.
FOOTBALL AND MUSIC is not responsible for any errors committed by the customers when providing delivery, or mistakes by third parties (errors by courier service, post office, etc.) or force majeure (natural disasters etc.) that could result in the postponement or cancellation of the same, as well as the loss of deliveries in hotels or other destinations once FOOTBALL AND MUSIC can demonstrate that the delivery service was made successfully and in good time.
Delivery and Collection Forms:
1. Box Office Collection: When a customer has chosen this option, it is their own responsibility to arrive in good time at the place of collection and bring the necessary identification previously sent by FOOTBALL AND MUSIC. If, for reasons unrelated to our company, the customer does not collect the tickets, there is no entitlement to any type of claim or refund whatsoever.
2. Delivery of Ticket Packages to private addresses or companies: When a customer chooses this option, it is understood that this person is of utmost confidence. FOOTBALL AND MUSIC will do exactly what the customer requested, but will not be responsible once the delivery service is performed, if the recipients selected by the customer do not deliver the envelope with the Ticket Packages to the customer.
3. Delivery of Ticket Packages to Hotels: By selecting this option, the customer accepts that a document stamped by the hotel reception is irrefutable evidence of correct delivery, if the customer is not there.
4. Pickup in offices or places authorised by Football and Music The customer must identify the person to collect the delivery, who must sign a document stating that they have received the delivery.
14.-Responsability for the product: All Ticket Packages are sold subject to availability. When a customer buys more than one ticket in a Ticket Package, it cannot be guaranteed that the tickets will be for locations together, or in the same sector or row, although FOOTBALL AND MUSIC will make every effort to ensure that the tickets are placed as close together as possible. If, for any reason, the customer cannot be provided with the contracted delivery category, a higher category will be offered at the same price, or a lower one refunding the difference of the amount of the ticket packages purchased. If, for any reason, it were impossible to obtain the tickets making up the Ticket Package purchased by the customer, or to offer any other solution, FOOTBALL AND MUSIC is only obliged to refund 100% of the amount paid by the customer.
15 -.Types de events: FOOTBALL AND MUSIC classifies the events in various ways depending on their features. There are various types of tabs for each event.
1. Tickets at face value 2. Tickets with 20% commission 3. Tickets with a special price 4. Tourist Package tickets that could include all these services together or separately (as specified in the product tab): hotel, stadium tour, tour bus, etc. 5. Tickets with a double package 2 x 1 (consisting in tickets for the event + 1 ticket for another landmark in Barcelona: Zoo, Aquarium, cable car).
For events where Football and Music are acting under the "Ticket Exchange" or "Ticket Swop" tab, FOOTBALL AND MUSIC does not act as a Direct Provider or Official Agent, but also provides their customers or users the opportunity to purchase tickets or ticket packages from other vendors. In this case, the tickets do not cost the same as the face value, since the various sellers may increase the price, depending on the commission fees charged.
16.-Jurisdiction: These present Terms and Conditions, as well as the relationship between the user or customer and the website owner will be governed by Spanish legislation, since the commercial activities of FOOTBALL AND MUSIC are carried out in Spain.
Payment Process Payments can be made by credit card, debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer.
Invoicing The payment for this service can be made online by credit card, whereby only Visa or MasterCard is accepted. This service is provided through the system implemented by the company (BBVA). In this way, the transaction related with the credit card is processed directly by the bank so that we have no access to your card details. We guarantee the confidentiality of your data, which will not be used for any purposes other than the management of the purchase made. The data is automatically encrypted by the Secure Server Layer (SSL) protocol with an encryption key length of 128 bits. To see their Privacy Policy, please click here:aquí.
Protección de datos. See Privacy Policy
Obligations The user commits not to make any fraudulent transactions. Any indications of fraud will be reported to the authorities immediately.
The website owner is committed to the correct functioning of the web page. However, the website owner shall not be liable for any technical problems or force majeure that may arise impeding access to this site, but will in any case endeavour to resolve the same.
19.- Regulations on Champions League and UEFA Cup fixtures: We inform our customers that all our tickets are located in the areas of the local teams and that the sale of tickets to the rival team’s supporters is prohibited. In this case, we would request that you refrain from purchasing since by doing so you will be in breach of the UEFA regulations. In the event that this warning is not heeded, any purchases made are under your full responsibility with regard to any fines imposed.
In accordance with the UEFA regulations and the Spanish Acts 10/1990 and 19/2007 on Sport, both the clubs and all the companies involved with them and their ticket sales: Must ensure the total separation of the supporters.