Domingo 25 Outubro 2020
25 2020
FC Barcelona Official ticket agent - 2020-21 - FCBOOFM

FC Barcelona tickets - La Liga
25 Outubro 2020
La Liga
Camp Nou , Barcelona
Date and time to be confirmed
FC Barcelona Official ticket agent - 2020-21 - FCBOOFM


Camp Nou Stadium: where is the Camp Nou ?
Address : Carrer d'Arístides Maillol 08028, Barcelona, Spain

How to get there by public transport ?
Bus lines : 7, 15, 43, 67, 68, 74, 75, L12, L50, L60, L62.
Metro : Line 3 (Get off at Maria Cristina or Les Corts) and Line 5 (Get off at Collblanc or Badal).

Note :
On matchdays, the visit of the Camp Nou and the museum of FC Barcelona are partially closed. Prefer the day before or the next day for the Camp Nou visit.

More infos about the Camp Nou

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Barcelona vs Madrid
Dayo Bello (2 Mar 2013 - 09:15)
In my honest and sincere opinion, I think it is right time we tell ourselves the truth in Barca. We have a very good team that requires a little add-in, we are very weak at the back and we always loose concentration as all our defenders live to play upfront hence we expose our goalkeepers to an uncontrollable situation

All teams we play with now have found that as our weaken point and I think we should work on this if we want to make any head way.

Up Barca!!!
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  1. Barcelona vs Madrid - Dayo Bello (2 Mar 2013 - 09:15)

    In my honest and sincere opinion, I think it is right time we tell ourselves the truth in Barca. We have a very good team that requires a little add-in, we are very weak at the back and we always loose concentration as all our defenders live to play upfront hence we expose our goalkeepers to an uncontrollable situation

    All teams we play with now have found that as our weaken point and I think we should work on this if we want to make any head way.

    Up Barca!!!

  2. unfair - jin mic (1 Mar 2013 - 09:45)

    why should those defender be live their back going to front to score pls barca should find solution to this especial that champion league we need to win Ac milian

  3. Refree of the game against Madrid - Gerold (28 Fev 2013 - 09:30)

    I think that Barcelona will never win a game with this Refree

  4. formation - mohammad bashir (26 Fev 2013 - 13:45)

    i think the best formation to play against madrid is andriano, villa,.. busquit, and tello.

  5. go go barcelona tonight - best (7 Out 2012 - 19:00)

    Wish you best for tonight!

  6. dans la poche pour barcelone - ballon (2 Out 2012 - 08:30)

    cette partie me semble dans la poche pour Barcelone qui est en pleine forme en ce moment alors que le Real Madrid n'est pas encore dans le coup. Le pb vient du derby qui est toujours un match à part. A suivre donc

  7. FC Barcelona vs Madrid. - Alvin Tarwo (1 Out 2012 - 08:15)

    FC Barcelona vs Madrid is a very good game to watch, no one knows the future of this match but as a true fan of fc barcelona I wish us victory.

  8. barcelona vs real madrid - corie miller (30 Set 2012 - 10:45)

    Barcelona Is Going To Dominate.In The Table,Barcelona Has 18 Points,But Real Madrid Has Only Has About 7 Points.

  9. Barca l v u much - AZ (30 Set 2012 - 10:45)

    If we take good luk at it we al know dat barca v experience dan madrid,and 4now madrid have no materia wh day can u 2 compitete so 4 dis case barca is d best in d world.likewise mesi is til remain d best eva

  10. hi. - ANGELOS (26 Set 2012 - 15:00)


  11. Barcelona - Salam (5 Ago 2012 - 10:00)

    I wish barca goodluck because i always want it to be the best with messi being my favourite player in the world.

  12. hi - david (29 Jun 2012 - 08:15)

    i am for the catalans

  13. 4 ENTRADAS - ESTHER (21 Abr 2012 - 18:30)


  14. Places - Nino (20 Abr 2012 - 21:00)

    J'ai deux places en plus si sa intéresse quelqun je les remets devant le stade avant le match


    io ho bisogno di 6 biglietti!!! sono alessandro del piero. la prego di aiutarmi..

  16. date non specifier exatement - most kam mans (20 Abr 2012 - 09:00)

    salut slm alkm, il y a une confusion, y en a qui disent le 21 avril, d autres disent que c est 22 avril, ....alors c.quoi....

  17. tickets - Aiman (20 Abr 2012 - 08:45)

    combien coute un tikets j'en veux 5 tickets

  18. Ticets - Antonio (15 Abr 2012 - 22:45)

    J'ai besoin de deux tickets. A n'importe quel prix

  19. Just 1 ticket needed - Mike (14 Abr 2012 - 23:15)

    J'ai besoin d'un billet seulement pour le match ... difficile à trouver. Est-ce qu'il y a des gens qui font la vente de billet à l'Entrée ou dans les rues ?

  20. sat or sunday or monday - arthur (2 Abr 2012 - 08:15)

    when will they play this game on a sat ,sun or a monday ?

  21. Entradas - P (1 Abr 2012 - 18:45)

    I'm trying to find tickets for this match and I will come from Turkey just for this match and I couldn't find any yet :(

  22. FC Barcelona- R Madrid - Kat (28 Mar 2012 - 09:30)

    Trying to get 2 Tickets to this game, My boyfriend and I are big Barca fans.
    We are flying from Miami to Barcelona, just for this game.

  23. Los numeros uno - Jesse Lopez. Iowa Usa. (28 Mar 2012 - 09:30)

    En este súper clásico no voy a ir a trabajar por ver a mi equipo ganar BARCELONA F.C. Somos los mejores. Arriba todo el equipo, animo y a ganarle a las enfermeras del Real Madrid.

  24. Barca - To spain (12 Mar 2012 - 18:45)

    I am a barcelona fan i want to be their live to watch barca and madrid

  25. I need to watch barca's next match against real madrid - Godfrey (2 Mar 2012 - 15:45)

    For a very long period of time, i'v supported the football club solemnly and i'v longed to watch them play live at camp nou. I need Susana the treasurer to consides my request and make it happen. F C barcelona vs real madrid F C, i jst wanna be there live, from Nigeria, i write.

  26. nooooo!!! sold out!! yo quiero ir... - Jackie (24 Fev 2012 - 09:30)

    nooooo!!! sold out!!
    yo quiero ir...

  27. Tu_PAPA - Gus (8 Fev 2012 - 00:30)

    Madrid es nuestro hijo, mas bien nuestro nieto. No pueden contra nosotros.
    ATT: Tu PaPa, Barca

  28. barca - moha (31 Jan 2012 - 18:30)

    real madrid is the best team ronaldo is the best !! hala madrid!!

  29. sold out? - bruno (30 Jan 2012 - 18:30)

    Really sold out? O.o 3 months before the match?

  30. sold out.. dommage - foot (30 Jan 2012 - 10:30)

    plus de billet pour ce match.. quel dommage!!

  31. place - djamal (30 Jan 2012 - 09:45)

    pourquoi les places ne sont pas en ventes

  32. barcelona - collins (22 Jan 2012 - 10:00)

    Barcelona till i die . Up fcb

  33. et bien que va faire le real cette fois-ci?? - pierre (20 Jan 2012 - 10:00)

    après la belle défaite de cette semaine, est-ce que le Real va trouver la solution. J'en doute.. ;-)

  34. up barca - michael (19 Jan 2012 - 19:00)

    we are d best

  35. All people happy for barca players - Neve cry for barca are playing best (19 Jan 2012 - 10:15)

    My name is m nasko am so very happy for barca players.never cry for barca all players are playing best

  36. Heloooooo to barcelona players. - Kinncagez (Ghana) (19 Jan 2012 - 01:15)

    When sleep I allways dream barcelona. Mr Messi, Villa, Xavi, Fabregas, Puyol, Sanchez. Contineuon what you are doing for barce.. Tank you.

  37. My Life - kashia from nigeria (19 Jan 2012 - 01:15)

    in every situation that happen's to barca i will alwayz be with barca because i have been there since 1999 BARCA FOR LIFE

  38. on va déjà voir ce qui ce passe ce soir.. - fc B (18 Jan 2012 - 16:45)

    Un match par mois entre ces deux grandes équipes.. Nous sommes gâtés!!

  39. My best club - Abubakar nigeria (18 Jan 2012 - 09:30)

    I will fan of barcelona for ever and ever

  40. mise au point - mazene KHEIREDDINE (18 Jan 2012 - 08:15)

    <a l'intention de pep guardiola
    a ce jour l'equipe du fc barcelone est presque la meilleur équipe de tout les temps pour devenir la meilleur équipe il faut impérativement changer le goal VICTOR VALDES car c'est le bouler du fc barcelone conseil il faut le virer !

  41. grosse année - barça!! (17 Jan 2012 - 13:45)

    waaouu cela va être un gros match. Le Real Madrid est en grande forme et certainement pas content de ses dernières défaites face au FC Barcelone.
    Le barça est un peu distancé au classement de la ligue. Cela va chauffer. Le match à voir de cette deuxième partie de saison mais des pronostiques pas faciles à faire. Je dirais 2-1 pour le Barça!

  42. i luv d best club in d world fcb, Jamil jaja Nigeria - Jamil jaja (16 Jan 2012 - 14:15)

    pls messi touch them and make's them cry

  43. Barcelona - Bosz2 (16 Jan 2012 - 00:15)

    BARCA Is d bst club in d whole world

  44. To my great term - What a wonderful term, Barcelona (10 Dez 2011 - 18:15)

    We are still the best........Real look if you bag we or not we are going to beat you like we are on our training ground. We will beat you by R1. e2. a3. l4. Real.

  45. Barça 4lyf - Ahmad Bojan (9 Dez 2011 - 13:15)

    Iam sure fcb will beat real madness.and this win will fetch madmourinho out of spanish league or else he will take them to uefa as their fellow man u did,and cesc and sanchez must lift the laliga and champions league,and messi will be the world best player along with his fellow team mate iniesta and xavi.

  46. Barce - Messi (8 Dez 2011 - 17:45)

    Waw messi i know u can do it i wanna 6 good goals at the net

  47. CHAMPIONS - EZEKIEL (8 Dez 2011 - 17:45)


  48. CHAMPIONS - Francis Antwi (7 Dez 2011 - 18:45)

    Barcelona will this years spanish league.

  49. BETER THAN THE BEST - Saifullahi sani (1 Dez 2011 - 08:30)

    Barcelona is the best club in the world.C.ronaldo is like dust bin in the present of the unstoppable MESSI, who is even better than the Diego Maradona.

  50. Up barca - Mahmud (4 Nov 2011 - 19:00)

    Realmadrid is not a team barca go and gate you mate

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