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Canet de Mar

Canet de Mar
Negli ai 70 Canet de Mar era come il Woodstock della Catalogna. Oggi è conosciuto per la sua gente, la quale adora tutto ciò che è moderno. Dovete assolutamente visitare La Casa Roura sulla via Sant Domenech e la Casa-Museo Domenech I Muntaner.

Canet de Mar

Zona: Beyond Barcelona
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Canet de mar
Geoff (12 Dic 2006 - 17:37)
I spent a fortnight here in the 70's under canvass - with a firm called Tentotel - we made the trip from UK by coach over a couple of days, stopping overnight in Paris - so undeveloped then (of course) - our 'refrigerator' was a plastic box that we filled with ice chipped from an enormous block brought to the camp every morning on the back of a donkey! great memories
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