Bar Marsella

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Bar Marsella

Bar Marsella

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Bar Marsella

Bar Marsella

Dali, Picasso, Gaudí, Heminway, e molti altri artisti conosciuti sono venuti qua per prendere un aperitivo. Ordinate un absinthe, una bibita molto forte francese, oggi vietato in Francia, indovinate perché?! Aperto nel 1820, questo è probabilmente stato il primo bar a Barcellona.

Oggi troverete al Bar Marsella la gente locale, dei giovani artisti e dei francesi ancora nostalgici per il maggio 68.

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Bar Marsella

C/Sant Pau, 65, 08001 Barcelona, Spagna

Zona: El Raval
Ore di apertura: Da 21h00 a 3h00
Telefono: 93 442 72 63
Metro/Bus: Liceu (L3) , Paral.lel (L2, L3)
Mappa metro Barcellona
Ultimo commento
About absinthe
Roger Robbe (9 Lug 2012 - 07:45)
There's alot of good information about absinthe on the net, and I recommend it to anyone thinking of heading to the Bar Marseilles. is a good place to start.

Absinthe is presently distilled in the same tradition as before, because the toxic element called "thujone" that is contained in wormwood was actually present at acceptable levels during the heyday of absinthe... though some claim that absinthe has special effects (I have always had a good time at the Bar Marseilles), there's no reason to think it is any different than alcohol.

As for there being many American frat boys at the bar, this may be the case, though you never know - maybe their grandparents signed up for the international brigades? Maybe there is a Hemingway among them? Besides the annoying accents, young Americans are no more obnoxious than those of other countries.
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