Barcelona Taxi Information

Barcelona Taxi Information

Taxi service information


The Barcelona taxi service operates with city fare rates for services within the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.


The intercity fare, which is authorised by the Catalan Regional Government, is applied to routes outside of this geographic area.


The service always runs with a taximeter, which must be positioned in a visible place in the vehicle. The driver must always switch it on at the beginning of a route, and stop the meter at the end.


If the passenger has luggage, the driver shall help him/her to load and unload it from the trunk of the car.


Children under the age of 12 must be seated in the back seat of the car and supervised so that they do not distract the driver.


Eating, drinking and smoking are not permitted during the ride, even if the driver and passenger agree otherwise.


If you would like for the taxi to wait for you after the first route, the driver may ask you to pay for the route covered thus far, in addition to the price of a half hour’s wait time if in the city area and that of another hour if outside of the city, as a guarantee. If you have not returned by the end of such period, he/she may terminate the service.


The taxi is required to admit blind passengers accompanied by seeing eye dogs (Law of the Parliament of Catalonia 10/1993).



  • The city fares for the taxi service are printed on a sticker located in the rear window of the taxi
  • The taximeter shows the amount to pay. Ask always for receipt.
  • Change for payment the taxi up to: 20€


How to catch a cab?


In Barcelona and the municipalities of the metropolitan area, the most common ways to catch a cab in the street is to go to one of the taxi network stops which all of the municipalities have, or to use a hand signal to hail a cab when an empty one is approaching.


• At the stops, the customer must take the first vehicle in the order of departure at the stop. Circulating taxi drivers cannot pick up passengers within a 50-metre radius of a stop.


• The most suitable places to hail a cab in the street are the corners. Users must bear in mind that the taxi driver cannot make abrupt manoeuvres or stop the car in places that represent a hazard for traffic circulation.


• Passengers may also catch a cab at any of the stops in the shopping centres, service areas, or passenger stations in the metropolitan area.

In the event that several parties request the same taxi at the same time, the driver of the vehicle shall adhere to the following order of priorities:


• First he/she shall attend to those who are on the side of the road corresponding to the direction in which he/she is driving.


• He/she shall give priority to the physically disabled, elderly people, those who are ill, pregnant women or people travelling with young children. If none of these criteria can be applied to the case, he/she shall opt for the eldest person.


• Service may not be denied to anyone unless the person requesting a ride displays an obvious state of drunkenness or narcotic intoxication, or because the condition of the user or his/her luggage could leads to significant foreseeable damage to the vehicle.


• The taxi driver may at his/her own discretion admit pets accompanying the individuals requesting the service.

The taxi driver shall never deny transport to seeing eye dogs accompanying the blind, and shall never refuse to load wheelchairs.



How to request a cab by phone?


The telephone is another effective means of calling a cab. You may request a taxi by calling one of the 20 taxi radio dispatch centres that operate in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.


Many of these centres have a fleet management system that allows them to send a taxi to the place requested by the user. The assigned taxi number is communicated by telephone call or SMS message.


The taxi will arrive to the requested place with the taximeter running, although the amount will not exceed the minimum fare.



Fares and methods of payment


The provision of the taxi service is subject to annually applied city fares. The authorised fares and supplements are required for all licence holders, drivers and users of the service.


The applicable city fares for the taxi service in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona are printed on a sticker located in the rear window of the vehicles.



Please remember that:

The T-1 is applied at night on regular weekdays between 20:00 pm and 8:00 am, and 24 hours a day on Saturdays and holidays, throughout the entire metropolitan area.

The T-2 is applied during the day (from 8:00 am to 20:00 pm) on regular weekdays throughout the entire metropolitan area.


Complete Updated Barcelona Metropolitan taxi fares (PDF)

Intercity fares



Lost and found


What is the Lost and Found Service 902 101 564


1. It is a telephone service that the IMT makes available to taxi drivers and users to facilitate the notification of an object that is lost or found in a taxi vehicle.

2. It is not a place to leave or pick up a lost or found object.

3. The telephone service is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

4. There is an automatic answering service during the remainder of the day, at weekends and on holidays.

5. Both the taxi driver and the user may use the on-line service to make notifications.

6.For any other questions, please write to e-mail:

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  1. taxi aeroport barcelone - Lili (31 Mar 2013 - 13:00)

    Juste des voleurs et menteurs. 38 euros de l'aeroport à la rue du doctor trueta soit 8km. Explications scabreuses sur les taxes, valises, itinéraire par le centre ville....

    résultat plus de 30 minutes de trajet au lieu de 15 et une visite guidée du centre ville non demandée......

  2. Lost Property - Helen (17 Mar 2013 - 10:15)

    Just found on taxi website - Lost Property phone no. 902 101 564 - I guessed you have tried this, but thought I'd mention it anyway.

  3. Way over charged - R Lomanto (12 Nov 2012 - 09:15)

    On Nov. 7th 2012 I came in from a cruise and needed to go to the airport Terminal 1, I ask the cab driver what it would cost to get to the airport she said it is meter, since I travel a lot but not in Europe I thought I was safe with the meter, when we reached the airport the meter read 27E the dirt bag cab driver ask for 60E I ask why this much, she replied it was the night rate, since I was in a hurry to get to the gate I payed her, but Barcelone will never see me ever again, not even if I had a all expeses payed trip to Spain. Europe is a total rip off, stay out of there, a bunch of thies.

  4. Lost Camera - 10/22/12 - Kelley Archer (27 Ott 2012 - 10:30)

    lost Plum colored Nikon Coolpix in black case 10/22/12 on trip to airport.
    Keep the camera but please send back our anniversary pictures!
    First picture on camera is our name and address.

    Thank you!

  5. Lost camera - 10/22/12 - Kelley Archer (26 Ott 2012 - 08:45)

    Lost Plum colored Nikon Coolpix in black case in cab in Barcelona on trip to airport.
    The first picture on the camera is our name and address. Keep the camera but please send back our pictures! 900 once in a lifetime photos of our anniversary trip.

  6. Lost iphone4 - Laura (24 Ott 2012 - 12:30)

    Lost an iphone 4s yesterday on a taxi from Barceloneta to Plaza Espana. There is a passcode on the phone and case. Will pay hefty reward for its safe return. Please email at Thank you.

  7. Taxi rates and surcharges - aviator1945 (14 Ott 2012 - 10:30)

    To all foreigners: Before you leave for Barcelona, make sure that you bring a print-out of the following web page, which details the correct taxi rates and surcharges:

  8. Taxi #3618 will OVERCHARGE you! - jessi (12 Ott 2012 - 09:00)

    On october 9, 2013, we unfortunately got into taxi #3618 at the airport and asked to be taken to the harbor. He told us the fare would be 32e, but once we arrived he told us 38e (the meter read 24e). He refused to give us our two bags until we paid the extra money. He also refused to drop us off at the front of the hotel - probably because he did not want the hotel doorman to find out he was overcharging customers. DRIVER #3618 IS DISHONEST AND SHOULD HAVE HIS LICENSE TAKEN AWAY!!

  9. lost my phone - roman (11 Ott 2012 - 10:15)

    Lost my phone in a cab. Very old black nokia. Almost without paint. Write me on gmail: thanks!

  10. barcelona cabbies are dogs - nick box (2 Ott 2012 - 08:30)

    i was also ripped off 20euro each trip to and from the airport due to the "Airport tax" both times the meter read 20 but after a few buttons where pressed they added a quick 20 onto the total they are scum fuck spain never again

  11. Lost black iPhone 4 (28-09-2012) - Thomas Weldon (30 Set 2012 - 10:45)

    My wife and I were transported from Barcelonita (club Catwalk) to Belvitge metro stop last night and I let the driver use my iphone to navigate. Please email me at if you have the phone.



  12. Perdido iPhone 4 - Thomas Weldon (30 Set 2012 - 10:45)

    Mi esposa y yo nos transporta desde Barcelonita (club Catwalk) a Bellvitge parada de metro anoche y dejó al conductor usar mi iPhone para navegar. Por favor envíeme un correo electrónico a si tiene el teléfono.



  13. Lost my phone - D Wilson (16 Set 2012 - 23:30)

    Lost my phone in a barca taxi, but taxi driver took it back to my hotel big shout out to driver. That wouldn't happen in glasgow! Gracias!

  14. CANON 550D - (15 Set 2012 - 10:15)

    Dia 11 septiembre me deje en el maletero de un taxi prius con una pegatina de la virgen en el parabrisas, una camara CANON 550D, dentro de su funda negra. Pagaria recopensa por la targeta de memoria.

    El trayecto fue Aeropuerto T1-Villarroel 108, el martes 11 a las 22:45

  15. Lost Black Pesol Sunglasses - Amar Ahlers - (11 Set 2012 - 07:45)

    Hey, I lost my sunglasses in a taxi at "carrer de Muntaner 605" today (Small, black from Pesol).. Any help is greatly appreciated. Glasses arent that expensive but I will give 30€ to who finds them.

  16. Gross over charge of taxi service & speeding - Mr A P Smith (8 Set 2012 - 10:15)

    Our hotel, 1898 0n La Rambla 1098, phoned for a taxi to take us to Franco rail station. It arrived and our cases were put in the boot. The driver drove at speeds which put my wife and I in fear of our lives. We were aware how far it was to the station and how much approxamately it would cost as we had come from the station to the hotel. The taxi went all round the houses and not a direct route. This was not the first time this had happened on the day as we had used two other taxis which had obviously taken a longer route to get more money. When we arrives at the station the meter show 10e and was then adjusted to read 17.5e.We complained and after a very heated argument he reduced it to 10e. If we had had our bags out of the boot at this point I would have called the police but i was affraid he would go off with the bags. It is a pity that drivers rip off non Spanish speaking tourists( probally not all drivers I must say) In short I will not be going back to that place and do not suppose that any thing will be done but I will be talking to the hotel, british consulate and spanish authorities.

  17. MOVIL SAMSUNG GALAXY GT-I9100 - marco (6 Set 2012 - 10:00)

    El 01/09/2012 olvidé en un taxi el movil SAMSUNG NEGRO GALAXY. Recorrido fue del aerpuerto del prat al barrio de Sant Andreu.Si lo ha encontrado ruego se pongan en contacto por teléfono al 608606180.
    Muchas gracias

  18. Taxi scams - Andy (25 Ago 2012 - 15:00)

    Similar experience to others - fare from airport to Place Espanya on meter was E12.65. Went to pay and was asked for E29.65. Refused, but was told this was taxes, bags, etc. Said, OK, but not E17 worth and again refused. Driver said he would call the police and I agreed. Police arrived in about 4 minutes. Listened to my side and his, and then asked another cab driver. Turns out the minimum fare from the airport is E20. This didn't explain the discrepancy, but the airport tax is E3.10, E1 per bag, and E2 for something else. Made E20.75, which I paid. Police seemed to know he was lying, but he had cancelled the meter by the time they arrived and they advised me to accept that there had been a misunderstanding. I was told by a friend who has lived in Barcelona for years to immediately call the police about anything suspicious with taxi drivers

  19. Lost digital camera - Robbin van Rooij (21 Ago 2012 - 08:15)

    We lost our digital camera last night in the taxi from the W hotel to the Melon District Hotel around 02:00. My girlfriend put the camera in the back of the passenger seat and forgot about it.

    The camera is not that expensive, but the pictures on it are. We will pay €50,- for the camera if it is found, we are in Barcelona for a couple of more days!

    Please contact: 0031624637271 or

    Thanks in advance!

  20. lost blackberry bold - hesperia towel guest. (7 Ago 2012 - 09:45)

    taxi taken from old bull ring ( now a shopping mall down from fountains) got taxi to hotel. we would pay to have this phone back due to the family photos on here?

  21. Perte appareil photo - Raphaël GERARD (31 Lug 2012 - 09:45)

    J'ai 15 ans et j'ai oublié mon appareil photo dans un taxi à Barcelone le mercredi 18 juillet 2012 vers 17h00, après un trajet avec ma famille de La Sagrada Familia à la Place de la Catalunya.
    Je n'ai pas relevé le numéro du taxi car je m'en suis aperçu après.
    L'appareil photo numérique est un PENTAX gris métal qui était dans son étui noir avec écrit dessus PENTAX en gris.

    J'offre un récompense de 30 euros. Ecrire à ou tel : 06 19 99 72 78
    Merci beaucoup par avance.

  22. Perte appareil photo - Raphaël GERARD (30 Lug 2012 - 22:00)

    J'ai 15 ans et j'ai oublié mon appareil photo dans un taxi à Barcelone le mercredi 18 juillet 2012 vers 17h00, après un trajet avec ma famille de La Sagrada Familia à la Place de la Catalunya.
    Je n'ai pas relevé le numéro du taxi car je m'en suis aperçu après.
    L'appareil photo numérique est un PENTAX gris métal qui était dans son étui noir avec écrit dessus PENTAX en gris.

    J'offre un récompense de 30 euros. Merci beaucoup par avance.

  23. taxi fare - pam (18 Lug 2012 - 09:30)

    what is fare from BCN to Hotel Jazz on Aug.30th appox. 10:00am???

  24. Taxi fare - Frances Bartlett (16 Lug 2012 - 15:30)

    Before you get into a Taxi always ask the price of the journey. How much will it cost to...? Once the price has been negociated, the Taxi driver cannot change it. Always check the metre switched on and adjusted when you get in.
    Tourist are always a target. Be alert and stay safe!

  25. scammed with fare - Terri (15 Lug 2012 - 10:45)

    Taxi cab #2377 do not take. He is a total scammer. My husband and I had a ride from the port to the airport. 2 bags and 1 backpack that we handled. After much research the ride should have cost 35e but instead he charged us 45e, 6:30am, no traffic. When I called him on it he tried to tell me of the extra fees. I told him I was aware of the bagagge fee, port fee, and airport fee that adds to $9.20. The meter read 2.25 and 23.65 so he added 20e of fees. short of having a shouting match at the airport we paid it. What a way to have your vaction end. Do no get in a cab until you are very clear with the driver what it is going to cost.

  26. LOST CAMERA - Suzette Leupi (10 Lug 2012 - 08:30)

    I lost my photo camera CANON 550D in the taxi. We took the taxi from TRAMVIA-BLAU, TIBIDABO around 3:40 pm. going to Av. DIAGONAL, L'Illia shopping mall. The taxi driver seems so nice to us & take us to the quickies way possible. I do hope he's a kindhearted man too to report our missing camera. The camera is not the most important thing to get back but our pictures taken on our trip to Asia & many pictures as well on our holiday here in Barcelona. Thank you Mr. Driver if you happened to report it.

  27. Sorry Frank - Mario W. (10 Lug 2012 - 08:30)

    Hey sorry about the phone ...
    I lost my phone, which was in my jacket pocket, that same day in a taxi headed to the Moll D'Adssat to embark on a cruise. The dispatcher tracked down the cab driver who informed the cruise line director that he found my jacket, I assume he discovered my phone in there and decided to let the dispatcher know he never found my phone but the cruise director never indicated my phone was missing. She told them my "gray jacket" was missing

  28. Lost camera/phone/id - Monica Kimmel (6 Lug 2012 - 07:45)

    My friend and I lost our camera (Canon SD1300 IS) and a blackberry bold. We also lost a Swiss ID and a student id card belonging to Ayu. These items were all in a black clutch. It was lost on July 1, 2012 at around 3 AM from Poble Espanyol (La Terrazza) to Barceloneta beach. I just want the photos from the camera. I don't care about the camera. I will give a reward. Please these items are very important. I have been stressing about this and still somehow think theres hope in finding the photos. Any info, please contact

  29. Lost iphone - Frank (1 Lug 2012 - 12:15)

    Iphone left in taxis yesterday 30th June, 3.15pm. Taxis license number 125. Anyone that can help find it, will offer big reward. Call Frank 677104514

  30. Scammed by taxi drivers in Barcelona yesterday 28/06/2012 - upset (29 Giu 2012 - 11:15)

    yesterday I arrived Barcelona with my family( husband & 2 kids), we got in a taxi from the airport and when we arrived our hotel the meter read €22 but through some magical handling of it the meter showed €42 after the driver was done with it. I was left wondering what had gone on but where I'm from(Nigeria) you are conditioned to think that every other part of the world is honest but from what I have experienced that is totally untrue because I have never been scammed in my life except for my experiences abroad, a similar thing happened to us in Amsterdam. The authorities have to do something about this

  31. Cost of cab - Maxey (23 Giu 2012 - 12:00)

    How much will a cab cost from Paseo de Gracia 116, piso 1 & 2, Barcelona to Barcelona Airport BCN

  32. Lost digital camera - Baylee Welch (20 Giu 2012 - 10:30)

    Lost digital camera in back of taxi. Tuesday June 19, 2012 (19 de Junio de 2012) around 2am (26:00) The camera is blue and has pictures of a couple: girl with blonde hair and boyfriend.

    I will be willing and able to pay a reward for this camera if found, as it the pictures are more valubale to me then the camera itself.

    Please email me at

  33. Taxis in bracelona - andrew pang (11 Giu 2012 - 09:45)

    There should be an advisory issued to warn against scam taxi drivers in Bracelona. I recently came back from Bracelona where I was scammed twice (out of three taxi rides). The taxi drivers are giving the city a bad reputation.

  34. Lost iPhone Monday May 28 - Brendan McLaughlin (29 Mag 2012 - 08:30)

    lost iPhone in taxi dropped off at Catalana Cervesaria on 236 Mallorca early monday evening.
    Please call us phone 813 300 3365

  35. VISITES - MANSION (12 Mag 2012 - 12:00)


  36. Lost Iphone - G. Opalich (23 Apr 2012 - 09:45)

    Lost iPhone en route to the airport.
    8 April 2012
    6:00 AM

  37. Lost Iphone - Dennis Bley (28 Mar 2012 - 09:45)

    He olvidado mi mobil ayer en una taxi de la estaci¡on del metro "Diagonal" a la estacion "Hostafrancs" al uno y media. Si tienes, por favor llamame, mi numero: 610 469 257!


  38. transporte - Elen (6 Mar 2012 - 09:15)

    Alguien me puede decir por favor ¿que cuesta mas o menos un taxi desde el aeropuerto al centro de Barcelona? O ¿que transporte resusta mejor? Gracias

  39. credit cards - senora Linda (20 Dic 2011 - 09:45)

    Is credit cards accepted especially American Express in Barcelona?

  40. Moto taxi à Barcelone ? - Moto taxi à Barcelone ? (20 Nov 2011 - 16:45)

    Pourquoi ne pas transport en mototaxi à Barcelone.

    Paris Driver peux vous transportez au départ de l'aéroport d'Orly (ORY) ou même de Roissy Charles de Gaulle (CDG) un service de taxi à moto.

    Leader du transport de personnes à moto plus connu sous le nom de taxi moto Paris, PARISDRIVER Transport à moto dans Paris...

  41. Taxi driver scam Nov 4, 2011 Barcelona - K. Shuler (11 Nov 2011 - 12:30)

    From Celebrity (Barcelona Port) to Melia International Hotel on Sarria, a taxi driver charged us 25 Euros. The meter read 11.70 Euros-said the extra charge was for luggage. Stupidly we paid but memorized Taxi#10182 and license 4700FRC. We reported the incident to the hotel desk. We found out the correct charge - 14 Euros - from another couple who made the same trip.

  42. Scam Driver - S.L. Garber (1 Nov 2011 - 22:15)

    Taxi driver scammed us in Barcelona. Took taxi from hotel to a restaurant about 15 minutes away. Two blocks before the restaurant when the meter said 11 euros, he fiddled with the meter dials and on arrival at the restaurant, turned the meter off and told us the fare was 20 euros. We did not want to have a fight in the middle of the street so we paid but asked for a receipt. The driver wrote his name on the receipt-Gregorio Eino Gueraero. The return to the hotel was 12.50 euros. We reported this to the hotel in case they can track this scam artist down.

  43. Information - Email: (4 Set 2011 - 10:45)

    Hola aquí acabo de hacer un viaje de Canadá en Barcelona y me di cuenta de un equipo muy interesante en el techo de su taxi coche (sobre la base magnética 15x30cm) Me gustaría saber donde puedo comprar unos cuantos gracias

  44. Lost and found service - Estelle (14 Mag 2011 - 11:30)

    Better not to forget anything in a taxi on Friday night! As there is no way you can contact anyone before Monday... Either the receipts should indicate the taxi company (which they don't, only the plate number. This means you have to call tens and tens of companies to try and locate your taxi), or the lost and found service should be open during the weekend as well...

  45. Calling a taxi by phone - Isabelle (21 Apr 2011 - 10:15)

    I will need a taxi around a saturday. If a call by phone a taxi, do they speak english? I wonder if it's better to go out on the street, like this I won't have to said the address by phone with my funny accent? Don't wan't to mist the plane!!! ;-) But there is taxi at 5 am in the street? I will be near Montjuic. Thank you!

  46. taxis aeropuerto - Anna Maria Tarrago (26 Gen 2011 - 09:30)

    Siempre que voy a BCN uso el taxi,es verdad, es rapido,comodo y no lo encuentro excesivamente caro. alguien me informa cuanto cuesta mas o menos la ida del taxi del aeropuerto a Sitges ? gracias.

  47. Joaquin Martín - el mismo (23 Gen 2011 - 12:45)

    El taxi es el mejor transporte publico-privado que tiene la ciudad es rápido , seguro y responsable .

    Que supone un coste cero para la administración local y la mayor fuente de recaudación para la misma .

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