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Canet de Mar

En los años 70 Canet de Mar era el Woodstock de Cataluña. Hoy es famoso por la gente que le gusta el modernismo. Tiene que visitar La casa Roura en la calle Sant Domenech y la Casa-Museo Domenech I Muntaner.

Canet de Mar

Area: Beyond Barcelona
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Canet de mar
Geoff (12 dic 2006 - 17:37)
I spent a fortnight here in the 70's under canvass - with a firm called Tentotel - we made the trip from UK by coach over a couple of days, stopping overnight in Paris - so undeveloped then (of course) - our 'refrigerator' was a plastic box that we filled with ice chipped from an enormous block brought to the camp every morning on the back of a donkey! great memories
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