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FC Barcelona vs Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Match : FC Barcelona vs Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Date : 07 March 2012
Competition : Champions League


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hi (8 Mar 2012 - 08:45)
go massy go massy:)

Your comments : FC Barcelona vs Bayer 04 Leverkusen Tickets

- hi
(8 Mar 2012 - 08:45)
go massy go massy:)
- The Libero
(7 Mar 2012 - 09:15)
Also dann gilt es morgen.....Und 3 SG Dynamo Fans sind mit auf Tour.......Barca - wir kommen.
- Prince
(6 Mar 2012 - 09:15)
My Name is Ciliano Abato Joaquim, Am Barcelona Boy. 3.1
Supperb barca.
- Makanjuola RIDWAN
(5 Mar 2012 - 08:30)
Barca is the most wonderfull club have ever seen in my life,all i want tn tell you is to keep it on and put more offort,thanks.
- rivaldo ayantunde
(4 Mar 2012 - 20:15)
messi u are good player keep it up
- ahmad ishaka
(28 Feb 2012 - 19:00)
It would be a very interesting bar vs liverkusen
encoureging messi
- ahmad ishaka
(28 Feb 2012 - 19:00)
No any player like messi for nom (soory ronaldo)
- Ope
(28 Feb 2012 - 19:00)
Messi is the world best player
Messi d world best
- Nandom emmanuel
(25 Feb 2012 - 10:30)
Messi keep doing wat u re doing u are d best
(20 Feb 2012 - 17:30)
Victory is our portion still believing my players
Pls becareful
- Mr ayodele ebenezer
(15 Feb 2012 - 09:00)
I say a big well done to all member of barca team but i still beleive we need to be more focus and gardiola needs this every world best player we ave now and wen necessary please coach take note we cannot afford to fuck up .tanx
Take us to d right place
- sodiq
(13 Feb 2012 - 14:45)
Plz pep gudiola sholud used the right formation we don't what info he should use all d own benchIng
- Aboud mbarak aboud
(9 Feb 2012 - 10:30)
This is to all ya greatest football players of the year we love u all n adore u we appreciate all ur hard work thanx all this is from my dad mr. mbrak
great match
- lo
(2 Feb 2012 - 09:45)
think that barcelona is better but late matches are no so good.. To see
- Luis
(17 Jan 2012 - 11:45)
El mejor
easy no?
- footy
(27 Dec 2011 - 11:15)
easy for the Barça no? Leverkussen is a very good team but not that much for the barça to me...

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Nweke chukwuebuka - 4 Jul 2015 - 08:56
Barca 4 life
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God bless u lio messi
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leo messi

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