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Los Caracoles

Los Caracoles

Los Caracoles - Barcelona

Los Caracoles - Barcelona

Los Caracoles - Barcelona

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Los Caracoles

Los Caracoles

Los Caracoles a name that might mislead “Snails” for a restaurant with the seafood Paella (14€) as specialty.

A rustic decoration that is loved by Catalans that always come to this restaurant. Apart from rice, you can also have many typical dishes like lamb or roasted pig…

 Delicious and really reasonable. Lots of people: make a reservation!

Los Caracoles

Address : Escudellers 14
Zip code : 08002
City : Barcelona -
Area : Barrio Gótico
Email :
Website : Los Caracoles - Barcelona
Opening hours : Every day from1pm to 12pm
Prices : Paella 14€ - Main courses 30€ - 45€
Phone : +34 933 020 743
Metro/Bus : Metro: L3 Liceu or Drassanes / Bus: 14, 59

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Las caracoles di Barcellona
Laura (26 Dec 2014 - 09:00)
Un ristorante così rinomato non serve il profiterol con panna spray. Il prezzo non è adeguato al cibo. Deludente.
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  1. Très mauvaise adresse - José Sanchez (26 Oct 2013 - 10:00)

    Cadre très typique la soirée s annonce bien mais dans nos assiette rien de bon ils devaient avoir un stock de sel à écouler même les cochons n' en n'aurait pas voulu les escargots au tiers vide et extrêmement salés sauver avec le pain en forme d' escargot était mission impossible les crevettes a l ail pas bonnes le riz a l'encre de sèche la morue la zarzuela les sèches a la plancha cramées immangeable nous étions 12 a table 500 euro pour une entrée 4 bouteilles d'eau et une de vingt et 2 euro par personne de couvert ça revient cher le kilo de sel on retourne au moyen âge!!!! Il vaudrai mieux qu il gardent ce sel pour saler les jambons

  2. memories - frank garrick (16 Jan 2013 - 10:00)

    Dined at los carocoles while stationed in the usaf in rosas spain in 1963-1964.I am glad to see that you are still doing well. PS I had rabbit.

  3. los caracoles - teresa (22 Aug 2012 - 19:15)

    peccato!!!!!!il ricordo di una cena deliziosa del 24\08\92 distrutto dai commenti negativi di oggi, ripensateci e cercate di recuperare anni di serietà e impegno......

  4. ARNAQUE - Chloe (8 Jun 2012 - 20:30)

    IDEM "Si vous voulez très mal manger, vous faire arnaquer, et payer cher l'addition , allez dans cette usine à touristes !!!! C'est la bonne adresse !"
    13 euro pour 6 calamars sans sauce avec une rondelle de citron; Pour ce qui est des côtes d'agneau aprettez-vs à rogner des os.

  5. Consigliato!!! - Roger (8 May 2012 - 13:00)

    Questo Sabato sono stato in questo ristorante. Paella Stupenda, buona ed abbondante!! Posto particolare ma molto bello! 50 Euro in 2 con paella 2 calici di vino, acqua 1 crema catalana ed 1 caffè.
    Noi ce la siamo cavata con mezz'ora di fila ma ne è valsa la pena!

  6. Los Caracoles - Melinda Cook (30 Mar 2012 - 09:45)

    My husband and I spent two weeks in Barcelona last summer. Los Caracoles was recommended to us as a traditional restaurant, run by the same family for five generations (still true). We loved the snail-shaped rolls and the paella. The steak and potatoes were excellent. It is in the old barrio gotico, very interesting to get lost in! We loved Barcelona!

  7. Los Caracoles - Rick (26 Dec 2011 - 11:00)

    We ate here five years ago (2006) and had a great meal in this uniquely atmospheric restaurant - with attentive waiters, tasty dishes and good-sized portions. On returning in 2011 we were shocked. The service was slow and sloppy, the food was ordinary - badly presented (plated up), and the portions tiny compared with our previous visit. Yet (of course) the prices had risen dramatically. All-in-all a huge transformation. Whatever happened? Is there new management? This was a great disappointment and spoiled our entire visit to Barcelona.

  8. Los Caracoles - Elena con companias de Suecia (2 Oct 2011 - 19:45)

    The most interesting restaurante we have been too and the food was super! Muchas Gracias!!!

  9. a los caraco;es el mejor restaurante !!!!! - lidia laufer ISRAEL (1 Oct 2011 - 06:15)


  10. Scappate!!! - Alessandro (9 Sep 2011 - 09:30)

    Expensive and orrible!!!
    Evitate se potete questo ristorante, prezzi sfrontati, locale superaffolato. Classico locale spennaturisti.

  11. Delusione totale - Daniela (16 Jun 2011 - 10:30)

    Condivido il commento precedente e ve lo voglio rafforzare in italiano. Non andate dal Caracoles a fare i turisti da spennare. Spettacolare da vedere per le decorazioni ma talmente stretto e claustrofobico, rumoroso che non te le godi. Prezzi da capogiro e cucinare male. Zuppa di pesce senza pesce e contorno di verdure carbonizzato e chiedono pure la mancia. Camerieri che ti guardano con sufficienza e superiorità e vogliono pure la mancia. Musicanti che elemosinano con insistenza. Ristorante da evitare. Tanto la grilliata mista per cui sono famosi non se ne può assaggiare visti i prezzi, sui 60 euro la portata. E le porzioni non sono per niente abbondanti.

  12. A mistake - Jack (16 May 2011 - 10:45)

    In general the recommendations on this web page make a lot of sense. This one is clearly a mistake or the product of some sort of corruption. Los Caracoles is simply horrible. Best to avoid it.


  13. saludos - Myriam Alejandra (2 Mar 2011 - 11:00)

    bello es usted una persona muy amable le saludo desde mexico cuidese mucho porque personas como usted hay pocas es usted muy trabajador

  14. LOS CARACOLES - David et Arnaud (10 Feb 2011 - 09:00)

    Nous sommes allé manger ce soir dans ce restaurant, le cadre est superbe ( terroir) loin des touristes, planquées dans une petite rue on nous a placé dans une salle dissimulées derrière les cuisines, au premier étage.
    La Paella était très bonnes et le service était impeccable.

    a recommander

  15. Los Caracoles - brit (24 Jul 2010 - 14:46)

    Los Caracoles has changed a lot.. not anymore the Caracoles I knew long time ago.. better watch otherwise will not come anymore..!

  16. Not impressed - Mary, Ireland (12 Oct 2009 - 17:45)

    Had meal here 2 years ago which was good. Came back again and was very disappointed. Waiters very arrogant, plonked bottle of wine on table but did not pour.Food ok but brought us our main course (fish) on it's own. After several requests for our chips we eventually got them after we had finished the fish. There were no veg. I requested another glass of wine at least twice and got it after meal was finished. I noticed there was no queues to get in even at 830 when we were leaving. Would not recommend it at all.

  17. Los Caracoles Barcelona - brando (9 Sep 2009 - 00:00)

    Los Caracoles is a typical place in Barcelona... was happy to go there.. good and fun... do not hesitate...this one is good

  18. Our experiance of Los Caracoles - Tigran Asatrjan and Simon Horsler (7 Sep 2009 - 11:25)

    Our experience of the restaurant in February 2008.

    We found out about this restaurant in the 'Lonely Planet' guide and booked a table for a special Saturday romantic dinner. We where saving ourselves all day for this meal and where quiet hungry.

    The character and service where outstanding.
    We had Superbe Cured Ham and Snails for starters and delicious paella as main accompanied with a nice bottle of red whine.
    We had a fantastic time and went to rented apartment satisfied.

    3 hours later we both where taken by a severe food poisoning with vomiting, stomach pain and everything what comes with it, for the rest of the night and early morning.

    Next day we went to the restaurant just to let them know what happened to us. The manager of the restaurant pretended that he doesn't speak english. Only when we r started explaining the effects of poisoning loud, suddenly the manager spoke a very good english and said that it is not them and ask us to leave.

    What meant to be our spacial evening and unforgettable experience of the local food turned in to rude ignorant nightmare.

    Highly not recommended by us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tigran and Simon

  19. Ate at Los Caracoles when in U.S. Marines in 1971 - Lorenzo Judd (29 Jun 2009 - 02:27)

    When I was a U.S. Marine in 1971 I ate at the Los Caracoles. This was an experience I never forgot. I always spoke of my experience there. I saved a post card and put it up in my garage forgetting about it until one day we remodeled the garage finding this post card hanging up on the wall. I would love to enjoy the flavors of Las Carocoles again.

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