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Los Postres de Blai by MIMA Ice Cream

The Craft Ice Cream in Poble Sec

Los Postres de Blai by MIMA Ice Cream - Barcelona

Los Postres de Blai by MIMA Ice Cream - Barcelona

Los Postres de Blai by MIMA Ice Cream - Barcelona

Los Postres de Blai by MIMA Ice Cream - Barcelona

Los Postres de Blai by MIMA Ice Cream - Barcelona

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Mima Ice Cream is an ice cream shop that has been dedicated to the manufacture of homemade ice cream for 15 years. The family of one of the owners has a fruit shop in the Mercat de la Boqueria. The restlessness to look for new formulas to present the fruit took them to the ice cream. Thanks to that, we can say that the natural fruit flavors is its specialty. In particular the mango, coconut or passion fruit are some of his greatest hits.


Mima Ice cream has also a shop  at the same Mercat de la Boquería with its ice creams. But today we will talk about the place in Carrer Blai, in the neighborhood of Poble Sec: The Desserts of Blai by Mima Ice Cream.


Located in one of the most famous streets of this neighborhood, the place is rather small, but allows you to sit down to savor some of its elaborations. Here, in addition to their ice creams, we can find a variety of candies made at the moment like Waffles or Crepes. A candy with an original proposal that is customizable in three steps. The first step, we decide the mass among three options offered: normal, brownie or red velvet; The second step, we must choose the topping or salsa you prefer. The latter are homemade, with a total of 15 flavors. The third and last, choose the ice cream to accompany. Well, there's a fourth step, enjoy the moment!


In Blai's Desserts we will also be able to taste shakes, with or without alcohol, and all of the are terribly appetizing and showy like the one of Oreo Cheesecake. One of the things that we recommend is a unique candy that they have invented and that is only available in their stores. We are talking about the "Macaron Ice Cream", which could be said to be an evolution of the classic ice cream between two cookies. It is like the French sweets but something larger than usual with a good ice cream as a filling that is well worth its price of 3.95 Euros .


If you're more classical, it's not a problem. You can always taste any of its flavors in a pot, a normal cone or a chocolate. Even if it's winter, you might fancy a good chocolate to the cup with churros.


If by chance you make one of the routes of pinchos on the street Blai, they also offer their sweet pincho, so what starts as a vermouth and ends up being an impromptu meal, becomes totally complete, with this added dessert .


By Luisa Ramos of

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Los Postres de Blai by MIMA Ice Cream

Address : Carrer del Blai, 48 local 2
Zip code : 08004
City : Barcelona -
Area : Poble Sec
Email :
Website : Los Postres de Blai by MIMA Ice Cream - Barcelona
Opening hours : Wenesday to saturday from 4pm to 11pm.
Prices : Waffles and pancakes 3,60 € // Milkshake 4,50€.
Phone : +34 622243936
Metro/Bus : Poble Sec

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