Barcelona Walk Bike City Tours

A nice way to know the city: walk or take a bike and get to know Barcelona in a unique way...

All "walk or bike" tours of Barcelona include: 
Personal attention. Expert guides of Barcelona.

Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Greek, Portuguese. Group visits of Barcelona in other languages can also be booked.

Most recommended walk tours

This is our selection of most recommended walk tours: from old town tour to modernism tour, you'll discover by walking what make the essence of Barcelona: the work of Gaudi, the long history of the city and the story of few famous inhabitants like Picasso! Enjoy!! 

Barcelona Bike tours

Join a bike tour to have another experience while visiting Barcelona: It's fun, you can make freinds and most of all you go plenty of places in just in half-day tour... 

Gourmet walk tours

Barcelona is a city of gourmet and for gourmet! Go from one tapas bar to another, walk in the famous Boqueria market or roam in the old quarter to discover places catalan enjoy secretly!

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