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Planning your Barcelona trip ?

A local expert cutomize your stay for only 5€ per day !

Are you planning what to do in Barcelona?

  • ­ Overwhelmed by too much information?
  • ­ Fear of missing things? Don’t know what to choose?
  • ­ You want to avoid tourist traps and eat/drink where locals do?
  • ­ Wishing you knew someone in Barcelona to advise you?

That’s why we want to recommend you tripUniq

A new and fresh travel planning service that will make you discover the real Barcelona on your own by connecting you with a local expert who will customize your stay, for only 5€ per day.
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How does it works

Tripuniq, how it Works ?


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  1. seems good - luis (4 Oct 2016 - 09:04)

    second time in Barcelona... Great city! We will use the app. The expert is already in contact with us, we will see.

  2. cool app - anton (26 Sep 2016 - 11:34)

    just received my tours.. seems very good selection. app in my phone ready to go. Soon in Barcelona! thank

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