Beyond Barcelona guided tours : Dali Museum, Sitges, Montserrat..

Guided tours to places you do not want to miss close to Barcelona. Montserrat, Dali Museum, the Costa Brava, visit the major cavas of the region and have a cava taste. 


Barcelona is a lot more than just the city...

Choose among this selcetion of tours that let you visit outstanding sites close to Barcelona

Costa Brava, North of Barcelona tours

From Vic to Figueres, to Girona and Montserrat this selection of tours offers a good opportunity to discover the northern area of Barcelona: The Costa Brava. 
You'll be on the traces of Salvador Dali in Figueres or visiting the medieval town of Girona and the world-famous Montserrat monastery...

Recommended Sitges and Tarragona Tours

Discover southern Catalonia's most famous destinations: Sitges, Tarragona and Santes Creus... 


  1. Day Tour - Chris Rutledge (20 Mar 2013 - 09:15)

    Do you have tours from Barcelona to Lourdes France Please email me at

  2. Visite Girona-Musée Dali et Figuera - Solange LACOSTE (17 Sep 2011 - 13:15)


    Cette visite n'est pas présente pour le mois de novembre?Pouvez vous me le confirmer? Merci

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